Penis erection to limit activities, how to deal with this situation?

Penis erection to limit activities, how to deal with this situation? A 28 year old man complained of sexual difficulties, especially the insertion often cause pain. Because his penis was affixed to the abdomen after erection, and abdominal tip distance is only about 3-5 cm, as long as a little away from the abdomen will feel extreme discomfort and pain. This situation has already affected the normal daily sexual life. Some doctors tell him no problem, and slowly will be good, but the problem still exists.

The normal young man penis erection will original close to the abdomen, and it is about 40~50 degrees, which is adapt the vagina structure feature from the front to back, so there is no difficulty in inserting. With the increase of age, penile erectile angle would gradually reduce to 90 degrees or so off, as long as the erection can maintain sufficient hardness, it will not affect the sex activities.

The erection penis is too close to the abdomen can be defined as Peyronie’s disease, and the dorsal penis albuginea of cavernous body of penis caused by bending the fiber thickening. Patients have dorsal penis thickening or induration of history, and the erect or curved pain symptoms. Peyronie’s disease is usually self-limiting disease, sometimes also can improve. When the deformity after erection, this problem can solved through surgery.

Other causes include congenital chordee or suspensory ligament is too short, and these two cases were all needed surgical treatment. Therefore, carefully check the position of the suspensory ligament of the penis to check this kind of problem, albuginea of cavernous body of penis fibrosis or calcification, and there may be other abnormalities. If the patient cannot spontaneous erection, it can take the intracavernous injection of papaverine to simulate erectile abnormalities, so that we can evaluate the penis when fully erect, in order to further investigation, it can also recommend patients to treat disease experience in andrology clinic urologist.

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