Understand the physiological function of your penis

Understand the physiological function of your penis Erection of the penis is an instinct of human beings, sometimes not determined by your will, but caused by a series of reflex activities. Normally, when a man has sexual arousal, the penis erects, and the penis returns to a weak state after the sexual impulse subsides. Under physiological conditions, penile erections can occur in children from one or two age to the elderly. The teenager are in puberty, and the erection of the penis is more frequent. It has been known that the erection and weakness of the penis is related to its anatomy and physiological function.

When teenagers enter puberty, their sexual arousal and sexual desire will develop because of the awakening of sexual consciousness and the initiation of sexual psychology. If you have some sexual stimulation in life, such as heterosexual love, see the film or book description about love story, sleep do the erotic dream, and tights for genital friction, all these will cause penile erection. All this is not a morbid state, but a normal phenomenon. Some people may also occur penile erection during sleep, however, the frequency and time of penile erection vary with age. The teenagers’ average night erectile are 6 times, each time the erection duration is about 20-30 minutes. The young adults on average every 1-1.5 hours erection once. After middle age, the number of penis erection will be reduced. And the healthy over 65 year old man, every night there can still be several erection. Just because these erections happen in sleep, they even don’t know it at all. Whether or not the penis is erect during sleep is a reliable indicator of the penis performance. If there is in sleep, indicating normal sexual function, even suffering with impotence, it is psychogenic type impotence. When there is no penile erectile during sleep, that is highly possible organic impotence, which can be caused by diabetes, nerve injury or vascular obstruction and other reasons.

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Ligation of contraceptive surgery does not affect male reproductive health

Ligation of contraceptive surgery does not affect male reproductive health Young men will never understand the sadness of elderly that they also don’t need quilt when sleeping and pee can go long distance, and furthermore there are several erections during the night. Unexpectedly, after the age, the old penis turns to a faucet which cannot be tightly closed, so the old man will be very angry when he sees the young man is not properly maintained health.

In order to keep good body healthy condition, the young people must do good health routine work. Take an integrated vitamin and exercise every day to make your sexual healthy and strong. As a young man, you should take good care of your body health.

Another idea that needs to be corrected is that the ligation of contraceptive surgery will have not negative impact on man’s physical and sexual performance. So if you and your partner don’t want a baby or more baby, this is an acceptable way to go.

The latest research report, which is published in the cancer epidemiology, prevention, and biochemical pointer Journal, pointed out that the ligation of contraceptive surgery does not lead to prostate cancer, vitamin minerals to prevent the effect of prostate cancer is worth continuing to develop.

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Understanding penis from anatomy viewpoint

Understanding penis from anatomy viewpoint The male penis has been called the executive organ of sexual behavior by Professor Freud, a pioneer of Austria sexology and human sexuality research. In the art and literature of the past, people gave the penis so much respect, praise and slander. Many reproductive myths have influenced human culture, behavior, biology and medicine.

In order to understand why the penis erects, it need to start with the anatomy of the penis.

The penis consists of 3 long cavernous bodies, including 2 corpus cavernosumlocated on the back and 1 urethra bodies located on the ventral side (urethra through). The corpus cavernosum is an erectile tissue, especially the smooth muscle of the cavernous sinus and the arterial wall. Wrapped around the penis from the outside to the inside in the superficial fascia, are penis skin tissue, deep fascia and tunica albuginea penis. In order to effectively play the role of the fascia must have high hardness and axial force in the penile erection, and become soft and weak in penile none erection. Furthermore, these fascial layers must be symmetric extension and increase the diameter and form a straight erection.

The tunica albuginea is with complex structure, the inner fiber is with ring shape, but the outer layer is longitudinal. A healthy albuginea collagen fiber is closely related to its underlying elastic fibers, in order to carry out the normal strong sexual response and soft. A multi-layered fascia arrangement allows a layer of fascia to slide on the other layer, so that it can prevent venous blood flow during erection. Under normal circumstances, this blocking mechanism and smooth muscle trabecular and small artery relaxation is carried out at the same time, so as to make a large number of arterial blood flow, the corpus cavernosum expansion, so that the white membrane under the small veins. In addition, the albuginea fascia slides each other to make the vein occlusion and reduce the venous blood flow of the penis and helps to form a completely hard erection.

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Three major factors contribute to secondary persistent erections

Three major factors contribute to secondary persistent erections The persistent erection of the penis is harmful to the reproductive health of men and affects the normal life of the patient. If the duration is not that long, there will be no obvious discomfort. If the duration is too long, the arteries of the corpus cavernosum continue to expand, but the vein is persistent contraction, and ultimately affect the blood supply of the penis, then the penis will be swelling, pain and dysuria, lumbosacral soreness, fatigue and other symptoms, frequent spermatorrhea.

It is generally believed that the penile erection more than 6 hours, which will form a blood clot in the cavernous body of the penis, causing penis induration and erection bent. If such situation lasting for a long time, it will finally influence erectile function, cloggy sexual life, some may cause an irreversible impotence or erection dysfunction. In life, the patient will feel ashamed to stand up before other people. In the psychological fear of genital burst, lost the future sexual function.

There are primary and secondary types of persistent erections. At present, the cause of primary persistent erections is unknown. Secondary type causes of persistent erections are from organic, drug, and psychological factor.

(1) Organic factors

There are enough clinical data to prove that some diseases are the cause of persistent erections.

Such as thrombophlebitis, spinal cord injury, leukemia, metastatic malignant tumor, sickle cell anemia, partial injury of penis and so on. In recent years, there have been cases of persistent erection of the penis in rabies patients. Expert analysis, this may be the role of rabies virus in the control of small penis pelvic nerve and hypogastric nerve.

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Why male genitals appear obvious veins?

Why male genitals appear obvious veins? Mike inadvertently found that there are many obvious veins in the scrotal skin which like earthworms. Especially in the hot time when the scrotum laxity, the veins revealed more clearly. Through the thin skin, these veins look like to be splitting, which worried a lot by Mike. What is the blue veins on the scrotum?

The scrotum is the place where the testes are held, and it expands and contracts as the temperature changes to maintain the best temperature for the sperm production. The nutrition supply transport of the testis is composed of testicular artery, and the related veins take the responsibility of the blood flow back, plus a semen delivery pipe which is called deferens, and this three pipes joint is wrapped into a cord like structure called the spermatic cord. When the spermatic vein have the occurrence of dilated and tortuous for some reason, scrotum, and your scrotum will appear some obvious veins. Medically, it is called varicocele.

When the human body is in standing state, the arterial blood flows from top to bottom, making it easy and natural. The blood flowing from the bottom back is not so smooth. As the blood is attracted by the earth’s gravity, it is very arduous and slow to flow from bottom to top.

"Water flows downwards," which is a law of nature. If you want to make water to flow from down to up unless it is powered by a pump. The veins do not have such modern devices installed, but rather rely on the contraction of the walls of the blood vessel to compress the blood and propel the blood from the lower to the upper. This intensity is very limited, and they must be transported step by step. To prevent the flow of blood return, there is a special structure in the vein called the vascular flap. The valve has a single direction limiting function, that is, it allows the flow of blood from with a single direction. The vein blood vessel uses the blood vessel valve function, realized the blood to flow upward from the bottom.

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