Prolonged erection leads to impaired sexual function

Prolonged erection leads to impaired sexual function Nowadays men often talk about the duration of their erections which is longer the better, but they don’t know that prolonged erections can lead to impaired sexual function. So you should keep this in your mind that the longer, is not the better. Experts say men should not take aphrodisiac drugs in order to pursue longer lasting effects. Only the widely used and tested brand and type can within your choice list, such as below male enhancement products within this fascination review summary contents.

The classic case: a man takes impotence drugs lead to genital erection for 7 days

Case 1: Mr. Huang, who is more than 30 year old, took an unknown "special effect" aphrodisiac, sustained his genital erection for 7 days, resulting in prolonged genital congestion and near necrosis.

Case 2: Mr. Li bought a local "special effects" aphrodisiac through one of his friend’s introduction. Mr. Li will take some medicine before each sexual intercourse. It is said that the effect is obvious. Two weeks later, one night after taking the medicine, he got up on the second morning and found himself in an erection. At first he was pleasantly surprised, but in the afternoon the situation was still under erection and the genitals began to pain. As a result of embarrassment, Mr. Li has not been to the hospital for treatment, only in the family with ice cold compress. Until seven days, he really cannot stand for this situation, then to seek medical advice from the hospital.

The doctor said that, finally, Mr. Li accepted a flat angiography machine under the artery embolization, the artery leading to the diseased part of the plug to stop the blood flow to the arteries of the genitals, then his penis finally dropped down.

The normal erection occurs after sexual stimulation caused by sexual impulse, but if the penis has erection and last for more than 4 hours without any sexual urges or sexual desire, which can be defined as a kind of morbid. The clinical incidence of genital priapism rate is about 1/100000. It has lasted for more than 140 hours, like Mr. Li, has rarely been reported word wildly.

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Normal ultrasound result of the penis

Normal ultrasound result of the penisOne. The longitudinal section of the urethra is a thin line with a lower level of echo, located in the urethra sponge. Urethral contrast radiography (inject saline or lidocaine solution) can make the whole urethral wall shows smooth and clear, resulting the line tall echo.

Two. the longitudinal section of the corpus cavernosum is a banded structure with an orderly border, and the inside is a medium level, uniform, dotted echo. The long axis of the deep artery of the penis is parallel, thin and high echo. It shows the clearest when erect.

Three. Measure the normal value of the deep penile artery

(1) Diameter: under relaxation condition, the diameter of deep penile artery was 0.3 – 0.8mm, with an average of about 0.5 + 0.1 mm. After injection of vasodilator 5 min, the diameter of vessel was >0.7 ~ 0.8 mm;

(2) Doppler spectrum parameter

2.1, under relaxation condition, the peak systolic velocity was VSP 10-15 cm/sc, and VSP >35 cm/s after injection, and it can up to 60 cm/s for Max.

2.2, resistance index (RI): under relaxation condition, the RI value was about 1.0. After injection, the RI<1.0 began to increase due to the presence of diastolic blood flow, and the resistance index gradually increased. When the penis expands, as VSP increases, RI gradually approaches 1.0.

Diabetes and hypertension can also trigger male ED

Diabetes and hypertension can also trigger male ED Erectile dysfunction (ED) has always been a taboo topic for men, due to no man would like to admit he is suffering ED problem. Modern society is equal to fast-paced life, unbalanced diet structure, so that more and more modern people suffering with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. ED is closely related to hypertension, diabetes and so on. A clinical survey shows that about 52% diabetic and 68% hypertension patients with had ED, and even many male Department of urology experts said bluntly: patients with hypertension and diabetes are the high-risk of ED problem, and furthermore many patients with poor disease control, ED problem will come out sooner or later

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University China, Department of Urology director Professor Mr. Xing told "life times" reporter that, the mainly impact of ED caused by hypertension is that the hypertension disease can highly possibility lead to arteriosclerosis, which reduce the body blood flow, thus affecting the blood supply of the penis, and finally cause or aggravate ED. In addition, due to the sex require a certain physical energy, hypertension patients with some serious illness or poor control, there will be discomfort during sex, which also increased the deterioration of hypertension patients worry about sexual life, sexual intercourse and occasionally fail to produce the psychological barrier, the occurrence of ED in the inevitable. Diabetic patients erection dysfunction problem is mostly gradually appear. Diabetes mellitus is one of the most closely related diseases associated with ED.

At the same time, some drugs for hypertension and diabetes may also lead to ED, and there has been a marked increase in recent years. Such as the effect on the central antihypertensive drug methyldopa, its inhibitory effect on sexual function is proportional to dosage. If the daily dose is greater than or equal to 2 grams, there will be 50% of male patients showed significant sexual dysfunction.

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Penis lengthening operation may hurt you

Penis lengthening operation may hurt you Some hospitals are seizing on men’s desire that want to get a large penis, so they make many advisements on the penis lengthening operation. However, after surgery, although the length increases, but there are some poor sequela such as an erection dysfunction.

Mr. Wang’s sexual function was normal, but because of the shorter penis, he accepted a penis lengthening operation in a hospital. However, a severe infection occurred after surgery, which made him regret a lot for the former decision.

Mr. Li believes that his penis is not large enough to satisfy his partner, so he accept a penis thickening surgery in a plastic surgery center, resulting in an erection dysfunction after surgery. Although the court sentenced the center to compensate him for 80 thousand dollars, his personal and mental injuries were irreparable.

Expert claimed that: "adult penis cannot be judged under the condition of non erection, some people’s penis looks short, but long after erection. Under normal conditions, 7 cm length is perfectly normal. In addition, some hospitals even try to persuade children to accept penis related operation to bring more profits, due to the obese children’s penises are buried in fat, so it seems very small, but if the body becomes thin after puberty, it will not affect genital development. Only some real bad cases are required operation treatment, such as phimosi. Experts also warned that surgery may bring a range of problems, such as unsightly appearance, unable to erect, infection and so on.

Experts claimed that the people who want to do penis lengthening operation, there is a strict adaptation, and should pay attention to three aspects:

  1. Must be adult men, who are suffering with penile dysplasia, or most of the penis defects, fully erect after the length is less than 10 cm.
  2. The surgeon must have profound knowledge and a solid urology surgical experience.
  3. The operation requires special surgical equipment and sterile operation room.

Six main factors will damage man genital health

1. Excessive smoking

Six main factors will damage man genital healthAccording to the survey, the prevalence of prostate disease among smokers was 1~2 times higher than non-smokers. Tobacco contains a variety of compounds up to more than 1200 species, most of which are harmful to human health, smoking more, the greater the risk of prostate cancer.

2. Addicted to spicy food

Spicy food is not the direct cause of prostate disease, but the wine, peppers and other foods have a stimulating effect on the prostate and urethra, which can cause transient perineal discomfort, can also cause vasodilation make prostate and cystic neck hyperaemia, oedema, cause prostate resistance reduction.

3. Sedentary

The location of the prostate determines that men are largely sitting on the prostate, so men who are often sedentary have a heavier prostate burden. Seat makes blood circulation slower, which can cause prostate chronic congestion, accumulation of local metabolites, prostate gland tube obstruction, glandular fluid excretion is not smooth, lead to chronic prostatitis.

4. Get cold

The prostate is rich in adrenal receptor, when it is cold easily lead to sympathetic nerve excitement, leading to adrenal contraction, increased pressure within the urethra, and the effect of dysuria, and will have adverse effects on the prostate.

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