The mystery of the penis in male adults

The mystery of the penis in male adults The human penis has three major characteristics: first, it is big size. The gorilla is much stronger in body than human, but the penis is only with finger thickness; two, human penis has no bones, the ape has a penis bone in the penis; three, no flexible after erection, so it can only be driven by body movement. These features are unique for human being during the long time evolution.

But it is difficult to find a biological explanation on three characteristics of the human penis obtained, only human penis perfect demonstration of these three characteristics. If the human penis have a penis bone like the primate ancestors in the penis, so there will be no erection dysfunction problem anymore.

In fact, it also proves the necessity of the evolution of human ancestors penis bone disappeared. The human male sexual activity in the evolution of strengthening trend, breaking the physiological balance, so it needs to have physical limitation. The penis bone disappeared is the necessary physiological limits.

The penis bone "disappeared", instead of the cavernous body of penis, which is the most amazing body organ. It is soft when it is not erection, but is hard as bone after erection. The ape who has a penis bone, the penis comes out of the penis sheath when penis erection. The human who has no penis bone instead of the cavernous body, the penis will become longer and bigger, and it cannot be changed during the whole erection, so it must be driven by the body movement. Furthermore, human sexual intercourse is face to face, men’s body totally press on women, so men take the most amount of exercise in sexual activity when compared to other creatures.

The penis cavernous as hard as bone, and also as soft as flesh. With this wonderful character, it cannot only ensure the smooth implementation of the physiological function, but also effectively carried out to prevent men consume more physical to sexual activity. Because the penis makes men halt sexual activity after reach orgasm.

The two time interval between the penis erections, called "refractory period" from adolescence, refractory period was extended trend. That is to say, the male sexual capacity from puberty showed a decreasing trend. A 40 year old father’s ability is much inferior to that of his 16 year old son.

In a unit of time, under natural conditions, a man erection is might fixed, while a woman may accept sexual intercourse is far more than the number of men can do. In the specific sexual activities, as long as a man is ejaculation, then the orgasm is reached, and women must be fully stimulated to reach orgasm. From the unit of time in sexual intercourse and each intercourse meet two view directions, a man sexual ability is far lower than that of a woman’s sexual potential.

Penis erection to limit activities, how to deal with this situation?

Penis erection to limit activities, how to deal with this situation? A 28 year old man complained of sexual difficulties, especially the insertion often cause pain. Because his penis was affixed to the abdomen after erection, and abdominal tip distance is only about 3-5 cm, as long as a little away from the abdomen will feel extreme discomfort and pain. This situation has already affected the normal daily sexual life. Some doctors tell him no problem, and slowly will be good, but the problem still exists.

The normal young man penis erection will original close to the abdomen, and it is about 40~50 degrees, which is adapt the vagina structure feature from the front to back, so there is no difficulty in inserting. With the increase of age, penile erectile angle would gradually reduce to 90 degrees or so off, as long as the erection can maintain sufficient hardness, it will not affect the sex activities.

The erection penis is too close to the abdomen can be defined as Peyronie’s disease, and the dorsal penis albuginea of cavernous body of penis caused by bending the fiber thickening. Patients have dorsal penis thickening or induration of history, and the erect or curved pain symptoms. Peyronie’s disease is usually self-limiting disease, sometimes also can improve. When the deformity after erection, this problem can solved through surgery.

Other causes include congenital chordee or suspensory ligament is too short, and these two cases were all needed surgical treatment. Therefore, carefully check the position of the suspensory ligament of the penis to check this kind of problem, albuginea of cavernous body of penis fibrosis or calcification, and there may be other abnormalities. If the patient cannot spontaneous erection, it can take the intracavernous injection of papaverine to simulate erectile abnormalities, so that we can evaluate the penis when fully erect, in order to further investigation, it can also recommend patients to treat disease experience in andrology clinic urologist.

The relationship between penis size and orgasm satisfaction

男性:阴茎大小与性高潮的关系 Most people think that the male only pay attention to obtain personal satisfaction in sexual life. But in fact, there are more profound hidden psychological factors behind this phenomenon. When the sex life time comes, most men in their heart is worried that the performance of the penis, so most of them cannot enjoy the fun.

A man should learn to accept the reality. If the size problem is always the lingering pain in their minds, so they can improve the effect of sex through a variety of techniques. Sexual intercourse itself is simple, unfortunately, sometimes the effect is not satisfactory. If you want to eliminate the anxiety and share the most wonderful feeling with your partner, you must learn to make full use of its own conditions. In fact, different shapes of penis size have their own advantages and disadvantages, as long as you are on the correct way, you can bring your beloved woman ecstasy of happiness.

