Pay attention to the insertion depth of the penis

Pay attention to the insertion depth of the penis When the penis pumping deeper, women will obviously feel the glans contact the mouth of the uterus with sexy impulse, allows women to produce completely different pleasure from the friction of the clitoris. On the contrary when the penis pumping frequency is lower, the penis pumping is shallow, arousal level on both sides will be corresponding weak, and low degree of pleasure as well.

According to foreign reports, the penis pumping frequency is 1 ~ 2 per second. When the penis pumping frequency is more than 2 times per second, it can be seen as a high frequency of pumping. Generally, the high frequency pumping can only maintain about 2 minutes for most men. When the pumping frequency is lower than 1 time per second, it can be called as low frequency pumping. Low frequency pumping is used to inhibit the male desire behavior motive value to diversity excited energy, prevent the occurrence of ejaculation, to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse. High frequency pumping is to improve their sexual concept, concentrated on both sides of the excited energy, promote orgasm at the same time, in order to obtain the highest quality of pleasure.

In general, the penis pumping frequency is inversely proportional to the penis pumping depth. The pumping frequency is higher, so the penis pumping depth is much shallower.

To obtain the high quality of sexual pleasure, in addition to the penis pumping frequency, the penis pumping depth and duration of sexual intercourse, and female vagina diameter, length, and factors of penis enlargement of the size, length and vaginal lubrication degree of secretion.

Both men and women for sexual pleasure, except for the duration of this behavior factors, also have a great relationship with the male penis pumping frequency and pumping depth. The penis pumping frequency is higher, the penis and the vagina in unit time with more contact opportunities, which can make the central get more information in the unit time, stimulate sexual reaction.

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