Pay attention on your dinner part one

25% of dinner intake is to maintain life, but 75% of intake to maintain the doctor’s livelihood. Please follow the following standard that if you don’t feel hungry at the morning time, please gives the dinner to reduce by half.

Do not think that dinner has little relationship with your body health, and you are totally wrong. Many experts study found that the dinner is one of the important reasons leading many diseases. So dinner was wrong, you should pay attention on your body health.

1, Dinner with obesity

90% fat people is caused by too great dinner intake for long time and eat too much, plus a small amount of evening activities, consuming fewer calories, excess calories in the role of insulin synthesis of plenty of fat, so the obesity is formed naturally.

Pay attention on your dinner part one

2, Dinner with diabetes

Long term full dinner often stimulate insulin secretion of large amounts of insulin, so it is easy to cause the burden, accelerated aging, and then induced diabetes, furthermore, dinner eat too much and too good will cause obesity which will lead to diabetes mellitus.

3, Dinner with colon cancer

Dinner if eat too full, so the protein foods cannot be completely digestion, the bacteria will produce toxic substances. Moreover, a small amount of activity and enter the sleep state, so that intestinal peristalsis is slow, prolonged toxic substances remain in the intestine, increasing the incidence of colorectal cancer.

Pay attention on your dinner part one

4, Dinner with urinary calculi

Human calcium excretion peak period is 4 to 5 hours after the meal. If eat dinner too late, when the calcium excretion peak period comes, usually are in sleep, and urinary retention in the ureter, bladder, urethra, urinary tract, so it cannot promptly eduction body outside, resulting in increased urinary calcium, easily deposited to form a small crystal, permanently expanded to form stones.

5, Dinner with hyperlipidemia

Dinner if the eat with high protein, high fat, high calorie foods, which stimulates liver production of low density and very low density lipoprotein, also easy to rise triglyceride, causing high blood lipid disorders.

Pay attention on your dinner part one

6, Dinner with hypertension

If the content of dinner is mostly meat, and the sleep status will slow down the blood flow, so a lot of lipids will be deposited in the vessel wall, causing smaller artery contraction, peripheral vascular resistance increased, easy to make the blood pressure suddenly increased, but also accelerate the systemic arteriolar sclerosis.

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