Smoking weakens the male elasticity of the prion

Smoking weakens the male elasticity of the prion The effect of smoking on male sexual organs is the same in principle of its effects on the heart. The smoking will damage the blood vessels of the penis, inhibit blood flow, and thus influence the male elastic protein which control organ erection. Erectile function has always been considered as the ultimate indicator of male attractiveness in bed.

Researchers from the University after detailed investigation of two hundred penises, and it is concluded that smoking can lead to male shorter erectile penis. Dr. Salinboer said this impact is the same principle of heart, and this is the most important discovery among the similar report.

Dr. Salinboer explained that an elastic protein is like an elongated band of tendons, which is the cause of the erection of the penis. The erection of the penis will appear when blood flows into the penis. Smoking weakens this ability and, in the end, makes sex impossible to erect again. The current study is

Dr. Salinboer said, the report also need further study, but apparently smoking directly impact erection is more credible than decreased heart function then reduce erection function, because the vessel inside penis is only 1mm diameter, but the heart vessel diameter was one point five mm.

In fact, male smokers should know that if smoking can directly impact male penis erection size, and how about your heart will be? There is evidence that impotence is an early warning of heart disease. Most of the male sex organ erection, about five to seven inches (13 to 18 cm) long. Men are equally uncomfortable with men’s diminished charm, diminished sexual ability, and inability to please their partners. So give up smoking to keep you from health risk, and also keep the people who is around you away from health risk.

Why do some men produce double penises?

Why do some men produce double penises? There are very few men with two penises. And how does this double penis situation occur?

In the embryonic period of sixth weeks, the primordial gonads are the same, then both sides of the gonads in the midline merged into the genital tubercle, and this genital tubercle in the future can be developed into the penis, also can develop into the clitoris. If the fetal is a body, the Y chromosome makes evolved gonad into the testis, and the testicular secretion of male hormone makes the genital tubercle gradually evolved into the penis. This is very important stage for the penis development. If the mother at this time due to the impact of illness, medication or the external environment impact, the fetal gonads failed to merge into a genital tubercle, so the fetus can in two genital tubercle on the basis of development into two penis.

Although the double penis is not unusual, but the shape is varied, and often have other malformations on the body.

Generally the double penis can be divided into two types:

One is the branch penis, that is, the penis is longitudinally divided into two, and the separation can only occur at the head of the penis, and the penis body is an entire one, and looks like a "Y" type; and it can also be separated at the root, and shown as an inverted "Y" type.

The other is the complete separation of the two intact penises, but the two penises can be completely separated, or they can be attached to each other, some of them are parallel, some of which are repeated before and after. The two penis can have urethral to bladder each, so two can urinate at the same time, also can be micturition at different time respectively. Some have a normal urethra, and the other is a penile without urethra.

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Why the penis is bent after erection?

Why the penis is bent after erection? "My penis always bends to the right when I erect, but I can have sex. Is this erection of the penis normal?"

Usually the penis is flaccid, when stimulated, the penis will be erection like the mast of a sailing vessel upright, affected by the amount of hyperemia of the corpus cavernosum. Because of the distribution of cavernous sinus blood and the degree of congestion, the erection of the penis will also show a variety of angles, of which the most common is 70 to 120 degrees erectile status. Sometimes affected by the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the glans penis, the penis appears to be extremely hard but the glans is softer, or the penis bends sideways or toward the ventral side of the penis. But if it doesn’t make any difference to sexual life, such slightly bent erection is normal.

But there are also some abnormal erection phenomena that need more attention. Some men erection can last for hours, days, or even more than a month, which is abnormal penis erection. Sometimes even in the absence of sexual desire, because the penis small artery occlusion with venous obstruction, may also lead to abnormal penile erection and even causing pain. If the pathological condition is repeated for a long time, it will lead to fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum and eventually lose the erectile function.

In addition, there is a middle-aged man (more than 40~60 years old) penis induration disease, will also impact erection, and even cause erection pain. When the penis in a relaxed state generally do not have any symptoms, if there is one or more than 1 fibrous induration between the penis and the penis albuginea, resulting in penile erection dorsiflexion or scoliosis, will severely affect the normal sex life. In addition, because up or down urethral crack, the penis chalaza is too short, can all cause the penis bend. And the apparent side bend or the penis bends to the abdomen, will affect sexual intercourse. These symptoms should be timely medical treatment, do not be careless.

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How to identify delayed sexual development in men?

How to identify delayed sexual development in men? Puberty is like a skilled magician, it can make the child into handsome man or very pretty and charming girl. These changes are the result of a dramatic increased sex hormones levels in the body. According to the study, testicular secretion of testosterone increased dramatically in the puberty development stage, testosterone in the blood can be increased by more than ten times. These testosterone will make boys with androgen muscles, wide shoulder, wide hip, deep voice, beard growth, external genitalia development, showing a male body.

Some of the boys appeared a shrill voice in adolescence, no beard, pubic hair and armpit hair, sexual organs like children, which indicated that they are lack of male hormone in vivo, and it may the puberty is not yet in place, which is not necessarily abnormal. The age of puberty development is influenced by many factors, such as heredity, physique, nutrition, health condition and geographical condition, and there is great individual difference. According to summary, the puberty development of boys usually begins at 10~14 years old, and gradually improves in 5 years. Therefore, if a boy under 14 years of age is not developed, there is no apparent abnormality of the body, so you can observe with a little more attention. If the age is over 14 years old, there is no sign of puberty, or from puberty to the development of genital organs, perfect for more than 5 years, should be regarded as delayed puberty sexual development. However, most adolescents can eventually achieve normal development. Only a small number of children suffer from hypogonadism due to a disease of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and gonad. The disease is hard to cure without treatment.

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Phimosis also has three different variants

Phimosis also has three different variants First, the foreskin is too long: the foreskin completely covered the glans, but can freely turn up and down, called wrapping too long. If you can often wash, keep the foreskin clean, this situation can keep safe. If there is repeated infected problem, you can choose feasible circumcision.

Two, phimosis: foreskin completely cover the glans, but it cannot turn to the penis coronary sulcus. This situation can be divided into three detail branches:

(a) physiological phimosis: the foreskin inside surface have slight adhesion to the glans of the newborn, block wrapping turn over to coronal groove, this kind of phimosis calls physiology phimosis. Within 2~3 years after birth, the epithelial adhesions become absorbed and disappear naturally.

(b) true phimosis: when three years old, penis foreskin still cannot turn to coronal channel. Sometimes the foreskin port is small as the tip of the needle, hindering the penis development, urine accumulation in the foreskin during urination, so that the foreskin inflated like a ball. This kind of phimosis needs to be circumcised before the age of 9, otherwise it will cause the foreskin glans inflammation and the urethral orifice stenosis. The foreskin accumulates for long time can form foreskin dirty stone, long-term stimulation can cause even canceration. Furthermore, the chronic dysuria can affect kidney function.

(c) secondary phimosis: long foreskin patients because of trauma or infection caused by the foreskin scar formation, resulting in a narrow foreskin port, and the foreskin cannot turn up and down. This kind of phimosis is called secondary phimosis which needs circumcision.

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