The male unclear genitals will hurt himself and partner as well

The male unclear genitals will hurt himself and partner as well Women have become accustomed to cleaning the vulva every day, and many men think the reproductive system is not as complex as women, so most of them will not take the routine wash. The expert reminds that male vulva feculent will hurt himself and partner as well.

Harm on himself

Male vulva is including penis, scrotum, wrapping and glans, and all these parts will have physiological secretion, and easy susceptible by external contamination, suffering from urethritis, glans phlogistic, scrotal eczema and anus phlogistic. Furthermore, the prepuce or phimosis foreskin can highly lead to penis disease. The preputial calculusIf which is not easily aware, usually accumulated in the glans below the ring shaped coronary sulcus, and it will easily prone to dermatitis, ulcers of foreskin and glans, adult severe phimosis cases may cause penile cancer. Therefore, daily cleaning is a good way to prevent disease.

Harm to your partner

A survey shows that only 15% men take a shower before sex with partner, so there are accounted for 85% of the men without this good and necessary habits. In addition, because of the special physiological structure of the female reproductive system, a variety of bacteria, viruses, or their eggs on the un-cleaned penis or anus, easily induced into the woman’s vagina, to induce gynecological diseases such as salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even infertility caused by this disease. The study confirmed that preputial calculus cause cervical cancer. Therefore, for the health of yourself and your wife as well, please keep cleaning your body every day.

The following wash steps are the best

The genital organs should be washed first and then to the anus. Especially need to move backwards your penis foreskin to wash carefully. And the dry procedure in the same order as above. Do separate a towel and do not mix with a foot towel.

Sex hints that different sizes go for different postures

Sex hints that different sizes go for different postures Please keep this in your mind that longer or shorter has their own advantages accordingly for man, and woman tightness take the first place of the impact list.

Most of the time, a good sex is inseparable from love. But high quality sexual activity cannot only with love, appropriate skills involved, you will get absolutely surprised more.

All the man want to have a bigger, harder and longer lasting erections to satisfy their women to reach orgasm together, so they believe that a bigger penis plays the key role in this thing. With some porn video affect, women may also thought that big, thick, straight penises are good. In reality, what is big? How do you call it rough? What is straight? If you do not have much sexual experience, most of them are confused. The only standard to judge the sex quality is the pleasure feeling. Try to get more pleasure from the sex is the most important point.

Situation 1: the penis is too long. Accident?! Do you think the long feature will become a shortcoming, although the people who have such concerns rare. BUT! Too long is really uncomfortable for women, so this situation should often be followed by a backward style during the sexual intercourse.

This position is suitable for most couples, because the long penis will contact the deepest part of the vagina and makes the perineum feel excited. Moreover, due to this posture is the most popular in the wild animals, it always let men conquer pleasure doubled.

Situation two: penis is too thin. The fatal disadvantage is that the too thin penis is easy to slip out of the vagina, and it is not strong enough to strike and rub women when pumping. The following sexual intercourse posture can perfectly figure out this issue that let your partner lying on bed, and the man sit on their knees in front of the partner to go inside.

Because men in the upper position can enhance the sense of oppression just through the weight of the body, so that you can avoid the penis slipped out. By compression, the clitoris and uterus, as well as the vagina of women, are strongly stimulated, while men enjoy the contraction of the vagina. To maintain this position, while the use of rotary movement, classified by the strength of the waist circle, will allow the two genital closely together and to increase the strength of friction.

Seven misunderstandings about men’s erection dysfunction

Seven misunderstandings about men's erection dysfunction Impotence is a kind of erectile dysfunction. Usually, under the condition of sexual stimulation and sexual desire, the penis cannot be erect or erect hardness is not enough, very short erection duration, so that it cannot go for normal sexual life. When people judge impotence, they easily fall into seven misunderstandings.

In fact, the definition of impotence needs to be explained as follows:

  • First, this kind of sexual stimulation must be from the full stimulation of the partner;
  • Second, should determine on really be able to complete sexual intercourse;
  • Third, must be married at least 2 ~ 3 months of running, with the practical experience of sexual life, and then evaluate;
  • Four, any extramarital sexual behavior will be brought about by the deviation of judgment.

