Pay attention on your dinner part two

7, Dinner and hardening of the arteries and heart disease

Dinner diet if high fat, high calorie can lead to increased cholesterol, and piled up in the arterial wall, become a major reason to induce the hardening of the arteries and heart disease. In addition, another reason is the formation of atherosclerosis that the deposition of calcium in the blood vessels, so too rich dinner food and too late for dinner is one of causes of cardiovascular disease.

8, Dinner with fatty liver

Dinner if eat too good and too full, blood glucose and fatty acid synthesis concentration will accelerate fat generation, plus a small amount of evening activities, which also accelerate the fat conversion, the cause of fatty liver.

Pay attention on your dinner part two

9, Dinner with acute pancreatitis

Overeating in dinner as well as drinking, it is easy to acute pancreatitis induced inflammation, even make people shock in sleep or death.

10, Dinner and brain degeneration

If the long-term dinner eat too full, your liver, gastrointestinal and near the gallbladder, pancreas and other organs still in operation when you are in sleep, so that the brain cannot rest, and at that time the blood supply to the brain is also insufficient, thereby affecting the normal metabolism of brain cells, accelerate brain aging.

11, Dinner and sleep quality

Too full dinner intake will inevitably cause gastrointestinal, liver, gallbladder, pancreas continues to work and pass the message to the brain when you are in sleep, so the brain will be in the excited state, resulting in dreams, insomnia, come down for a long time will cause neurasthenia.

Pay attention on your dinner part two

5 tips of your dinner to be healthy everyday

The following 5 tips can make you healthy body:

1, dinner to eat less, limited quantitative as well, not overeating.

2, the most wholesome dinner time should be in 18:00 – 19:00.

3, dinner should eat more vegetarian diet, less meat.

4 in the evening, eat less high oil, high fat, high calorie, high calcium, flatulence food.

5, child can add appropriate meal.

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