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The penis development level plays role in couple’s sex life

The penis development level plays role in couple’s sex life We are most concerned about the problem that if the penis size is not developed well, does it will affect the normal sexual life? In fact, the clinicians never determine the penis development level based on the penis length. As long as the normal sexual intercourse and fertility is normal, the penis development will be defined as normal.

Many men and women wrote to ask similar questions. In order to provide the right answer to this questions, we must first clear the standard of the normal penis? Secondly, need to understand it belongs to the abnormal development, or individual differences within the normal range. At last, everyone’s concern and the most important question is that, if the penis is small and they will affect the normal sexual life or not? Whether the wife can get sexual pleasure?

Penis length experts have detected 1412 cases of China healthy young male penis size and 126 cases of healthy men penis size after erection. The results show that when the normal state the maximum length is 14.5 cm, the shortest is 4 cm, then the average length is about 8.375 cm; the maximum circumference of 12 cm, a minimum of 4.5 cm, with an average of 8. 3 cm. The erection of 16 centimeters longest, the shortest 9 cm, average 12 cm; the maximum circumference of 14 centimeters when erect, a minimum of 8 cm, 10.75 cm in average.

Expert survey of 1000 cases of normal adult male penis length: length is 4.9-8.6 cm under normal range. The average is 6.55 cm, the longest 10.6 cm, 3.7 cm in the shortest.

Measurements were performed on 2547 cases of 16-40 years male to student penis size, the average length is 7.43 cm, and the average diameter is 8.17 cm; the penis holding an average is 13.34 cm, which is similar to the calculated erect length of 13.08 cm. The measurement results also have some differences, the results also affected areas and nationalities.

In addition, in the same individual normal penis length is not constant, such as tension, cold or severe fatigue can make penile shortening. Plus the measurement method itself also has a big difference, so it is difficult to judge simply from the length of the penis is normal or not. Therefore, the figures can only be used as a reference, do not hard to control how their length.

In order to further explain the reasons of big or small penis development result, let us review the occurrence and development process of the penis. For convenience, we divide it into four stages:

  • 1, the 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. The penis just well differentiated, only 3.5 mm long, then the role of hCG in effect generated by the placental secretion of testosterone.
  • 2, pregnancy 6 months later. The penis grow fast, was reached 2.5-3.5 cm, then the fetal pituitary gonadotropin secretion to LH and FSH.
  • 2, after birth to adolescence (7 years old), the penis grows slowly, this is because the hypothalamus and pituitary development is slow, because of their low testosterone levels.
  • 4, after the onset of puberty, testosterone and pituitary secretion, the penis grows rapidly, only 5 years or so have reached adult levels, thick and length growth. When the elderly sex hormone levels were significantly lower or surgical castration, the penis may be secondary degeneration.

In short, differentiation and development depend on the testosterone levels of the penis, if the first 6-9 months of pregnancy, the secretion of testosterone deficiency, the penis development is lower than the normal speed, then the penis will be small when was born.

So, what is a real small penis? The penis before puberty is shorter than 2. 5 centimeters, or shorter than 5 cm after puberty, and growth is not normal, no erectile function; especially dysplastic secondary sex, sexual dysfunction, no fertility, no sperm, then can be considered abnormal penile development.

The United States MD network: reveal the secret of penis

The United States MD network: reveal the secret of penis For the man, the male penis is the most familiar organ. According to the "MD network" website reported on March 5th, the following 3 items is the unknown facts for men.

The penis has its own idea. Many men have noticed, his penis will had a reaction to erection when you even don’t want to this. The study found, compared with other body parts such as limbs, the control of the penis is limited, because it is not always at the disposal of the nervous system, but also by the autonomic nervous system, which is also known as the autonomic nervous system of leadership, which is also responsible for the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure. Many sexual arousal of the autonomic nervous system impact.

The penis can turn to smaller when you cannot believe. The American Urological scientist Dr. Montag pointed out that exposure to cold water or air will make the penis shrink, the psychological pressure can make it low-spirited. These are dominated by the autonomic nervous system, so the penis can be viewed as a barometer of the autonomic nervous system.

"It is very low-key". The penis from the normal state to full erection, the size of the change is different. A study of 80 men found that the penis change range from 0.6 cm to 8.9 cm range. Kinsey experts studied more than 1000 men also found that, 12% people after erection, the penis increases to 1/3, 7% of people doubled. The normal state of seemingly short penis erection may be the two times than the original "big man".

It will be broken. Although there is no bones in the penis, but it may still be broken, and then become bruising and great pain. This situation occurs mainly in young people. The typical case is the man act hit partner’s pubic. To avoid this, don’t be too rude in sex. If a woman is not the female superior, violent action.