The three most easily phase of the male suffering with impotence

wallpapers-1962_top_celebritIn real life, many people think of male sexual disease is a physical disease, too much emphasis on drug treatment, while ignoring the male sex disease may be caused by psychological factors. Because of “male reputation”, most men will not mention their sexual related diseases. Many ED (erectile dysfunction) patients with private recipe, thus the delay in diagnosis and treatment. And the incidence of male sexual disease mainly in the following three stages:

One year before or two years after marriage

Before and after marriage, both men and women are in the stage of relatively large fluctuations in the feelings. There is a pair of young men and women fall in love with several years, and it is time to talk about their marriage, when two people are in the important phase period in their career. The work is facing the huge pressure, the two sides often friction caused by the huge psychological pressure to the man, in the course of time will affect the physical health of men, finally he cannot erect. Eventually divorce only after two years marriage.

Married for ten years

“In the same bed for 20 years, there will inevitably be some aesthetic fatigue. There are a couple of twelve years of marriage, children are on the third grade primary school. The first two years of marriage, husband most like to be back home from work earlier with his wife. Later, he opened his own company, began much busier. And the woman did not pay attention to maintenance after give the birth to a baby, and does not pay attention to facial skin care. In the face of his wife, he felt that life is boring, not to mention sex. Two times a week or more of sexual life become less and less.

If a couple appeared in sex is not harmonious, skin contact each other less and less, to create the atmosphere of love, and timely exchange of feelings of love is very important points.

The menopause

The old people can also have sex? The answer is absolutely right. However, men enter menopause will become violent temper and anxiety, and most love to stay at home. Male menopause appeared in part reduced libido, some erectile capacity decreased.

What are the main symptoms of impotence?

d5744Impotence is a common symptom of male sexual dysfunction, and most men are not clearly understanding the early symptoms of impotence. Due to the absent knowledge, it is highly possible leads to not timely treatment, resulted in the late worse harm. So what are the performance of impotence?

Impotence refers to male penis not erectile when during sexual intercourse or erectile time is much shorter than the normal level, which means cannot be in some normal life. Some sexual partners will have some complaints on the male impotence problem, and even leave them alone. Therefore, men with impotence is inferior, not very love of sexual life.

What are the impotence? The most obvious point of impotence symptoms were that the penis cannot erect when perform sex with your partner, or erect is not enough to fulfill the sexual intercourse requirement. This is a most common condition for impotence, also let many men feel inferiority in the life of this situation.

Secondly, impotence symptoms may also because with your sexual partner in the habits of life or some other cause of male not possible for sexual life. The symptoms usually consensus gradually reduce with the good communication with your sexual partner. There is the possibility of men will appear such symptoms when comparing fatigue, because too tired and nervous, so the penis is not erect completely, but when the recovery effort in the body will be improved, and basically there does not have any effect for next sexual behavior.

Finally, impotence symptoms may also show in time with the partner of sexual life penis cannot erect, but early in the morning or masturbation is a normal erectile penis continues even longer.

The hits for men how to wash their penis area

Spencer-Scott-Background-If you are not always clean your penis area clearly, there will exist much dirt. Especially for the foreskin phimosis patients, the clean work should be the routine issue for every day to prevent suffering from other problems. Do you think you get the point of how to wash your private place in a good and safe way? Maybe you are not, so please carefully read through below contents to get the important hints.

1, warm water is the best choice

In good health condition, wash with warm water, and then gently rub. Wash it thoroughly to wrapping up, wrapping dirty completely clean. In addition, pay attention to water temperature which should not be too hot, otherwise it may hurt your penis.

2, less use of chemicals

Whether it is soap, shower gel or special care solution, they are all not recommend to use. Because the skin of the glans is particularly delicate, sensitive to chemical substances, so it is likely to be allergic.

3, each part separately to wash

When the weather is cold, you cannot take a bath every day, but it is also highly recommended to wash your penis area every day.

For example, your face, buttocks, legs and perineum can treat separately. Each parts with different water and wash separately. After all, each part of the bacteria are not the same, with a bucket of water, with a towel to wash the different parts of the cross infection is very likely caused by bacteria that cause various diseases.

4, remember to dry after wash

If you not dry your penis area after washing, and directly put on clothes, the wet environment is the most favorite for the microorganisms!

Some men with phimosis foreskin, if you do not often wash, genitals might be itching, this is a great impact on health, and pay attention to the water temperature in the washing time is also very important.

Please pay high attention on the below 5 condoms

hot-girl-wallpaper-hdMany people will choose the contraceptive condoms when they don’t want to have a baby, and now buy condoms is also very convenient, whether in the medical store or inside the supermarket, there are many different type condoms available to select. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, more and more types of condoms are designed, however some condoms may cause some health problem for men and women.

1, luminous type condom

Some condoms are luminous type, which use phosphorus coating produced light on condom, although it can increase the sex appeal, but the sensitization of phosphorus is high, so they still need to choose carefully.

2, condoms with thick latex particles

Some condoms with surface particles or spiral convex patterns, the enhanced friction can increase vaginal wall stimulation when using, which can make your partner satisfied. But in comparison, some are too thick latex particles will make the condom easy to crack, so the number of qualified products, its size will be limited, for the sake of safety, please do not choose too coarse condoms.

3, scented condoms

There are a lot of strawberry, chocolate and spice type condoms, when used often makes the female vagina inflammation, when we choose to use these products, you should highly pay close attention of female vagina will have abnormal vaginal discharge situation, or it is better to not use such products.

4, drug type condom

This type of condoms are always with Nonoxynol spermicide, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retardant, assisting agent and other agents, although there are certain effects, but often use will affect the male or female reproductive system, it is best not to try too much.

5, the condom with different color

Although strictly speaking, there is no harm with the colorful condoms, which mainly depends on the quality of condoms. But people in the choice of condoms, often easy to attract by the color, but ignore the key problem of quality, so it is highly recommended to choose the no color condom with safety reliable.

Why alcohol can cause impotence?

CZ6bhXPUsAAQRTfMen in the daily life and normally work, there will be some places need to drink, and occasionally drink one or two cups will not have much impact on body health, but if long-term drinking, even develop drinking habits, which will damage the health of normal function, including sexual function will be affected, and even the emergence of symptoms of impotence.

1 Effects on sex hormone metabolism

In a large number of alcohol intake, testosterone levels in the blood will decline, this is due to the alcohol impairs formation of testosterone, in addition to the stimulation of alcohol, the liver metabolism to testosterone will accelerate, sexual life now is prone to erectile dysfunction.

2, the effects on the vascular system

After drinking, people will feel the body fever, flushed skin, this is because a lot of blood flow into the brain and blood vessels in the skin, if sexual life at this time, because the sex organs need adequate blood to normal erection, easily lead to erectile dysfunction. When the fever subsided, the body will feel cold, sexual life at the same time, also because of organ insufficiency prone to erectile dysfunction.

3, the influence of the nervous system

After drinking, it will make brain short excited, but then will be transferred to the state of suppression. If in this short excited state doing sexual intercourse, it is easy to appear bad performance, loss or big deviation of the normal sexual ability. When get into the suppress the excitement of sexual life, this time due to inhibition of the nervous system control function, it is highly to prone to erectile dysfunction.