Penis length and hardness, which one is more important?

In male sexual physiology, most of the men are very concerned about their penis size is over the average or not, and furthermore, there are a lot of people even think that the penis size has direct impact on the relationship with your partner. It will be impressive when you put your big penis out, but the hardness and lasting time are also play important role in a great sexual pleasure.

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Penis length and hardness, which one is more important?Basically, it is sure that the penis shape, size and length of each individual are different with each other. And there is no directly relationship between the men penis size, length to their sexual desire, sexual function and sexual attraction. But your penis size will directly impact your confidence which will directly affect your sex performance. Generally speaking, if you really want to find the direct impact factors on your libido, they should be related to race, genetic, age, health, environment, emotion and pressure, and the influence of these innate and psychological aspects finally determines the erection hardness. 

The main function of penis is to urinate, ejaculation and sexual intercourse, which is the main organ during the sexual behavior. As you can find that the penis skin is extremely thin, and no fat under the skin, with activity and extension features, and the cavernous sinus of the penis can be attached to the blood.

Hardness is the most basic factor in men’s sexual life, if the penis is not raise up, you cannot go into next step. In sexual medicine field, the penis hardness is much more important than the length, so you can often hear some male malfunction, such as impotence or erectile dysfunction, but rarely hear of the penis is too long or too short. The VigRX Plus 1# leading product of penis enhancement to get bigger, harder and longer lasting erections, you can check my all round review article after deep study.

Penis length and hardness, which one is more important?To maintain the penis hardness, the most important factor in physiological is to allow the penis to maintain the state of the erection of congestion, that is, the penis sponge body keep more blood inside by increase the flow in and decrease the flow out. At the same time, in psychology, worry, fear, distraction and other bad feeling will also affect the penis hardness in the erection.

Many men have sexual disorders problem which is mostly caused by the psychological level, but it always be mistaken to connect with the length or other physical factors. If it is a physical problem, it is highly recommend to visit your doctor for looking for some efficiency suggestion. If it is psychological factors, it should be looking for a psychiatrist.

Although the penile erection is a physiological phenomenon, but there is a general pattern in the erection timing and duration. If the erection is too frequent, or erection lasts a very long time, it may be the result of a disease. Visit your doctor will be good idea.

Any way, you need to care about the hardness rather than the length. But if you really want have enhancement on your penis length, you can check my great review article on ProExtender system, which can increase your penis length with 1-3 inches after 3-6 months efforts.

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