Prevention and treatment of penile trauma

Prevention and treatment of penile trauma The penis location is very subtle, usually also can widely range move, and the corpus cavernosum is very flexible, also wrapped in a tough film, so it is generally not easy to damage. But injuries can also occur when subjected with external forces, such as riding, straddle and other direct forces, and many of them exist simultaneously with urethral injuries. Moreover, the type of performance is complex, the treatment methods are different, and sometimes more difficult, the key is to pay attention to their own safety in daily life to prevent unexpected events.

Penile trauma injury are varies with external force, and the force direction. And the main common symptoms include pain, swelling, hematuria and dysuria.

Contusion of penis

This is mainly caused by blunt external force directly when the penis erects, the formation of purple ecchymosis when lightly, or a subcutaneous sponge or glans, hematoma, pain when hardly. Newly married night, when the penis is too fierce pumping, can make wrapping or wrapping chalaza produce laceration, or appear wrapping, glans abrade or oedema. It only needs to rest when the situation is not so bad, play the scrotum and penis with t-bandage. Acute period when still has ooze blood, you can apply cold compress, use hot compress to promote haematoma absorption after haemorrhage stops. Antibiotics should be given to prevent infection if necessary.

For example, a worker who accidentally fell on the iron on his sacrococcygeal impact, severe pain in the perineum, since the next day two weeks penile erection, the penis aches and accompanied by pain, finally it is confirmed as the penis contusion and hematoma priapism.

Dislocation of penis

The penis is distorted when erect, or violent attack when in soft situation, excessive pull or the cross injury, cause the penis to break away from its skin, dislocation arrives ham root or scrotum perineal ministry. In addition to hemostasis and manual reduction, the penis must be sutured to normal position during the treatment.

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Proper sexual fantasies can maintain good sex ability

Proper sexual fantasies can maintain good sex ability A man’s sexual ability can keep to what age? Maybe you’ll say 60, and special individual can be up to 70. But the truth is that a great deal of real evidence has proved that men can maintain their sexual abilities to 100 or even 110 year old.

Maybe you would say, "I’m not so greedy. I just want to keep my sex ability to 80 years old." How to reach this point? The answer is just as I told you that to keep exercise, and learn how to release your pressure. In addition, you need to quit alcohol and smoking, try to eat low-fat foods, eat less high-fat foods, in addition, to maintain adequate sleep as much as possible.

In the process of a man’s deep sleep, his cavernous body unconsciously has several intermittent erections for up to 1 hours, which extend the aerobic blood to adequate nourishment.

Aesthetic fatigue may also lead to minor ED. For example, a middle-aged ED male once said to the doctor: "I’m not erect at home, but it’s good outside."

How to overcome the aesthetic fatigue problem? The answer is fully apply the role of sex fantasy when making love, because the organic combination of physical stimulation and sexual fantasies will let you becomes more vigorous in bed. If you’re tired of long legs or G cup type, you can fantasize about Jennifer Lopez’s fat hips type which will give your more impact. You must not be guilty of sexual fantasies, for sexual fantasies are better off than cheating. In fact, most women are sex fantasy master.

The four major symptoms indicators of ED

The four major symptoms indicators of ED ED is shorter for erection dysfunction, which refers to a man to continue or repeatedly no penis erection or maintain erection to complete sexual intercourse, and is manifested as a tendency to maintain only a short erection or complete no erection. Experts point out that ED is a common sexual health problem for men over the age of 40. It is estimated that more than half of men over the age of 40 suffer from varying degrees of ED, and 152 million of men worldwide suffer from ED.

Usually, if the body has the following four symptoms, you should pay attention to whether or not you have ED or potential risk:

Sexual desire disorder: includes non-sexual desire, low sexual desire, sexual aversion, etc.;

The penis erects dysfunction: include impotent, the penis erects not hard enough, the penis erects abnormally;

Sexual dysfunction: including sexual intercourse fainting, sexual intercourse aphasia, sexual intercourse hysteria, sexual intercourse phobia, etc.;

Ejaculatory disorder: including premature ejaculation, no ejaculate, spermatorrhea, delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation pain, blood ejaculation etc..

These four symptoms may appear individually, and there may be several symptoms at the same time, most of which are erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.

ED problem is the worse news for a man even you are rich enough. David Lisman, an American sociologist, said: "in a world that is increasingly gloomy in market reporting, tax planning and behavior analysis, the rebels have discovered that sex is the only thing that has life."."

For a modern man, he will feel very depressed because of the unprecedented strengthening of all kinds of social control. Based on such a premise, sex almost became the only thing that can make a modern man completely release their primitive vitality, so if he cannot enjoy sex because ED, he will lose a lot of meaningful things.

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Complications and causes of penile injection

Complications and causes of penile injection Penis injection refers to the penis corpus cavernosum injection of papaverine and phentolamine drugs, which will lead penile erection in a short period of time, and it is a contemporary fashion method of treating intractable impotence. Since this method is simple and convenient, it is now widely used. Some patients also learn to inject themselves, but any kind of treatment should be used accurately, so as not to produce complications.

According to our experience in the treatment of 2000 patients, found the following some complications caused by this injection treatment that persistent penile erection accounted for 2%, accounted for 1% of the penis foreskin edema, hemorrhage and edema accounted for 1%, accounting for 2% of the injection site pain. The last two cases will disappear after a few days without any treatment. Only the persistent penile erection should be right treated as soon as possible, otherwise it can produce undesirable consequence. Under normal condition, after 1~5 hours of injection, the penis naturally becomes soft. If the penis lasts for more than 6 hours after the injection, it is called a persistent erection, which requires emergency treatment.

The main cause of persistent erection after injection are the following: under the age of 45, the sex activity is too strong after the injection; repeated sexual intercourse; after the injection of sexual intercourse without ejaculation; exaggerated their impotence problem to use this injection method unnecessarily. After summarized the situation of 24 persistent erection patients, most of the above case. Therefore, you should pay enough attention on this.

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Teenagers should correctly face the physiological changes during puberty

Teenagers should correctly face the physiological changes during puberty Some young people write letters asking why their pubic hair is scarce. They tend to complain about their troubles. Their pubic hair is scarce, making them feel embarrassed, and even unwilling to go to public baths or swimming pools. During teenagers in the puberty process will appear all sorts of concerns, it is not surprising.

There are many manifestations of the secondary sexual characteristics of human beings, and their occurrence sequence are inevitably different. But some young people have a blind a sense of inferiority, they cannot distinguish the difference between the normal range of variation and pathology, always feel others sexual organs is bigger than his (in fact there is a visual angle factor), thicker beard than his, and more pubic hair than his……. In fact, these worries are often redundant, because the pathological situation is, after all, a minority.

In recently years, the problems reflected in these secondary sexual characteristics are sometimes important indications of the endocrine system or genetic diseases, so they should not be taken lightly. Pubic hair is one of secondary sexual characteristics, and the growth of pubic hair is the result of androgen stimulating the growth of pubic hair receptors.

After puberty, the male pubic hair not only increased gradually, and showed the typical male diamond distribution, and female pubic hair growth is the result of estrogen stimulation, so the distribution characteristics of female pubic hair is flat edge was inverted triangle distribution, which is different with men. The growth of girls’ body hair varies from individual to individual, so it is more physiological, even though pubic hair is scarce or absent. No pubic hair does not necessarily hinder their development.

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