The following seven daily things will destroy male erection

brunette-in-black-dress-full-hdIf a man is suffering with erectile dysfunction problem, don’t blame to the low sexual desire, because many daily life things will impact man’s erection. Recently, the United States “women’s health” magazine published an article specially, an inventory of the influence of some common things in the daily life.

Wearing a condom.

Scientific research shows that some men are a good erection before wearing condoms, but suddenly be soft penis when plan to wear a condom, so that they will immediately become weak. The researchers said that wearing a condom will let the stimulus interrupt, let a man think of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and other negative things, also worry about the condom. If men have this problem, wife should to help her husband to wear a condom, while enhancing the stimulation, wearing condoms as a kind of taste.

Private affected.

A recent study published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” on the discovery, if the lack of sense of privacy, due to concerns about being heard or a glimpse, so it may be distraction, then the men are more prone to erectile problems. Therefore, we must ensure that the sex place privacy, not because of interference and distraction.

Too much pressure.

Concerns about the promotion, to determine whether or not lock the door, these anxieties will stifle the sexual desire. Doctor Natan Bachama said that excessive anxiety will trigger the sympathetic nerve, make a man difficult to maintain lasting erection. If this happens, plenty of rest will greatly alleviate for this bad situation.

Look at porn too much.

Dr. Brandi Engler said, many people love watching porn entertainment as the foreplay, for a long time will produce “porn” effect, namely man addicted to this porn more than the real sex.

Weak pelvic floor muscles.

A study presented in the European Society of urology on display, male pelvic floor muscle strength weak influence erectile. A man who insists on pelvic muscle exercise for 12 weeks, can enhance sexual stamina.

Unhealthy habits.

Another study published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” on that smoking affect sexual arousal. Mount Sinai School of Medicine director of male reproductive medicine and surgery doctor Natan Bachama said, excessive drinking, malnutrition, lack of exercise can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The stimulus is too strong.

The Mayo Clinic estimates that 3 men in 1 will sometimes appear premature ejaculation, usually one or two minutes to climax ejaculation called premature ejaculation. A new study published in the “Journal of sexual medicine” on said, premature ejaculation to sexual life, even marriage constitute an obstacle. If premature ejaculation is not caused by disease, can use desensitization cream or condoms, reduce the stimulation intensity, and achieve delay effect.

The 30 year old man suffer ED due to stay up with alcohol

BMJFnkQCAAAvETlThere are some men suffering with ED problem just entering into 30 year old, and the sexual life quality greatly reduced. Doctors remind men erection dysfunction is a comprehensive result of different diseases, and also the ED is a chronic disease, if found to have ED phenomenon, you should be treated as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of disease.

Smoking and drinking on erectile dysfunction

Department of Urology Taipei municipal hospital physician Mr. Wen admitted a patients, who is only a little more than 30 years old, which should be a strong physical period, but have erectile dysfunction. Through inquiry, found that patients would like to visit the night club, and almost every week to the nightclub for fun, and also with long-term drinking habits, and smoked for more than 10 years, all abnormal schedule causes his erection dysfunction. After a series of examinations, this was due to a coronary artery due to occlusion of erectile dysfunction, and quickly arrange the treatment, patients were asked to change the former life, away from drinking and smoking and other illnesses.

Basically, the male does not erect may cause by many reasons, including pressure, drugs, alcoholism, depression, or even three, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, will not cause lift; there are a lot of patients for outpatient, and later found to have diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which is not for show the comprehensive performance of different diseases.

Dr. Wen stressed that men in Taiwan about 50% will not be able to normally erect when over the age of 50, at the age of 70, it is as high as 80%. In recent years, male erectile dysfunction has the young trend phenomenon, including the young people under the age of 40. Only 10 years, the rate had increased 4 times as much.

Due to coronary artery occlusion causing erectile dysfunction, mainly is the penis and heart blood vessels are small, if arteriosclerosis of the penis cause erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular has long been a problem. Therefore, erectile dysfunction can be said to be the precursors of cardiovascular problems.

Many premature ejaculation obstacles caused by psychogenic

In addition, many young men more frequently encountered sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation, the penis into the vagina to ejaculation time is less than 1 minutes, and they can’t control the ejaculation time.

If you like this case situation, it has ruled out psychogenic factors, cardiovascular function is recommended to check whether there is any bad situation, do not think you are young to recovery by yourself. In particular, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, many young male population of erectile dysfunction of the murderer, the incidence of impotence is generally 2 to 3 times.

