Penis development state cannot only be identified by size

Penis development state cannot only be identified by size The penis is the sexual intercourse tool of the male, and it is also the organ of human body urology and reproduction, furthermore, it is particularly important on sexual issue. Because of its different shapes and sizes, most people have much doubts about it when lack sexual related knowledge. Most people think that the size of penis determines the sexual function of the men, and it is the symbol of sexual ability.

The problem of male genital development is much complex, so it is difficult to distinguish the penis development state only by size. Because with the development of genital size of each person’s situation is different, even the same person in different mental states (such as tension) and different environment (such as: cold or heat), the penis size will be different.

Human penis development is usually slower before 10 years of age. The length of the penis is about 2.5 centimeters when born, and it grows slowly in the next two years, only about 1.5 centimeters; 2~11 years old, only 0.17 centimeters a year. Many began to accelerate from the age of 14, and reach to the development peak at 18 years of age, and basically no longer developed after 20 years old.

The size of the penis is related to height, but not absolute. A group of research reports showed that height below 155cm, the average penis length is 7.4cm, girth of 8.1cm; height of 156 to 159cm, length and girth are 7.4cm and 8.3cm; height reach 170cm, length and girth are 7.5cm and 8.7cm respectively. According to this statics data, human height can affect the size of the penis, but it has little effect on the size of the penis. But at the same height, the size and length of penis vary greatly with the development of each individual.

The sexual function of men depends on the external penis, but it is dominated by androgen secreted by the testes. Erection during sexual intercourse, ejaculation, and erection orgasm, as long as the penis is not too short, these processes are all unaffected. Then, we look at the size of the penis on the woman’s sexual function, the woman’s vaginal length of about 7 to 12cm when lying down position, and other sexual positions can also increase or shorten the length of the vagina.

The vagina during intercourse with have expansion according to penis size. The woman’s sensitive area in sexual intercourse is the clitoris, labia minora and the external 1/3 of vagina. So the sexual satisfaction mainly with the man of penile erection hardness and the duration of sexual intercourse, which has little to do with the shape, size and length of the penis, and of course it should not be so small. In the sexual climax stage, the inner 2/3 of vaginal will be expansion due to the muscle relaxation, so, on one hand reduce the direct stimulation of the penis twitch when distal vagina and cervix mouth , on the other hand, is also conducive to the storage of male semen.

Of course, the small penis and also accompanied by testicular or other endocrine problems, it may affect the erection of the penis, which may interfere with sexual life and fertility.

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