Penis erection is not an embarrassing thing

Penis erection is not an embarrassing thing Many male youth complain that their penis is very sensitive, as long as a little heard or thought of sex matters, or dating with girlfriend, the penis will frequently erect, sometimes makes them very embarrassing. For this reason, sometimes they have self-reproach, think of their misbehavior, and some will visit their doctor. So, is it a disease?

In fact, this is a very normal physiological phenomenon that the youth appear penile erection phenomenon with the stimulation, so it is not a disease or a shameful thing. Whether it is mental erection or reflex erection, as soon as external stimulation is removed, the penis will quickly return to normal weak state. Adolescent men are very sensitive to sexual stimulation which are affected by the elevated androgen levels, and reflexes are rapid. After a period of time, the body will be more adaptive of the hormones influence.

Erection is a sign of sexual maturity in puberty, which should be settled without concern. If you think too much, it’s easier to erect frequently. A weak stimulus can also trigger an erection. Reading too much about love and sex contents can lead to a state of excitement in the sex central nervous system, which can easily lead to erections with a bit sex stimulation. Tight underwear and overweight quilt, deposition of dirt caused by phimosis and foreskin glans inflammation, internal inflammation and disease, the urethra and so on the nerve at the end of the slightly stimulated, are prone to erection.

Some young people wrote that their penis was erect all night long, and they worried about whether it was suffering from the priapism. In fact, normal men when sleep at night they experience a penis erection and then weakness physiological cycle process, and the medically known as penile erection at night. Young men around 4 or 6 times a night, 20 to 30 minutes each time, with a total erection time of up to 2.5 hours.

It shows that your sexual function is normal and should not be mistaken as abnormalities. This is because when sleep, the cerebral cortex is in a state of inhibition, lost the control of lower levels central, so the erection of the center of excitability can be freely expressed at night, many times of erections. This phenomenon is much more obviously in the morning when the urine in the urinary bladder filling. This spontaneous physiological phenomenon cannot be transferred by human will. With the increase of age, the number and time of penis erection will decrease gradually.

Some people believed that all night erection due to their sexual fantasy to make the penis in erection state, and they don’t know the penis is weak time, and in the next morning they still found their penis are in erection state. So they claimed they have all night erections.

Some young people ask why they reaction in the morning without any sex fantasy? This is because the rectum and bladder and other organs can stimulate the reflex of penile erection. When the bladder filling with urine can cause bladder pressure increased, lead to stimulation of penile erection, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, medically known as morning erection. Some people think that this phenomenon is not related to erectile and bladder filling with urine, because men do not erect in the daytime when bladder filling with urine.

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