A reasonable diet can help the treatment of impotence

maxresdefaultRecently a lot of male patients are very troublesome to impotence, and impotence is not a small problem for you. A reasonable diet can help the treatment of impotence, and proper diet can help the treatment and prevention of impotence.

In order to make the patients as soon as possible to restore health, is needed in the course of treatment of impotence, strengthen the conditioning of the diet. Must pay attention to provide reasonable nutrition. Sexual life is the physiological activities of the normal people, and during the sexual life, the human have spirit cheerful enjoyment, and also have material and engine loss. In addition to these consumption, it is reasonable to increase basic nutrition. Jujube, sesame, honey, yam, lotus seeds, grapes, walnuts and other plant foods with good nutrition function, which for the maintenance and has an important role to improve male sexual function.

Besides, in order to reduce the suffering of patients, the family members must be aware of the importance of diet to impotence. In the daily life, diet can choose shrimp, sea cucumber, loach, sparrows, cucumber, leek, wakame and animal and plant foods are conducive to the prevention of male sexual function premature senility. Foreign nutritionists use of modern technology to research on some certain food, yam, ginkgo, eel, sea cucumber, frozen tofu, sea fish, tofu skin, peanuts, walnuts, sesame and other food has strong fine effect, because they contain more lysine, whereas lysine is the main component of the formation of sperm. More help with kidney yang effect, which is the basic traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint.

For impotence patients, in addition to the hospital for the corresponding treatment but also pay more attention to daily maintenance after hospital visit. Because impotent disease is easy to relapse, if men do not pay attention to maintenance will increase the chance of recurrence of impotence. But if impotence relapse again, it will seriously affect the male psychology. In addition, in the daily diet must pay attention, do not eat spicy food, so as to avoid sexual organs congests repeatedly, have an impact on penile erection.

What are the impact of impotent for man?

Hot-girl-in-black-short-night-dress-sleeping-on-bedHarm one, harm to male fertility, and even cause male infertility.

According to the disease performance, the impotent harm can be divided into mild, moderate and severe level. Patients with mild impotence, common symptom is erect not hard, which can barely complete sexual life, but the physiological function of patients in the state of none health condition, and the sperm quality is poor, cannot guarantee to give a birth to a baby. And patients with severe impotence, sexual intercourse cannot complete, so that the egg and sperm unable to input combination, cannot complete conception process, and ultimately affect fertility.

Harm two, influence their emotions, and even lead to marriage broken.

The impotence patients because they cannot complete the normal sexual intercourse, so that you and your spouse cannot enjoy sexual life. The impotent will seriously affect the feelings of husband and wife, serious and even lead to failure of marriage.

Harm three, the chronic disease be gradient of irreversible damage

According to the root cause, the impotent can be divided into organic impotence and psychological impotence types. The organic impotence is caused by some organic factors of erectile dysfunction, any serious systemic disease, chronic diseases (such as diabetes. Liver disease, kidney disease, respiratory and heart disease), congenital malformation of reproductive system (such as the urethra, hypospadias, small penis, penis and scrotum transposition of bladder exstrophy, etc.) and trauma (abdominal surgery), chronic alcoholism and endocrine system diseases (such as brain abnormalities of the pituitary gland, primary function not all, Cushing, hypothyroidism) may cause organic impotence. Therefore, we can say impotence in a certain extent indicates that men’s health problems, need to go to hospital for examination and treatment, such as the primary disease not timely and thorough treatment, will cause irreversible damage.

Harm four, heavy psychological burden may cause psychological ills

The impotence patients inevitably bear the overload psychological pressure, and the long under the shadow of the disease, so the work and daily life has been affected. Long time the mood is depressed, will make the patients lose the passion for life, negative malaise, and even cause mental disease.

The harm of impotence visible above is huge, so it needs for timely medical intervention.

What is the root cause for the male impotence and premature ejaculation?

girl-football-girls-soccerImpotence and premature ejaculation are pathogenic crack to male friends, although these two kinds of diseases in different forms, but according to traditional Chinese medicine are caused by male kidney yang deficiency, and because it can lead to sexual disharmonious life, and are often mixed mentioned together. What is the root cause for the male impotence and premature ejaculation?

The four major causes of impotence

Penile erection is a huge project, need complex neural and endocrine in vivo regulation to complete, the general result is launched by nerve, artery pump blood and cavernous blood storage. The function is impact by individual psychological and various social factors. So, the one part of above function occur problem, it may lead to ED. According to the cause of disease, it can be divided into psychological ED and organic ED, and there is a part of the mixed type.

In the psychological aspect, childhood suffered psychological trauma, wrong sex, family harmony, marriage of the living environment is not ideal, may lead to erectile problems. Many people once erectile difficulties, will have an enormous psychological burden, the problem is more serious, forming a vicious spiral.

Organic erectile dysfunction accounted for about 50%, mainly including the vascular, neurological, endocrine etc.. Vascular factors including arterial and venous ED. In general, ED caused by vascular factors is mainly, nocturnal penile erection disappeared, the intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs with poor response.

