More exercise can prevent impotence

45Q7QrnFor impotence, to prevent its occurrence is more important than the treatment after it occurred. How to prevent it? Exercise is not only good for your heart, but also beneficial to people’s sexual function. The researchers found that regular, moderate exercise can prevent impotence.

Dr. Owen Goldstein and the Boston University School of Medicine researchers through a large long-term study found that by exercising every day to consume at least 200 calories will be fewer male impotence than the men with less activity, this exercise is the equivalent of approximately the brisk walk two miles.

In 9 years, Dr. Goldstein and colleagues followed 600 men who at first without impotence. They observed the male lifestyle and impotence related factors — smoking, heavy drinking, too little exercise and obesity. They found that exercise has been active in the field and began to exercise during the study period, the risk of impotence is very small.

Dr. Goldstein in the recently published “urology magazine wrote:” this discovery is important, even men began to exercise in the middle age can also reduce the risk of impotence. The mechanism of exercise in prevention of impotence and its prevention of heart disease are the same. Impotence and heart disease is a body organ lack of blood flow, and exercise contributes to vascular patency. Moreover, impotence may actually be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease, because the penis is more sensitive than heart to reduce blood flow.

Exercise can prevent impotence, male sexual dysfunction is male sexual behavior and sexual feeling obstacle, often expressed as a physiological response of abnormal or absent, often subjective feelings and judgments of their patients, most within the normal physiological range phenomenon and there is no rational positive disease:

1, sex is closely related to age and general health with big individual differences. Mental and physical fatigue can cause sexual excitement abate, endocrine disease, chronic systemic diseases (tuberculosis, diabetes) can cause decreased libido;

2, when sexual excitement cannot erect, erect not firm or unable to maintain, and cannot finish sexual intercourse, no night or morning erections, and furthermore, under sexual stimulation can induce sexual excitement but cannot erect;

3, the penis erection over several hours without stimulation, often accompanied by pain;

4, the erection of the penis before into the vagina, or after entering the vagina immediately ejaculation and weak penis, and 2 to 6 minutes can be seen as normal function;

5, unmarried men, often 1~2 times spermatorrhea in a dream or after excessive fatigue every month (non intercourse ejaculation);

6, no ejaculation (the libido and erectile normal, no orgasm and ejaculation process during sexual activity).

The male should pay attention to anti impotence in autumn

Spencer-Scott-Background-The incidence of male impotence disease rate is often higher than other seasons in the fall, according to the statistics of 1102 cases of impotence patients have obvious seasonal changes were a total of 772 people, its distribution is: the fall of 386 people, accounting for 50%; in the summer of 116, accounting for 15%; in the spring of 39, accounting for 5%; the winter of 231, accounting for 30%. The conclusion is that the high incidence of impotence happen in the autumn.

Impotence is male genital atrophy not work, cannot erect, or erect not firm, so it cannot complete a normal sexual intercourse. According to statistics, in recent years the domestic divorce case, 75% is raised by a woman, most of which is for the husband suffering from sexual dysfunction, especially impotence.

Mental factors is the most common and important to cause impotence, accounting for about 85% to 90% of the total incidence. For example, the marital relationship discord, hostile to the woman; or the sexual life between husband and wife is not harmonious with each other, do not get the desired satisfaction, cause aversion to sexual behavior, all above can cause impotence occurred.

Sexual intercourse environment discomfort, such as many people living in a house, when sexual intercourse is suspicious or fear, can also lead to impotence. But there are a lot of people happen impotent, is due to the lack of knowledge, fear of sexual intercourse failed to make the woman not satisfied, so the formation of impotence; or once sexual intercourse not satisfied, they mistakenly think they have impotence.

Because these people have doubts or fears, although every time sexual demands, but when to sexual intercourse, they are full of tension, fear, worry and the idea of thinking, which lead to the erection of the penis is softened, cannot perform sexual intercourse. In addition, excessive masturbation and excessive sexual intercourse, can also be the common cause of impotence.

Excessive sexual intercourse, especially repeated sexual intercourse, because of the need for more intense stimulation, can cause penile erection and ejaculation. After long time, erectile nerve center is suppressed, will produce functional impotence.

There is a kind of organic impotence, treatment is difficult at present, and the reason is caused by the defect of the sexual organ anatomy.

So, how to prevent male impotence in the fall season?

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The male has a beer belly susceptible to erectile dysfunction

rosie bedPotbellied beer belly brings inconvenience to the patient’s actions attracted patients complain. Recently, the National Cancer Institute, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the American Cancer Society came the news: beer belly men prone to erectile dysfunction.

This several authoritative research draft report shows that overweight men are more likely to erectile dysfunction.

According to a men’s survey of 1981 overweight men, 88% of the testers have different degrees of erectile dysfunction, usually, the larger waist circumference of male erectile dysfunction in the higher rate. Even considering age, smoking, drinking, hypertension and other risk factors, a large waist male are more prone to erectile dysfunction problems.

In addition, these research institutions found through scientific investigation, the lack of movement of the probability of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, far greater than the exercise at least thirty minutes a day for men.

How to prevent senile impotence problem?

Miranda-Kerr-Sexy-Beauty-BikiniThe traditional folk belief that men in old age, means that the inevitable loss of libido and sexual dysfunction (impotence) problems. For this statement, China’s famous andrology expert Professor Lee flatly denied, he said, the age is not the only reason for impotence. In fact, the impotence is caused by many factors. In impotent crowd, there are also many young people, but the elderly prevalence rate is high. Conversely, there are many elderly with neutral normal sexual function. According to statistics, 70% men still have a regular sex life at the age of 60, even 25% of people remain sexual life at the age of 70-80 age group.

Professor Lee said, we can talk about the cause of impotence from the two aspects of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine believes that impotence is caused by psychological, physiological and social environment three factors.

The first psychological factors are including emotional stress, life stress, depression and anxiety.

The second is the main variety of physiological factors, disease factors:

1. Vascular diseases, including any may lead to reduced cavernosal artery disease, such as atherosclerosis, hyperviscosity syndrome, peripheral vascular disease, etc..

2. Endocrine disorders: mainly in male hormones cause diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, hypothalamus pituitary abnormalities and primary gonadal dysfunction reduced.

3. Neurological diseases: suffering from neurological disorders of the brain of the desire cannot fulfill sensitive and conduction to the penis.

4. Urogenital diseases: such as orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, genitourinary surgery such as transurethral resection of the prostate.

5. Drug factors: long-term use of certain drugs such as antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, hypnotics.

6. Other factors: such as urethral rupture, penis and testis injury, the penis itself disease etc..

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The following 5 kinds of food can be good nature aphrodisiac


Papaya is rich in vitamin A, and contains high arginine. The normal aphrodisiac product also contain this ingredient, which can improve the penis blood supply.


Spinach contains folic acid, which is very beneficial to body health. Spinach is also rich in magnesium, which is very helpful of expansion of blood vessels near the vulva. Other green vegetables, such as cabbage, also contains rich folic acid, also have a similar effect.

Zinc rich foods

Zinc can highly promote testosterone production, and make the sperm more active, so eat zinc rich foods is very conducive to cure erectile problems. Whole grains, beef, lamb, cheese, yogurt, salmon, chicken, peanuts and milk are good food supplement.


Research shows that garlic can make small amounts of hydrogen sulfide released including the penile artery vascular relaxation. And garlic contains allicin, can promote blood flow to the penis.


Pepper can make sufficient blood vessels for the genital area.