Patients with hypertension shown as below during sex must stopped

Now more and more young patients with hypertension, so the hypertensive patients can to with sex? In the same time what should pay more attention to?

The study showed that the systolic blood pressure increased by 30-60 mm Hg and diastolic pressure increased by 20-40 mm Hg in the time of sexual intercourse. After sexual intercourse, increased blood pressure will gradually decline, return to normal. As for patients with hypertension, due to the high blood pressure at ordinary times, the rise in blood pressure in the sex life will be higher, can increase the burden on the heart. Especially in elderly patients with coronary heart disease or heart failure, can be induced angina, myocardial infarction or sudden death, stroke of the middle.

Patients with hypertension shown as below during sex must stopped

(1) Generally speaking, patients with mild hypertension blood pressure is increased slightly in sexual intercourse, but after sexual intercourse can be quickly recovered to the previous level, thus causing the possibility of heart, brain and kidney diseases, and normal people can also have sex like.

(2) Moderate hypertension patients, general blood pressure is more stable, and accompanied by mild heart, brain, kidney and other complications, must be under the protection of the drug control to sexual live.

(3) Patients with severe hypertension, there is a clear headache, chest tightness, heart discomfort, and other complications such as renal dysfunction, sexual life may cause heart, cerebrovascular accident. Therefore, should suspend the sex life, after drug treatment, and then consult a physician can resume sexual life.

In addition, moderate hypertension patients, when suffering unstable blood pressure or increased, not suitable for sexual intercourse. Patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease or cerebrovascular disease, the best 30 minutes before the sex life to take the blood vessels, the best use of calcium antagonists, so as not to lead to high blood pressure during sexual intercourse and unexpected.

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