Erectile quality is the key assurance to pleasure sex

Erectile quality is the key assurance to pleasure sex Perfect sex is a goal that everyone dreams of and continues to work toward. However, there are new changes to impact on the quality of sex around the clock, which also change the standard of pleasure sexual love. More than 30% of people chose the erection quality as the key factor to pleasure sex, according to an online survey of the sex quality decisions made by the “life times”.

The survey involved 6065 people, accounting for 69. 58% of men. Of these, only 29. 95% of people feel that their sexual life is highly satisfied, and 46. 47% of people think their sex life is just normal; 17. 82% felt not good; and 5. 76% choose not sure. In this regard, the Chinese Medical Association, director of Andrology branch of Department of Urology Peking University People’s Hospital chief physician professor Mr. Zhu think, "not sure" is in fact an evasive attitude, and its subtext is "sexual quality is not good". So, about 23% of people are not satisfied with their sex lives. This is similar to the results of other surveys.

When answering the question, "what are the key factors in sex?" 36. 74% of men chose "sex duration", 33. 45% of men chose an “erection quality”, while another 12. 67% think it’s penis size, 17. 14% thought it was "the environment". It can be found that erection quality and lasting time are the most concerned problems for men.

According to an American study, erectile hardness is directly proportional to marital sexual life, overall health and emotional satisfaction. For example, when both sides don’t satisfy the male erectile hardness, only 19% of men and 17% of women were satisfied with such sexual life; when the two sides are very satisfied with the erection hardness, sexual satisfaction also increased, the male can reach 65%, and the female was 66%.

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Hints for male longer lasting erections

Hints for male longer lasting erections Driven by vanity, every man wants to have a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection, and have ten times sexual intercourse at one night. Unless you are 20 years old young people, otherwise, when you’re ageing, the sexual performance decline is unavoidable.

Here are some natural hints, perhaps really can make you with better erections. Firstly, you need to understand the following two indicators of a better erection: one is longer lasting time, the other is the short refractory period, which is the time between two erections. Different people have different performance, so you should decide on which part of you to strengthen according to your own situation.

Pay attention on foreplay

If your duration is really short, it’s usually hard to get her to climax. It’s the best way to support you with your mouth and hands. She reached a climax in the clitoris when foreplay. And when running the second climax, suddenly gave her a genuine penis, and sent her with orgasm. If you can catch the right time, you can enjoy the synchronized climax pleasure.

Split your attention on other issue

Split your attention on other issue, when you’re having sex, you can reduce the penis’s irritation properly, so you’ll last longer. Of course, we should also pay attention to skills, such as watching TV while acting is not a good idea. Obviously distraction will be judged as not enjoy the sex or even not love her, and I think you don’t want to get such result. Nor thinking of other more exciting issue, such as sexual fantasies of a certain sexy actress, it will only make you faster ejaculation. You can think about your day time work, friends, but not too much, pay attention to her feelings, in order to adjust the pumping frequency and intensity of your actions.

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Sexual intercourse too frequent may lead penis pain during ejaculation

Sexual intercourse too frequent may lead penis pain during ejaculation Ejaculation pain refers to the paroxysmal pain of the penis, urethra, perineum or lower abdomen accompanied by ejaculation. Ejaculation is a manifestation of orgasm in men during sexual life. It should be a pleasure moment. How can it be painful? It needs to be analyzed from ejaculation process.

Ejaculation requires the muscles of the vas deferens, seminal vesicles and prostate gland to contract together so that any parts with lesion can cause ejaculation pain. The most common is the male genitourinary system and perineal inflammation, such as prostatitis, seminal vesicles inflammation and so on. In addition, the urogenital system stones or tumors can also cause ejaculation pain. Furthermore, the frequent sexual activity can also cause ejaculation pain. Because of excessive sexual life, the prostate is always congested, and the prostate gland is swollen and causing pain.

