Penis development state cannot only be identified by size

Penis development state cannot only be identified by size The penis is the sexual intercourse tool of the male, and it is also the organ of human body urology and reproduction, furthermore, it is particularly important on sexual issue. Because of its different shapes and sizes, most people have much doubts about it when lack sexual related knowledge. Most people think that the size of penis determines the sexual function of the men, and it is the symbol of sexual ability.

The problem of male genital development is much complex, so it is difficult to distinguish the penis development state only by size. Because with the development of genital size of each person’s situation is different, even the same person in different mental states (such as tension) and different environment (such as: cold or heat), the penis size will be different.

Human penis development is usually slower before 10 years of age. The length of the penis is about 2.5 centimeters when born, and it grows slowly in the next two years, only about 1.5 centimeters; 2~11 years old, only 0.17 centimeters a year. Many began to accelerate from the age of 14, and reach to the development peak at 18 years of age, and basically no longer developed after 20 years old.

The size of the penis is related to height, but not absolute. A group of research reports showed that height below 155cm, the average penis length is 7.4cm, girth of 8.1cm; height of 156 to 159cm, length and girth are 7.4cm and 8.3cm; height reach 170cm, length and girth are 7.5cm and 8.7cm respectively. According to this statics data, human height can affect the size of the penis, but it has little effect on the size of the penis. But at the same height, the size and length of penis vary greatly with the development of each individual.

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Man fat does affect genital development

Man fat does affect genital development In the former time, many people mistakenly believe that the fat man whose penis must be very big, especially women, who hoping to find a man with a big penis then can give her more climax in the bed. Finally, all the women found they are totally wrong, the penis has no directly relationship with the man thick fat, and even much smaller. Why does this things happen?

In fact, the penis of the obese men is easier to become smaller, because it is too fat, their penis has shrunk.

According to the investigation data of the experts showed that there is no any advantage of penis from the obese men than to the thin man, but the fat man has higher rate suffering with short penis problem.

About 2 of every 3 men think their penis is too short, and they would lie to have a good way to enlarge their penis size, including girth and length. From medically and practically viewpoint, for most women, sexual satisfaction does not depend entirely on the size of the penis. Instead, the hardness of the penis and the technique of sex are the key. You can imagine that if the penis is very long, but it is insufficient degree of erects, which still cannot get great sexual satisfaction. If your penis is not that huge, the hardness and lasting time is perfect that can also lead powerful sexual performance to bring many orgasm to your women.

According to the expert investigation, the real situation is that more than 95% men were between the average penis size level. If you really want to enlarge your weapon to show your powerful manhood, Penis Extender and Penis pump can do your great favor.

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Top rated male enhancement products for Penis Enlargement

Top rated male enhancement products for Penis Enlargement, ED Treatment and Harder Erections

Fortunately, you are already in the highly developed modern society, when you are suffering some male only related problem, such as shorter penis size, ejaculation dysfunction, erection week problem, there are already variety of male enhancement products out there.

Unfortunately, with so much choices, many people will be confused with the advertisements, expert’s recommendation or internet reviews articles. There are so much scams out there, and most of them will bring no effect for your purpose or even some of them will danger your health.

Top rated male enhancement products for Penis EnlargementGood news here, after Pop Healthy Living network long time and deep study, each product review article is with more than 10 times team member review. Then the 100% confirmed right information within the review article finally published to your face, as I believe that the importance to deliver the right information to the right people who need it. Only in this way, it can prevent any risk.

Penis pills, volume enhancer, penis pumps, enhancement creams, penis extenders, oils, gels, long term solution, instant solution…… In order to make things simple, within this summary article, all the TOP rated male enhancement products will be collected here, better for your lateral contrast to get your most suitable solution.

Male Enhancement Pills

vigrx-plus-natural-enhancement-pill1This is long term solution, and most of the pills solution on the market there need take more than 2~3 weeks to get the good result at least. With the pills maker introduction, most the pills are with 100% natural herbs increments, such as Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, yohimbe and horny goat weed, and all of them are already been used from many centuries ago and have shown the positive result on the increasing man libido.

Harder, bigger and longer lasting erections are the purpose of this special designed pills, which comes true from all the awesome great herbs ingredients.

