Peanut milk was able to attack the fatty liver

Clinical practice proves that the peanut Soybean Milk can lowering blood lipid and longevity effect, which is very suitable for popularization in the family.

Prevention of fatty liver, which is a prerequisite for healthy living. Therefore, men usually should drink less, eat less fat or high fat content food, but eat more foods rich in vitamins. In addition to participate in some of the more than the ability to exercise, to avoid excessive weight gain.

Peanut milk was able to attack the fatty liver

Need to explain: drinking peanut milk do not have to stick in the time and frequency of drinking; secondly, drinking peanut milk in the treatment of fatty liver, must give up drinking, not overeating; third, fatty livers with chronic liver damage. At the same time, we should liver treatment.

Peanut milk production: take 50 grams of soy, 25 grams of peanuts, rinse and soak in the water for 2 hours, with soya bean milk machine play juice, keep the peanut milk juice into the refrigerator when not drink at once. In the next morning the juice into the pot and boil, bread with food. There is a small stone, home is better! Can wear something, and physical fitness, slimming.

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