Tips from doctor:

If you are suffering with the erectile dysfunction problem, must get medical treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise it may cause more serious problems. If no disposal for long time, not only affects work performance, memory decline, performance may be melancholy, and if without treatment may cause serious cardiovascular problems, stroke.

Why the impotence is worse when with more nutritional supplement?

b8069e2016763ea4244970b-600wiFrom the Chinese perspective, there are many clinical syndromes of impotence, and kidney deficiency is just one kind of then which performing the waist and knees weak and feeble, much afraid of cold, thin stool. The majority is due to excessive consumption sexual power, caused by the injury of kidney function, then you can choose a variety of traditional Chinese medicine do get nutritional supplement, like velvet, Lubian ginseng, etc..

If the impotence is due to excessive anxiety, which is performing with waist and knees weak and feeble, insomnia, afraid of the heat. Should choose the medicaments, like rehmannia, white peony root, cornus. If blindly taking the drugs of invigorate the kidney yang, obviously counterproductive, which will make the impotence situation much worse.

If the impotence is due to excessive smoking and drinking, manifested as irritability, mouth pain, lumbago, perineal pain, yellow urine. When you are under such situation, you can choose the medicaments clearing gallbladder damp heat, like gentian, Scutellaria, Phellodendron etc..

If impotence is due to mental stress, or cause certain side effects of drugs and other reasons, kidney does not have to take any drugs, when the tension eased, or disable related drugs, will not cure impotence.

How does liver disease lead to impotence?

800px_COLOURBOX3831641About sports, in addition to acute liver disease, in general, taking a certain amount of exercise is beneficial for rehabilitation. The most suitable choice of sports should be simplified Chinese Taiji boxing, this sport is really good for convalesce conditioning liver disease, one hand can restore the physical strength and improve physical fitness, on the other hand, some people think of Taiji boxing itself also has the effect to cure chronic liver disease.

About the daily diet, basically normal diet can be considered during the liver disease recovery period, but for stimulating food, fried food and high-fat food to eat as little as possible, especially should immediately quit smoking and drinking. Alcoholism itself cause impotence or loss of libido may have toxic effects on the liver, therefore, it is better to do not drink. Some special medicine can also be used when necessary to regulate impotence caused by liver disease.

About the psychological problems, the patients with liver disease, impotence and hormone levels change in most relevant, psychological factors also occupies a proportion to cause impotence. When it comes to sexual activity, they are under huge psychological burden for fear of aggravating liver problem, and over the long term, it will inevitably lead to liver disease after rehabilitation of mental pressure. Although, liver disease recovery convalesce is fundamental, but in fact, there are still many men keep regular sexual activities. What trouble can bring liver disease recovery by sexual activities, there is no recognized and related research conclusions. We suggest patients with liver disease who still has sexual ability is feasible for appropriate some sexual activities, and may bring many benefits for liver disease patients psychological pressure, but do not have sharp frequency. However, for those patients with liver disease or liver disease has been restored, the impotence problem is still there, need some psychotherapy and counseling treasures, which will achieve good results.

The above three aspects to talk about some views from the liver disease, and liver disease and impotence rehabilitation should also be pay high attention.

Impotence may be a precursor to heart disease

81bJ3kctLfL._SX524_For a long time, the male impotence will simple defined as a kind of sexual erection dysfunction, but the results of a long-term follow-up study of American scientists recently announced that heart attacks in men suffering from impotence as much as 3 times higher possibility of men no impotence.

In this study, the researchers conducted 19 years of follow-up survey of 2000 men aged between 40 and 79 years, understand and record the status of sexual function and cardiovascular system. The researchers said, although the results did not prove impotent means coming heart attack. But the data in 1996 show that the number of heart disease of men with impotence is 3.5 times higher than the men without impotence problem during the period from 1979 to 1995. In addition, the study also confirmed that there are half of the male are suffering with impotence among the men who have taken a heart bypass operation, indicating that impotence can be a sign of heart problems.

The researchers said, male impotence often encounter two kinds of situations: their unspeakable, so did not dare to go to a doctor, and most of them their bad situation can be recovery after some self-treatment. Second kinds of situations, often only consider the traditional factors of impotence for medical treatment, such as drinking, smoking, kidney disease, mental disorders, and did not consider the patients may be due to heart problems to cause impotence.

The researchers also warned the men those who have impotence, especially when their own physical or emotional do not change greatly and suddenly appear impotent, they should be alert to their heart problem, because of heart problems will lead the insufficient blood supply problem, causing impotent happening. At the same time, should pay attention to their chest any discomfort, such as chest tightness, chest pain.