Does the man masturbate to make glans bigger?

Does the man masturbate to make glans bigger? A bigger penis glans really play an important role in male sexual weapon. Of course, large glans have some nature advantage when doing sex intercourse, but it does not mean the small can do nothing which can also bring pleasure for women. However, even so, most men are still worrying about their penis glans size issue. If there is a promised penis glans enlargement safe way, it is believed that more than 99% men will go for it. So, what do I do to become a big penis glans? There are some information that indicate that the masturbation can reach this goal, so let’s go deep for this topic today.

Normally, the slow flowing blood will be filling the whole penis with the gratitude of the sex center. Therefore, when you masturbate, refrain from ejaculation, and maintain this pattern, so that the increase in the penis glans congestion, forcing the skin bit by bit to promote. Repeat this action every time you masturbate. You should increase your penis glans. To increase the congestion of the glans penis, there is also a trick of holding the root of the penis tightly. Because this way, just sealed converging in increasing blood flow and also the glans part. Congestion not only make the penis becomes larger, but also the more congestion of the penis, the sensory nerve more sensitive will become.

The teenagers should pay attention to physiological problems

The teenagers should pay attention to physiological problems By the time the boy reaches the age of 10, the girl is also a bit early, they will start an important phase of her life called as puberty. After a few year time, the boy became a man, and a girl turns to be a beautiful and plump woman. Love between men and women arises. Because of their physical development and the mystique of sex, they are tempted to explore this curiosity of forbidden zones. It is a very important subject that how to correctly deal with the problems arising from puberty.

First of all, we should recognize our bodies and have a scientific understanding of the physiological anatomy of the reproductive system and eliminate the mystery. The young man need to correctly understand the increase of testis, penis, pubic hair appearance and spermatorrhea, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Spermatorrhea is each personality after the maturity of the young men and the lack of sexual life male adults may happen, which is not terrible, and no danger neither.

Secondly, we should correctly deal with masturbation and premarital sexual behavior. After the taste of pleasure of spermatorrhea, the teenagers then play the genitals, develop the habit of masturbation, and most of them are lack of correct understanding that do not know there is harm or not to the body of masturbation, heard some rumors on masturbation will seriously affect marriage and childbearing, which will give their much moral guilt. Some weak teenagers show reticence and malaise, which directly affect their learning and work and cause physical harm.

In fact, from a medical point of view, masturbation is not as dangerous as some people call it. Foreign survey data show that more than 90% of the young men and women have had a masturbation history. There is no evidence that masturbation causes future sexual dysfunction. When the first sex on the wedding night, the failure of sexual intercourse at one time is a common occurrence, but some people associate this phenomenon with the history of masturbation, which adds to the mental burden and further interferes with the normal conduct of sexual life. Of course, excessive masturbation or excessive pursuit of sexual stimulation, so that long-term genital congestion, it is easy to induce prostatitis.

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Helping men understand their prostate

Helping men understand their prostate In order to answer this question, let us first introduce the anatomy and shape of the prostate gland. The shape and size of the prostate are very similar to the Chinese chestnut, which is the largest accessory glands in males. It is mainly composed of gland tissue, smooth muscle and connective tissue.

The man prostate was arranged like a guard in front of the bladder, so people called it the prostate gland. Its bottom horizontal diameter is about 4 centimeters, longitudinal diameter about 3 centimeters, about 2 centimeters in diameter, and the average weight is about 20 grams. The prostate surrounds the urethra, can be divided into anterior, middle, posterior lobe and side lobe, so there are a total of five sub parts. The anterior lobe is very small, so it has no important clinical significance. When in old age, both sides of the lobe and middle lobe are prone to hyperplasia, causing dysuria problem; the posterior lobe is the frequent site of the cancer syndrome. There are 30 to 50 acini in the prostate gland, which have secretory function and merge into 16 to 32 excretory ducts, and they are opened on both sides of the caruncle of the posterior urethra. Because of its special anatomic location, people are not so familiar with it.

When doctors do medical examination of the prostate, usually with his right index finger, wearing rubber fingers, from the anus to go in for palpation check.

