Pay more attention on your penis, the following knowledge is necessary

Pay more attention on your penis, the following knowledge is necessary 1, a man usually will use what standard to measure their manhood? Muscle, force strength, or the length of the penis? In fact, the Oriental people penis in about 10 to 15 centimeters, and the sex ability and penile length are not directly related. Unless the penis size is special short, there should be no worry about it.

Of course, you can choose some way to enhance your penis size. For this purpose, Pop Healthy Living network would like to propose below two guaranteed male enhancement products, which have already be proved by the market with hundreds and thousands of positive feedback from the end users:

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2, sperm manufacturing takes about 90 to 116 days, and can remain in the vagina or cervix for 72 hours.

3, the penis is mostly composed of cavernosa, covered with a layer of skin. When excited, it will make the penis sponge body congests, harden, longer and thicker, which are the necessary conditions for sexual intercourse, this is the so-called erection.

4, there are many people appear penis bending after the penile erection, and the situation is different case by case. Some case is bent down, or left or right, this is definitely very common issue. Only if the bending erection cased some un-comfortable or pain, there is nothing to worry about.

5, for some men, to have a longer erection is their dream goal, and even some people will use the erection duration for comparison. In fact, everything should be within its normal limitation. If the penis erection is abnormal duration there will also bring some big trouble or pain.

6, if the penis by the fierce impact will break, with a big noise. Furthermore, this situation must be sent to hospital as soon as possible for a suitable treatment.

7, when women’s vaginal lubrication is not enough, but forced to enter with too intense action, it will not only make the woman feel pain, but also may cause the foreskin laceration. Although most will heal automatically, but serious also need to suture the wound.

8, have you ever been troubled by his premature ejaculation? In fact, premature ejaculation is not surprising for young people. This may be due to his lack of experience, too much excitement, tension or anxiety. Try wearing condoms, which can reduce your penis’s sensitivity to prolong the erection duration.

9, do not put rubber band or belt on the penis glans to prolong the erection duration or prevent ejaculation. This is very likely to make blood coagulation, and lead to the necrosis of the penis tissue.

10, when the testicular inflammation, there will be white or yellow discharge out of the penis, and there are painful urination or feel uncomfortable anal stimulation. Under above situation, it should immediately stop sex activities, because of the above symptoms can show that he may be suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, should immediately go to the hospital.

11, do not think that he is superman or sexual porn star. In fact, generally men at around 20 years of age, the sexual performance will be the peak state, and the average day penis election can up to 7 times.

12, the man also has his G-spot, try stroking perineum between the testicular rear and the anus, he will feel very comfortable.

13, while wearing tight jeans or a well-fitting underwear, the figure will look good, but it is really not good for your penis area. The sperm manufacture of testicles will be destruction because the temperature is too high.

14, more than 90% of the incompetent patients are caused by psychological factors, only a small part of the physiological factors, including genital lesions, surgery and age.

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