If deviate from these principles, it is easy to appear errors of self-judgment of the impotence.

People in the self-judgment impotence, it is easy to trap the following misunderstandings:

1, the first few times failure of sexual intercourse after new marriage as impotence.

This situation is quite common, in fact, it is contrary to the principle that there need 2~3 months try running period for the new marriage. The beginning of the wedding, especially the wedding night, too excited, tired, and even drunk; or because of the lack of cooperation between husband and wife at the wedding stage, resulting in a temporary erectile dysfunction. Originally, this is not surprising. There are also individual couples suffering with poor sex, because of the premarital sex under the trial, tension, fear and other complex mood conditions, which can lead high failure rate, thus leaving their incompetence shadow in the mind. In this case, there should be an adjustment stage in sexual intercourse after marriage.

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The most possible reasons for your penis pain

The most possible reasons for your penis pain Penis skin or internal pain is nothing fun, and you can know such terrible experience from the people who have had this issue. The main causes of penile pain are various injuries and excessive sexual intercourse. In addition, it can also cause by bite from people or some insects, papule.

Another common cause of penile pain is Genital Herpes infection of the penis. Before the attack, the affected area will continue to have 5 – 6 days of burning, itching or pain phenomenon, then in the epidermis visible ulcers can be found obviously. Once the blisters have healed gradually, the pain symptoms will disappear accordingly. After the first attack of herpes, some patients will last for months, years, or even whole life to recur again, but some patients often relapse.

Inflammation of the prostate often causes pain in the penis, which can be caused by infection or irritation of the penis. If you are infected, you have to be treated with antibiotics; if excessive stimulated, you can relieve your symptoms as long as you have plenty of rest.

Syphilis can cause penile ulceration and long sores, but it does not cause pain. There is also some sexually transmitted and cause pain symptoms are atypical urethritis, which is usually caused by the bacteria of urinary tract infection or urethral inflammation, and gonorrhea. Although penicillin and other antibiotics drugs can be used, gonorrhea still caused considerable distress to people. Furthermore, the inflammation of the glans penis is also the common cause of the penis pain.

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Why do every healthy men have morning erections?

Why do every healthy men have morning erections? According to an American scholar’s data analysis, when men were 20~30 years old, the number of erections in the early morning increased and decreased in middle age. A German doctor also studied this physiological phenomenon. He believes that when the men suffering disease, the early morning penile erection phenomenon will disappear; when the body after rehabilitation, penile erection phenomenon will be back again. Therefore, penile erection in the morning can be used as one of the reference indexes for observing the energy and health status of men.

Often encountered some male patients quietly to the clinic to ask that why the penis will often erect in the morning? Is there anything wrong issue? In order to explain this problem, we must first talk about the physiological function of penile erection.

The male penis consists of two parts of the corpus cavernosum and one urethra corpus cavernosum. Corpus cavernosum is a spongy reticular formation composed of smooth muscle. The space between the cavernous sinuses is cavernous sinus, which is directly connected with the vessels. The cavernous body is filled with blood vessels and nerve tissue, which is the most sensitive nerve is the whole sensory nerve.

When men get external stimulation, such as local contact stimulation from the eye, ears and other sensory stimulation or consciousness arising from psychological phenomena, can make the higher nervous center excited. Under the regulation of the cerebral cortex, the erectile nerve center of the lumbosacral region produces an erection impulse that acts on the cavernous vessels of the corpus cavernosum. Now let the arterial blood flow obvious expansion, so a lot of blood flows into the sponge body; at the same time, let the blood outflow vein vasoconstriction, the blood flow decreased, so blood vessels full retention in the lacuna rich in corpus cavernosum. Thus, the penis is erect.

Normal male penis, in addition to the stimulation of the outside, through the nerve reflex effect, erection phenomenon appear. And sometimes visceral organ reflex will also lead to penile erection. The most obvious is that in the morning before wake up, when the bladder filled with urine, the stimulus from the bladder pressure increased, reflex erection can make the penis a subconscious, and this is a normal physiological phenomenon, medicine called morning erection.