According to many real clinical cases discovery, there is a high rate of patients with reverse ejaculation after transurethral resection of prostate.

Usually, prostate can secrete a kind of liquid called prostate fluid slightly partial acid or slightly alkaline liquid, adult man about 0.5 to 2 ml daily secretion, mostly with urine discharge. Nerve or chemical stimulation can increase the secretion of prostate fluid in normal adult men. Prostate fluid often contains sperm, intermittently discharged into the urine, so it is not uncommon for adult men to have sperm in their urine. It is normal to remove a small amount of prostate fluid from the urine every day, and there is no harm to the body. The prostate has an extensive network of nerves and a variety of nerve terminals that make it closely related to the parts of the body. Therefore, prostatitis can cause all kinds of complicated systemic symptoms. At the peak of sexual intercourse, within a few seconds of ejaculation, the prostate fluid is released from the gland, mixed with semen and excreted together. Prostate fluid accounted for 30% of semen.

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Prevention and treatment of penile trauma

Prevention and treatment of penile trauma The penis location is very subtle, usually also can widely range move, and the corpus cavernosum is very flexible, also wrapped in a tough film, so it is generally not easy to damage. But injuries can also occur when subjected with external forces, such as riding, straddle and other direct forces, and many of them exist simultaneously with urethral injuries. Moreover, the type of performance is complex, the treatment methods are different, and sometimes more difficult, the key is to pay attention to their own safety in daily life to prevent unexpected events.

Penile trauma injury are varies with external force, and the force direction. And the main common symptoms include pain, swelling, hematuria and dysuria.

Contusion of penis

This is mainly caused by blunt external force directly when the penis erects, the formation of purple ecchymosis when lightly, or a subcutaneous sponge or glans, hematoma, pain when hardly. Newly married night, when the penis is too fierce pumping, can make wrapping or wrapping chalaza produce laceration, or appear wrapping, glans abrade or oedema. It only needs to rest when the situation is not so bad, play the scrotum and penis with t-bandage. Acute period when still has ooze blood, you can apply cold compress, use hot compress to promote haematoma absorption after haemorrhage stops. Antibiotics should be given to prevent infection if necessary.

For example, a worker who accidentally fell on the iron on his sacrococcygeal impact, severe pain in the perineum, since the next day two weeks penile erection, the penis aches and accompanied by pain, finally it is confirmed as the penis contusion and hematoma priapism.

Dislocation of penis

The penis is distorted when erect, or violent attack when in soft situation, excessive pull or the cross injury, cause the penis to break away from its skin, dislocation arrives ham root or scrotum perineal ministry. In addition to hemostasis and manual reduction, the penis must be sutured to normal position during the treatment.

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Proper sexual fantasies can maintain good sex ability

Proper sexual fantasies can maintain good sex ability A man’s sexual ability can keep to what age? Maybe you’ll say 60, and special individual can be up to 70. But the truth is that a great deal of real evidence has proved that men can maintain their sexual abilities to 100 or even 110 year old.

Maybe you would say, "I’m not so greedy. I just want to keep my sex ability to 80 years old." How to reach this point? The answer is just as I told you that to keep exercise, and learn how to release your pressure. In addition, you need to quit alcohol and smoking, try to eat low-fat foods, eat less high-fat foods, in addition, to maintain adequate sleep as much as possible.

In the process of a man’s deep sleep, his cavernous body unconsciously has several intermittent erections for up to 1 hours, which extend the aerobic blood to adequate nourishment.

Aesthetic fatigue may also lead to minor ED. For example, a middle-aged ED male once said to the doctor: "I’m not erect at home, but it’s good outside."

How to overcome the aesthetic fatigue problem? The answer is fully apply the role of sex fantasy when making love, because the organic combination of physical stimulation and sexual fantasies will let you becomes more vigorous in bed. If you’re tired of long legs or G cup type, you can fantasize about Jennifer Lopez’s fat hips type which will give your more impact. You must not be guilty of sexual fantasies, for sexual fantasies are better off than cheating. In fact, most women are sex fantasy master.