When you are suffering with ejaculation pain, it is highly recommended to identify the cause, to determine the necessary treatment. First of all, we should reduce the number of sexual intercourse. If the pain is reduced or stopped, it can be confirmed that it is caused by too frequent sexual activity, only need to reduce sexual frequency, in order to maintain the full rest of the genitals, you can eliminate the pain.

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Men also have their special physiological period

Men also have their special physiological period As we know that women will have special physiological period about every month, called menstrual period. In fact, men also have their special physiological period. During that days, there are always a few days showed depression, dizziness, anxiety, depression, easy ignition on men. Just because men are not so obvious in their physiological period, they are irregular and difficult to recognize. So what are the physiological period of men’s performance?

A common performance of men in those days:

  1. always sit to read, but always turn over the book; or watch TV, tune in the TV channels, but cannot find what you want to watch;
  2. become indifferent, and there is no longer sweet words when see wife or girlfriend. He felt unaccustomed when they tried to approach him;
  3. get angry from time to time, or worry about some inexplicable little things;
  4. the rhythm and tone of speech become uneven, low voice, unclear speech, and may even be accompanied by stuttering;
  5. eyes seem to avoid intense darkness without light;
  6. always alone stuffy smoking cigarettes, and occasionally long out of breath;
  7. mouth sores, welling and aching of gum, or even with mouth ulcers;
  8. loss of appetite, even if food is attractive;
  9. irregular stools and prolonged sitting time;
  10. looks shy and moody;
  11. hands with chopsticks or spoons become a little shaky, so the dishes or soup sprinkles on the table;
  12. sex interesting greatly reduced.
  13. always seemed impatient and irritable.

In addition, the possible symptoms of men in those days include headaches, insomnia, allergies, bruxism, nausea, jealousy, back pain, neck stiffness.

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When the man body fat, less sex pleasure will be

When the man body fat, less sex pleasure will be Chronic diseases are prevalent in modern society, such as the hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity and so on, have become the recessive killers of male sexual function. The expert reminds that male especially to prevent obesity, as the obesity is not only the main risk factors of coronary heart disease and diabetes, and it is a major barrier to male sex life. Every 5 kg weight increase, the genitals will shorten 1 cm by visual.

In a recent meeting of the Tenth Asian sexology conference in Oceania, an India sexology expert made a report on the relationship between sexual function and obesity. He pointed out that every 5 kilograms of men’s weight increase, their genitals will be shorten 1 cm from visual point. The reason for the shortening is that the outer genitalia are buried in thick fat. Among them, there is a case, a man with 1.7 m height, 100 kilograms weight, and he basically no sexual life due to his series obese problem, because the penis has shrunk inside the belly, only a small part of glans outside.

There are very thick fat in the abdomen and perineum of obese people, and the scrotum is embedded, which makes the penis look much smaller, so the psychological shadow affecting their sexual life is often more likely than the penis itself. Department of Urology of Southern Medical University, director Liu said: "there is a young fat man, his penis was almost totally buried under the belly fat, which cannot almost found when it is soft. The penis can exposed some by hand press down the belly fat. As a result, he is very self-abased, dare not find a girlfriend."

Mr. Chen, after 3 years of marriage, weight is suddenly over 95 kilograms. His penis became shorter and shorter, then he became more and more self-abased. What makes him more frustrated is that even his wife finds it difficult to have sex with him. The problem initially occurred in the position of sexual intercourse, because the fat in his thighs and abdomen was so great that it was difficult for the penis to enter the vagina during intercourse. Later, the couple’s sexual life became less and less.

Clearly, a series of problems caused by obesity can cause many obese people to fear having sex because they fear the other person’s refusal or fear that the partner thinks he is clumsy. Because the obese person has the question in the self-confidence, causes the sexual life not to be harmonious, and then causes the husbands and wives relationship to be affected.

Experts point out that obese people actually do not have to feel inferior and can reduce weight through more exercise and other channels, so that the penis will return to normal.

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