Peanut + jujube = Amazing

This is the folk prescription of nourish kidney. One friend is rheumatoid involvement of various organs, especially serious damage to the kidney, further development will be uremia. After visiting many big hospital in Beijing, but did not get good treatment. So he become to use this prescription under some advice with his friends. After several day intake, the miracle appeared, the legs swollen began swelling, more obvious after five days. Now it’s all over.

Peanut + jujube = Amazing

60 grams of peanuts, 60 grams of jujube (the dry jujube will be better). First peanuts cooked, and then add jujube cooked rotten, once a day, equivalent to one meal per day, even the soup eat together (it is delicious food), which is good for your kidney. Kidney related diseases can all used this method.

This prescription is not effective for every patients. This, however, is therapeutic side, so there will be no harm for the body at all. So if you have the related diseases, you can have a try.

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