The dental disease could lead to impotence problem?

men-and-dental-careDental disease and male erectile dysfunction (ED) seems to have no relevance. However, according to the British “Daily Mail” reported on March 27th 2017, a new Turkey study found that men with severe dental disease, the risk of erectile dysfunction will be doubled.

Turkey Inonu University researchers have compression study on erectile dysfunction in a group of men and a group of normal male subjects. The results showed that in the male patients with erectile dysfunction, 53% people had severe dental disease; contrast group of healthy men, severe dental disease incidence rate was only 23%.

The researchers pointed out that when the dental disease occurs, the bacteria can easily get into the blood system through the gingival bleeding point, damage blood vessels and arteries, leading to hardening of the arteries narrowed, thereby affecting the normal blood supply of all organs including male penis, male erectile function damage.

In this regard, the British Dental Health Foundation Dr. Nigel Carter pointed out that the oral health of men are closely related, and the men should pay special attention to oral health, pay attention to dental symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, gum swelling or atrophy and tartar, dental calculus, if there are problems timely medical treatment, so as not to affect the life of husband and wife.

You may not believe woman will the root cause for man impotence

1407329051-hd-wallpaper-hot-girl-hdwallIn most area, it is a very shameful thing that a man is suffering with importance, so man has been quietly endure the impotence of the psychological impact, but not willing to talk with his women. You may not believe that women may the cause for your importance problem. Then, how does the woman can cause impotence?

1. during the woman pregnant phase, no sexual life

The special period of pregnancy and childbirth in women, so there will be no sexual activity for long time. The abstinence time is longer, the sexual desire is long-term in a depressed state, may also cause impotence, premature ejaculation.

2. Woman charm down, no much sex interest.

The woman charm decline caused impotent, often occurs in middle age. Loving couples, different personality, or vulgar words and deeds, the woman form ugly, bad appearance and sexual life dull or infidelity, often leads to the feelings decline of the couple and thus makes a woman lose attractive to man.

3. Women love ridicule men lead man lost sexual interest.

The man is usually the sole breadwinners, work more busy, because the body tired, irritable mood, weak physical body after disease, leading to occasional erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, this woman not only cannot understand, but to blame or even ridiculed it shame, ultimately can lead to sexual function is difficult to restore.

4. Women with fear during sex intercourse without good cooperation.

Every time when plan to have sex, the women does not fit, this is more common before the marriage. A woman for fear of pregnancy, pain and lack of asexual life experience, most women often with fear of sexual intercourse. The woman is not fit or rejected, often leads to the failure of the first sexual intercourse, even after the effects of sexual function. Married women is conservative, or marital dissatisfaction, or physical discomfort, bad mood, emotion transfer case, often take a passive or reject way to sexual request, in the course of time is easy lead to man impotence.

5. Women with illness, affect sex quality

The woman suffering from some chronic diseases such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, vaginitis, tumor or semen allergies, his life cannot be arbitrary, which can inhibit the libido, lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, the woman’s sexual excitement, the man can make a psychological fear and affect sexual function.

Seven things that can lead men erection problem

1118full-tiffani-thiessenThe United States has 30 million patients with ED, age is the most important factor of ED. There are about 4% people with ED when age around 50, and half of men with ED when the age over 75. Here are the 7 factors is the cause of the ED.

1. Drug treatment of male hair loss of hair or medicine for the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy

According to the International Journal of Medicine reported that they not only may inhibit the erectile function, and may inhibit the sexual desire, the reason may be reduced to help keep male sex hormone dihydrotestosterone blood drive in level. Although these drugs can contribute to hair loss and prostate hypertrophy, but its side effects including the effects of erectile function.

2. Gum disease?

Why is the penis and gums in common?

Periodontitis chronic infections and infections of the gums may increase the risk of ED problem, and the animal experiments showed that the association between ED and gum problem, but the relationship between human periodontitis and ED and its mechanism of action is not clear. Gum disease is a manifestation of poor overall health, and it also increased risk of heart disease, and heart disease is another risk factor for ED. Gingivitis means the potential problems of gingival blood supply, so it will also indicates the problems in other parts of the body’s blood supply.

3. The wife is much close to the husband buddy

As we all knows the psychological factors have significant influence on sexual function, according to the American Journal of Sociology of more than 3000 age in the new study of 57 to 85 year old man’s results show that if the wife too close to the husband buddy, then obtain or maintain an erection difficulty increased 92% rate. Of course, this kind of phenomenon in the middle-aged and young people see more, because of their perceived masculinity is very sensitive, but after 70 years old, the old man about male have the concept of passivation, no longer sensitive, so it will not because of this reason and confused.

4. Ride a bike

As early as ninth Century BC, sisea people in Iran found the relationship between horse riding and ED. Investigation on the international medical journal published in 2005 showed that the modern long distance cycling can also increase the risk of ED, at least 3 hours a week to ride the 4% men in people with moderate or severe ED, and age of the runner ED only 1%. Probably because of long time sitting in a cramped seat on the oppression of the nerves and blood vessels to the penis, which produces a certain degree of damage, finally affect the blood supply of the penis.

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Man erection hardness not good may not impotence, below 5 diseases may the root cause

81R+ln5mcsLMany people have a misunderstanding that the man erection is not hard that is impotence. In fact, the impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED), generally refers to the penis cannot erect or erect not firm, or erect time is short with sexual stimulation and sexual situations, so it cannot be completed with a pleasure sexual life with partner. The hardness is not enough in addition to impotence, also may be caused by these following diseases:

1. Prostatitis

Prostatitis can be divided into type I (acute bacterial prostatitis), type II (chronic bacterial prostatitis), type III (chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome), and type IV (asymptomatic prostatitis).

Generally speaking, type II and type III were chronic prostatitis, similar clinical symptoms, including pelvic sacral pain, abnormal urination and sexual dysfunction, called prostatitis syndrome. The two types of patients with occasional sexual dysfunction, including loss of libido, premature ejaculation, ejaculation, impotence and decreased erectile pain.

2. Urethritis, cystitis

In general, urethritis, cystitis does not directly cause impotence, but if not treated, affect the function of the prostate and is likely to cause sexual dysfunction.

3, hypertension

Hypertension can cause impotence. On the one hand, the control of hypertension will cause damage to the vessel, lead to atherosclerosis, thus affecting the fast blood supply of sex; on the other hand, antihypertensive drugs such as beta blockers and diuretics may also increase the risk of impotence. The clinical study found that with increasing age, atherosclerosis, impotence incidence is increased.

4, diabetes

Generally, the medical profession believed that at present that diabetes can lead to impotence, which is the interaction of various factors, vascular neuropathy and psychological factors of the results.

5, nervous system diseases

Multiple sclerosis disease, spinal cord injury and other nuclear neurological diseases can cause impotence. In addition, other diseases such as spinal bifida, spinal disc herniation, syringomyelia, spinal cord tumor can all influence afferent and efferent pathway, leading to erectile dysfunction. Brain diseases such as cerebrovascular accident, Parkinson syndrome, and trauma may cause dysfunction of hypothalamus, spinal cord or excessive inhibition caused by erectile dysfunction.

A male once surfer from erection hardness problem or erection lasting time and other issues, should be adjusted at first, such as through exercise, enhance male legs, waist and abdomen, upper limb muscle strength to ease the bad hardness problem. If has not eased, it is recommended went to the hospital, make clear the pathogeny, again for the next treatment, do not buy their own impotence drugs.