Among all the male pills enhancers, Pop Healthy Living network top rated VigRX Plus, which is defined as the 1# leading pills product by the end users, produced by “Leading Edge Health” manufacturer, who has already placed itself in the male enhancement for many years and earned much reputations.

Some examples of these products include, and you can go for more details:

  1. ProSolution Plus
  2. Extenze
  3. VigFX (there is limited FREE trial from the official maker)
  4. MaxPerformer

For most guys, they prefer taking male enhancement pills which is a safe, easy and convenient way to increase erection size, quality, and overall sexual satisfaction.

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Moderate sex can promote human endocrine function

Moderate sex can promote human endocrine function Mr. Luo, 45 years old, encountered a crisis in his marriage relationship recently, and even with his great efforts, he also can’t maintain once monthly basis sex life. The wife angrily asked: "your penis is already laid off?” At the same time, Mr. Luo anxious to seek medical treatment, and want to know why he was only middle-aged, why does this will happen? Experts pointed out that when the man more than 40 years of age, 9.7% of men have sexual dysfunction problem, and decreased sexual life frequency.

Some people called it as "sex unemployed" that the sexual frequency less than once monthly when the age is over 45 years old; and men over 55 years of less than one-time a year, was reluctantly called "sexual layoffs." when the middle-aged men suffer with "sexual layoffs" problem, in addition to diseases problem, physical decay and other physiological reasons, the psychological self-depression, depression should also need your more attention.

His wife wanted to have sexual intercourse, but he was very upset. Mr. Luo told the doctor that when he was young, he can performance a very great sex with his wife. After seven years of marriage, coupled with hypertension, the frequency of sexual life dropped, sometimes once a month, and some time less. Luo said that with the increasing of age, his sexual desire gradually disappeared, sexual function significantly declined.

Can you delay the decline in sexual ability? In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to understand the evolution of male sexual physiology. Male sexual ability and sexual behavior definitely be affected by many factors, such as disease, physical deterioration and social environment change. Men also have menopause, but the performance is less obvious than the female menopause. Men after the age of 50, there will be a function of testis from prosperity to decline. If you pay a little attention, you will find that during this period, muscle strength is abate, also easy to appear psychological depression, irritability, emotional instability, and there may be loss of libido and sexual dysfunction.

Moderate sex can promote human endocrine function But menopausal men who suffer from loss of libido and sexual dysfunction do not mean permanent situation. There are many ways to delay the decline of this sexual function. To prevent premature senility, it is better to start from young time. Experts point out that middle-aged men should prevent sexual dysfunction from young stage. First of all, they should maintain a regular sexual life.

Moderate sex life can promote the body’s endocrine function, and maintain the activity of the neural control. Secondly, men should pay attention to nutrition in the diet, eat more foods rich in zinc, such as oysters and other shellfish, fish and shrimp, beef, eggs and bean products, which is the key ingredient of the men semen producing.

There is another very important point that to have a warm and healthy family life also play important role, and a passionate sex partner is the best medicine to help men overcome sexual layoffs problem. Below five ways to delay sexual function decline.

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Nocturnal erections can help determine erectile dysfunction

Nocturnal erections can help determine erectile dysfunction Many men will feel their manhood when they found their hard erection when woke up in the morning, because they think this is the strong capability of sex performance. If no morning erection found, some of them may start to worry about their sexual ability decline problem.

Some male doctor in the diagnosis and treatment, will also ask early morning erectile status. But in fact, this is only one side of the erection at night, and what really reflects male sexual function should be erection in deep sleep or even dreaming.

Nocturnal erection is the activity of the penis accompanied by deep sleep. When people in the deep sleep, there will be irregular rapid eye movement, muscle more relaxation, body temperature and blood pressure increase, respiration and heart rate increase, body metabolic function increased significantly.

At this stage, people tend to dream. At this time there is erection, your body can give the penis with high blood flow to ensure oxygen and nutrients supplement, which is defined as the self-maintenance of erectile function. This kind of erection is not disturbed by psychological factors and can show real sexual function. In general, men have 3 to 5 erections each night, with an average of 15 minutes each, but there are some case can lasting for 1 hours or so.

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