Penile erections in the morning is an important signal for men sexual health

Penile erections in the morning is an important signal for men sexual health Many men just woke up in the morning, inadvertently discovered his penis with erection, and sometimes erect is obvious and relatively hard, which believed as the good signal of man sexual ability. If found the morning erection suddenly disappeared one day, some men may start to worry about their sexual performance is decline.

In fact, the erections will not only happen in the morning time under an unconscious state, but also in men’s deep sleep, this penis erection usually occurs during periods of dreaming when you have intermittent eye movement. At this time, the erection of the penis is usually not disturbed by psychological factors, and can show the sexual function of males more effectively. Clinically, the hardness of this kind of erectile condition provides a very important index for the research and treatment of sexual function.

In general, men have three to five erections each night, with an average of 15 minutes per erection, but also have the case can up to 1 hours. As long as the structure and function of the nerve, blood vessel and corpus cavernosum are normal, erection will certainly occur.

In clinical diagnosis, some hospital will also use the professional hardness tester to check the nocturnal erection when check the male organic ED problem. The instrument is about the size of the palm of the hand. It can be fixed on the thigh, and two leather rings are attached to the head and the base of the penis. The number of erections and the time and hardness of each erection could be recorded at the night. This kind of examination is very important for physiological and psychological ED differential diagnosis. Some ED patients who have had this kind of examination will find that they have no erectile dysfunction, and the ED problem is incurable.

There is also a German doctor claimed that men early morning penile erection phenomenon will disappear during the disease period, and early morning penile erection phenomenon will recovery again after the rehabilitation of the body.

However, it is not objective to observe the erection in the morning, and the man cannot diagnose ED by himself with this only factor. Sometimes excessive fatigue and other physical problems can also lead to an abnormal nocturnal erection.

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