Does the masturbation can cause the penis short problem?

Does the masturbation can cause the penis short problem? Q: I feel my penis is too short when it is weak, and my friends say I’m not masculine. I think this bad situation is caused by masturbation, which makes me feel very distressed. How can I do with this this problem?

Doctor: the normal penis is about 5-6 cm under the weak state, and the erection size is about 10-12 cm.

If the weak state is less than 4 cm, and the erection length is less than 8 cm, it can be called the short penis. And your penis has a finger length, which is certainly more than 4 cm, so it is normal. Please forget your friends’ bad words, because it is not right.

In addition, the foreign book claimed that 90% of men and 70% of women have the habit of masturbation. This is a normal and common phenomenon: first, it will not cause the overwhelming desire; second, will not lead to a mad; third, will not affect people’s reproductive organs.

Some men may be troubled about masturbation behavior of their own, this is not absolutely necessary. In a world science conference, when the host says "masturbation is harmless, is healthy." After this words, the host get warm applause from the audience. So, masturbation is a normal behavior, not in distress.

How to determine the penis flexibility?

How to determine the penis flexibility? Clinical doctors often measure impotence patient’s penis stretch length, in fact it is measuring the penis actually flexibility. The patients themselves can also do such measurement at home by themselves.

The usual method is to measure the normal length of the penis, with one hand to support the penis, with the other hand to take a ruler to measure the length from the glans to the penis root, which is the length before the pulling. Then pull the penis at the maximum level, then measured penis length again, then is length after pulling. The difference between the two lengths reflects the expansion performance of penis.

The better penis elastic, the difference between the two is bigger, and then the better elastic penile erectile ability will be. When the difference between the two is small, the erectile ability is worse. The increased length after traction is less than the 2/3 of the original length, there may exist organic problems, especially should pay attention on the cavernous fibrosis problem.

Of course, this measurement was just a very rough testing. But it can reflect the rough state of your penis states.

How to make the penis sensitive?

How to make the penis sensitive? Many people know that regular exercise can help to improve the sexy ability of men. However, few people know that the penis exercising may work better and more directly improve the sexy ability. It can strengthen the penis, make erectile nerve and tissue to become much healthy, sensitivity and feel increase in sexual intercourse.

The penis exercising basically has the following types:

First, the penis acupressure. Whether it is in a weak state, or in semi erect or erect adequately condition, repeated do hold and release action can enhance the penis, penile nerve and blood vessel activity, effectively improve the ability.

Second, the use of shower massage penis. This is the most enjoyable way. Use the nozzle to spray warm water to the end and the root of your penis, furthermore you can turn over wrapping to expose the glans. Strong pressure centralized hot water flow massage on the acupoints can directly support the erection of the ligaments and nerve activity. A better exercise effect of alternating hot and cold water shower local, but not suitable for the elderly and infirm, which may easy to catch cold.

Third, anus up movement. Do anus up movement can be active coordination of penile erection of pelvic floor muscle and ligament strength, but also can improve the blood circulation of the perineum.

Fourth, sexual intercourse. This is the most popular and normal way of penis exercise for the man.

The former three ways for the best penis exercise once a day, each time for a few minutes to ten minutes. If time is too long, too much stimulation, but will support the erection of the muscles and nerves are quite tired, can only be counterproductive, and even cause injury of penis.

"Penis injection operation" have you tried?

"Penis injection operation" have you tried? Q: a sex therapist said he had seen a case of "penis injection" with 600 times, and there is no side effect anymore. I have used this method to treat impotence for most patients. Furthermore, with long-term application of this method, what should be paid more attention on when doing the injection, in order to ensure the safety.

Answer: the so-called "penile injections" refers to the intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs, in the past by papaverine plus phentolamine injection, now with prostaglandin E1. The first injection is most applied by the doctor after execution, and then it can be performed by patients themselves. The method is simple, and the result can be immediate, applicable to any type of impotence. Although the impotence cannot be cured totally, but there are still many patients prefer this method.

When in use should pay attention to the following points:

(1) pay attention to strict disinfection;

(2) to determine the dosage, cannot arbitrarily change;

(3) the needle should be fine, the best selection of disposable syringe or using skin 4.25 skin test needle, furthermore needle has related to many side effects;

(4) injection location should be selected without subcutaneous blood vessels, vertical injection;

(5) the depth of the needle should not exceed 1.5 cm, not into the urinary tract;

(6) after pull out needle, the local compression needle location should be applied to prevent the occurrence of hematoma;

(7) if the erection is more than 4 hours after injection, you have to go to the hospital for emergency treatment;

(8) no multi sexual intercourse after injection;

(9) a weekly injection should be not more than 1 time;

(10) hospital regularly check the penis and liver function.

In addition, with impotence treatment of intracavernous injection of drugs, should take a cautious attitude, especially when in use for a long time.

The normal length of penis

The normal length of penis I recently read a lot of information, some doctors said: "man’s penis should not to only judge on the size." It seems that most young men suffer from "small penis phobia" in the world, who all day worried about their penis size is smaller than others.

According to the report of the United States, there are more than 10000 men applied underwent penile surgery in recently 7 years. An Italy doctor introduction, there are 67 men who required of penis surgery, actually the penis length are in the normal range.

Many men in the bath or toilet, love to check other man penis size, length, and then make some comparison. A man’s penis length will be different with each other, some are longer and some are shorter, but most of them are within the normal situation. That is similar with the people body size, high, short, fat, thin. This is only self-trouble. A man’s penis in erection can be confirmed as normal as long as it is more than 10 cm. Because the woman vagina depth is only 8~10 cm.

The ancient Greek scholar once said: "in real sex time, the vagina function is tightening the thing inside. It is so like nature device which can adjust to any size. When encountering short penis, it will be outstanding, and on the contrary, it will be shrinkage.

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Penis lengthening operation is already a mature technology in the early last century. This is just for the patients with too short penis, the extension of 2 – 3 cm result. This operation must cut the penile suspensory ligament, and then screw together again, which will reduce the stability of the root of the penis. As the doctor said Jane "without fixed direction of suspension ligament of penis, when the penis erects will sway."