Neuropathic ED is mainly caused by the damage of nerve function, common hypothalamic pituitary tumor, local brain damage, such as the limitations of epilepsy, encephalitis, cerebral hemorrhage, compression, spinal cord injury, chronic alcoholism, pelvic surgery injury of peripheral autonomic nerve.

Endocrine ED is very common in diabetes, pituitary insufficiency, testicular injury or dysfunction, or hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, adrenal insufficiency and other diseases.

What is the pathogeny of premature ejaculation?

A variety of reasons of premature ejaculation is diverse into two categories:

(1) Due to mental factors (psychogenic):

In patients with premature ejaculation in 80% is caused by mental factors, Nadels on (1978) report, psychogenic accounted for 85% in patients with premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation of this kind of patients can also call psychological sex premature ejaculation, cause premature ejaculation spirit factors include many aspects. It is important to note that the male of the nerves of the sex life will continue, and not because of changes of living environment change immediately, at the same time, sexual life failure will appear counterproductive, causing the patient’s psychological vicious spiral.

For example, after being apart a long time, after the honeymoon, over excitement or tension, excessive fatigue, depressed mood, drinking, sexual life, marital relationship is not harmonious, potentially hostile to wife, resentment and anger, or his wife too much fear, worship, existence of self-abased psychology are the factors that cause premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation such to find the cause of treatment from psychological aspects,

(2) With organic disease:

A lot of male diseases will cause the male ejaculation central excitability decreased, which is more prone to ejaculation, such as urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, inflammation. In addition, genital congenital malformation, phimosis, inflammation of glans or wrapping, urethritis, penis is phlogistic, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord tumors, cerebrovascular accident, epididymis is phlogistic, chronic prostatitis can reflex effects of the spinal cord, causing premature ejaculation, a systemic disease, physical weakness, can also cause sexual dysfunction appears. Premature ejaculation.

(3) Other factors:

Male penis prepuce, glans briefs excessive stimulus will cause male premature ejaculation.

Men with big belly are easy to get impotence

f677f93d97128e27d943b124d34e87f8Now the big belly men are everywhere, and the potbellied beer belly brings much inconvenience to the male daily life, and also attracted impotence problem.

According to a survey of 1981 overweight men, 88% of the testers have different degrees of erectile dysfunction. Usually, the larger waist circumference of male, the higher erectile dysfunction chance will be. In addition, several research institutions found through scientific investigation, the lack of movement of the probability of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, far greater than the exercise at least thirty minutes a day.

Men want to reduce the beer belly, more exercise is the key point, and the busy men often complain that they have no time to go to the gym every day. In fact, only a short five minutes, you can let the beer belly disappear! Weekdays can use of leisure time to do squat exercise and bicycle exercise.

Squat exercise

Squat exercise can exercise the buttocks and thighs back. First, to spread your feet, knees slightly bent, then the abdomen and buttocks muscles tighten, squat body down, had been squatting to the lowest point, then hold the position for about two seconds, then get up. Repeat several times as one cycle.

Pedal movement

Pedal movement can exercise the leg position, while flat belly. First of all, lying down, and then use both hands to support the body to the elbow, bend your right knee up, close to the chest, then the leg stretched out, let the ground 15 cm apart at the same time, the left leg bent up back to his chest, and then retracted his right leg, left leg stretched out, like this pedal like sports, insist on doing for a long time point.

Not enough erectile angle cannot easily judged as impotence

c0836Mr. Song recently read in a magazine with a statement, that as long as the erectile angle less than 90 degrees, it is called as impotence, which makes him full of worries.

“In fact, my erection hardness is very good, and no sexual life problem, but as the maximum hardness of penis is less than 90 degrees, so I am impotent or not, and need to go to hospital for treatment or not?” Mr. Song asked.

Experts said that after erection, the penis and body form angle called erectile angle, which is related to penis erection pressure.

The man at the age of 20 reach the maximum angle of erection, the older the erectile angle is small. This may be related to the sponge body to reduce an erection pressure, or penile ligament gradually relaxation. But because of individual differences, and physical and emotional differences among men, the same age and the same men in different situations, the erectile angle are also differences. In normal standing position, most of the male erectile angle is greater than 90 degrees, about 20% of the male erectile angle equal to 90 degrees, and 5% less than 90 degrees, they were able to complete the sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction.

Therefore, we believe that as long as you can successfully complete the sexual intercourse, nobody should not pursue an erectile angle.

The definition of erectile dysfunction is that cannot achieve or maintain an sufficient erection, in order to obtain satisfactory sexual life, that is to say, as long as the erection hardness enough to insert the vagina or maintain an erection long enough to complete sexual intercourse, and the frequency of occurrence of more than sex 50%, that is not for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. The individual for erectile angle erectile dysfunction in diagnostic methods, only one aspect of the diagnosis.

So, as long as the hardness and the life without complete erectile problems, it cannot be considered to be impotent, require no treatment.