A few tricks to make men genitals healthier

A few tricks to make men genitals healthier 1, walking in the park after dinner with five thousand steps, it can break down blood sugar, and calm the sympathetic nerve.

2, in order to avoid the sexual function drops, naked sleeping at night will be a good idea, which can make your genitals breathe fresh air, and the scrotum can also be cooling down to enhance the testis function.

3, iron hardness penis training: prepare a pot of ice cold water, and a pot of hot (not so hot, warm is enough) water. Put your erection penis into the ice cold water for about a minute, take out and do some massage with about one minute, then the penis scrotum even into hot water, massage for a minute, so hot and cold alternately with three times. Finally, ejaculation by masturbation. After certain time period such training, you can enhance your erection quality a lot.

4, strengthen erectile parasympathetic nerve through self-awareness: close your eyes, put down all the shoulder strength, mouth half closed, relaxation of facial muscles, and then repeat the short but slow abdominal breathing for about 30 seconds.

5, masturbation training method: it is believed that the masturbation will damage men sexual ability. It is certain that over masturbation will hurt your sexual ability, but a good penis training with masturbation can also strong man erection performance. Strong stimulation and coherent ejaculation, cannot achieve the purpose of sexual ability improvement. The right way should be hand clenched and relax, repeat the oppression of the penis, which can activate the penis nerves and blood vessels.

Male can self-check genital health status

Male can self-check genital health status In clinical practice, doctors often measure the length of a man’s penis to see if there are any organic problems. In fact, men can also do it at home by you own to self-test the penis health status.

First measure the length of the penis under normal condition. One hand lift your penis into horizontal state, and the other hand put the ruler from the penis root to glans penis point to get the length data. Then you also need to measure the length after pulling. Hold the tip of the glans and pull as far as possible to measure the length again. This is the length after the stretch. The difference between the two reflects the elasticity of the penis.

The greater the difference, the better the elasticity; the smaller the difference, the less resilient, which indicate the lower erection ability. If the difference between the subtractions is less than 2/3 of the original length before the pull, there may be organic problems.

There is another very interesting method to test your erection ability during the night time. Men can use a stamp measurements to see if there are nocturnal spontaneous erections. You need to prepare 18 pieces of punched stamps which should be used for 3 nights test in a week. Every time use 4 to 6 stamps, but don’t tear them apart.

Before going to bed, make the stamps enclosed in a circle. After drying, place the stamp on the glans of the penis. The first thing is to see if the stamps have been ripped off after you wake up the next day. If yes, a spontaneous erection has been detected. This test should not be processed after drink or take sleeping pills. People who use sedatives should stop taking the medicine for two days before testing. If you are woken up by a phone or noise, stop testing and find a quiet evening repeat the test again.

Forced stimulation on male genitals can lead to sexual dysfunction

Forced stimulation on male genitals can lead to sexual dysfunction In some porn video, the porn star can perform sexual intercourse for long times and many times with many women. OK, this is only the video, which can be edited. Even there is such powerful man, he also cannot do this every day. Because you are not the god, but you are a man who has its physical limitation. In some men’s gatherings, it is often possible to hear how many sexual intercourse times a night can be done to satisfy their vanity.

In fact, this is a great misunderstanding. Americans do a statistic, the shorter duration of the sex life, the poorer the sexual quality will be, and the shorter the refractory period will be. On the contrary, the longer the sex life, the higher the quality, and the refractory period relatively longer will be. This survey summarized data has high deviation with most people is former ideas, why things will be like this?

Fundamentally speaking, sexual life is actually a process of releasing the individual energy. When sexual duration time is shorter, poor quality will be, so the physical energy has not been completely released. So the body would like to release the remaining energy, so, at this time the refractory period is relatively shorter. But in the long time and high quality sexual life, due to the accumulation of energy has been with a satisfactory and complete released, so there will be no physical sexual needs. The most needed at this time is the sexual system rest and recovery. Therefore, the refractory period at this time is relatively long.

The male specific refractory period is a protective program for the system "temporarily closed", in order to facilitate the restoration of sexual system function. In the refractory period, if increasing sexual stimulation is to overload the sexual system. More detrimental to the restoration of sexual system, and for a long time, it is also prone to sexual dysfunction problem.

Why is male genital organs so fragile?

Why is male genital organs so fragile? It is well known by all that man should protect their genital organ parts carefully. Why is the male genital organ so fragile? Please see the below introductions.

The entire vulva of the man, including the penis and testicles, are the vital part, especially the testis. Because testicular nerve distribution and the outside thick tough white film, make its volume is strictly limited and cannot be easily deformed. So the testicles are a delicate organ that cannot be touched and they are extremely sensitive to stress. For example, you can easily tweak your thigh muscles, or squeezed belly, it will not feel much pain or discomfort, but if you use the same strength or less effort to pinch the testis, it will cause great pain there.

Therefore, once the man’s genitals, including the penis, scrotum and testis were directly hit by something, such as a football hit will bring great unbearable pain, even the pain fainted, so-called neurogenic shock. There are also some accident that the man will killed by the testicular wound or hard hit.

In theory, the testicles are not very vulnerable, but there are some conditions that can cause the testicles to be hit directly. If you fall off your bike, or sit down on a hard object, just hit the testicle, then you cannot escape this hit condition from the bottom. Especially the elderly, limb movement is not flexible, so it will easily fell off the bike, or fell on the roadside ditch. With all kind accidents, it is highly possible to get testicular damage. Testis is very delicate, the skin of scrotal skin of old person becomes very flimsy after the atrophy, and protection ability is reduced a lot. Especially the scrotal skin elasticity is poor, the degree of testicular suspension is also increased, and you should pay more attention on this situation.

Long term snoring can affect male sexual performance

Long term snoring can affect male sexual performance During the journey or in the common dormitory, do you often be restless by the terrible snore noise? Snoring is more common in men, which makes more than 25% couples sleep separately. In the worst case situation, the snoring problem can also be the root cause of divorce. The most serious consequence, of course, that snoring can affect a man’s erectile function.

In a discussion by the American College of sexual physicians, researchers at the United States naval medical center point out, with sleep apnea syndrome on 30 women and 270 men of the survey shows that these patients themselves and their partners are generally dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Male division expert points out, the patient with snoring because nocturnal oxygen deficit repeatedly, and make the penis lacks sufficient nutrition and oxygen, the corpus cavernosum is damaged and affect erect function. Hypoxia also inhibits the function of the cerebral cortex, resulting in drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy, and the decrease in testosterone levels in the blood that maintain male sexual desire, secondary sexual characteristics and erectile function, resulting in a lack of sexual desire.

At present, suffering from sleep apnea syndrome patients in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, few people pay attention to fundamentally improve the causes of snoring, so these patients not only cannot heal, but often frustration, and even cause of the fear of sex life with no confidence.