Men also have their special physiological period

Men also have their special physiological period As we know that women will have special physiological period about every month, called menstrual period. In fact, men also have their special physiological period. During that days, there are always a few days showed depression, dizziness, anxiety, depression, easy ignition on men. Just because men are not so obvious in their physiological period, they are irregular and difficult to recognize. So what are the physiological period of men’s performance?

A common performance of men in those days:

  1. always sit to read, but always turn over the book; or watch TV, tune in the TV channels, but cannot find what you want to watch;
  2. become indifferent, and there is no longer sweet words when see wife or girlfriend. He felt unaccustomed when they tried to approach him;
  3. get angry from time to time, or worry about some inexplicable little things;
  4. the rhythm and tone of speech become uneven, low voice, unclear speech, and may even be accompanied by stuttering;
  5. eyes seem to avoid intense darkness without light;
  6. always alone stuffy smoking cigarettes, and occasionally long out of breath;
  7. mouth sores, welling and aching of gum, or even with mouth ulcers;
  8. loss of appetite, even if food is attractive;
  9. irregular stools and prolonged sitting time;
  10. looks shy and moody;
  11. hands with chopsticks or spoons become a little shaky, so the dishes or soup sprinkles on the table;
  12. sex interesting greatly reduced.
  13. always seemed impatient and irritable.

In addition, the possible symptoms of men in those days include headaches, insomnia, allergies, bruxism, nausea, jealousy, back pain, neck stiffness.

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When the man body fat, less sex pleasure will be

When the man body fat, less sex pleasure will be Chronic diseases are prevalent in modern society, such as the hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity and so on, have become the recessive killers of male sexual function. The expert reminds that male especially to prevent obesity, as the obesity is not only the main risk factors of coronary heart disease and diabetes, and it is a major barrier to male sex life. Every 5 kg weight increase, the genitals will shorten 1 cm by visual.

In a recent meeting of the Tenth Asian sexology conference in Oceania, an India sexology expert made a report on the relationship between sexual function and obesity. He pointed out that every 5 kilograms of men’s weight increase, their genitals will be shorten 1 cm from visual point. The reason for the shortening is that the outer genitalia are buried in thick fat. Among them, there is a case, a man with 1.7 m height, 100 kilograms weight, and he basically no sexual life due to his series obese problem, because the penis has shrunk inside the belly, only a small part of glans outside.

There are very thick fat in the abdomen and perineum of obese people, and the scrotum is embedded, which makes the penis look much smaller, so the psychological shadow affecting their sexual life is often more likely than the penis itself. Department of Urology of Southern Medical University, director Liu said: "there is a young fat man, his penis was almost totally buried under the belly fat, which cannot almost found when it is soft. The penis can exposed some by hand press down the belly fat. As a result, he is very self-abased, dare not find a girlfriend."

Mr. Chen, after 3 years of marriage, weight is suddenly over 95 kilograms. His penis became shorter and shorter, then he became more and more self-abased. What makes him more frustrated is that even his wife finds it difficult to have sex with him. The problem initially occurred in the position of sexual intercourse, because the fat in his thighs and abdomen was so great that it was difficult for the penis to enter the vagina during intercourse. Later, the couple’s sexual life became less and less.

Clearly, a series of problems caused by obesity can cause many obese people to fear having sex because they fear the other person’s refusal or fear that the partner thinks he is clumsy. Because the obese person has the question in the self-confidence, causes the sexual life not to be harmonious, and then causes the husbands and wives relationship to be affected.

Experts point out that obese people actually do not have to feel inferior and can reduce weight through more exercise and other channels, so that the penis will return to normal.

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Does the man masturbate to make glans bigger?

Does the man masturbate to make glans bigger? A bigger penis glans really play an important role in male sexual weapon. Of course, large glans have some nature advantage when doing sex intercourse, but it does not mean the small can do nothing which can also bring pleasure for women. However, even so, most men are still worrying about their penis glans size issue. If there is a promised penis glans enlargement safe way, it is believed that more than 99% men will go for it. So, what do I do to become a big penis glans? There are some information that indicate that the masturbation can reach this goal, so let’s go deep for this topic today.

Normally, the slow flowing blood will be filling the whole penis with the gratitude of the sex center. Therefore, when you masturbate, refrain from ejaculation, and maintain this pattern, so that the increase in the penis glans congestion, forcing the skin bit by bit to promote. Repeat this action every time you masturbate. You should increase your penis glans. To increase the congestion of the glans penis, there is also a trick of holding the root of the penis tightly. Because this way, just sealed converging in increasing blood flow and also the glans part. Congestion not only make the penis becomes larger, but also the more congestion of the penis, the sensory nerve more sensitive will become.

The teenagers should pay attention to physiological problems

The teenagers should pay attention to physiological problems By the time the boy reaches the age of 10, the girl is also a bit early, they will start an important phase of her life called as puberty. After a few year time, the boy became a man, and a girl turns to be a beautiful and plump woman. Love between men and women arises. Because of their physical development and the mystique of sex, they are tempted to explore this curiosity of forbidden zones. It is a very important subject that how to correctly deal with the problems arising from puberty.

First of all, we should recognize our bodies and have a scientific understanding of the physiological anatomy of the reproductive system and eliminate the mystery. The young man need to correctly understand the increase of testis, penis, pubic hair appearance and spermatorrhea, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Spermatorrhea is each personality after the maturity of the young men and the lack of sexual life male adults may happen, which is not terrible, and no danger neither.

Secondly, we should correctly deal with masturbation and premarital sexual behavior. After the taste of pleasure of spermatorrhea, the teenagers then play the genitals, develop the habit of masturbation, and most of them are lack of correct understanding that do not know there is harm or not to the body of masturbation, heard some rumors on masturbation will seriously affect marriage and childbearing, which will give their much moral guilt. Some weak teenagers show reticence and malaise, which directly affect their learning and work and cause physical harm.

In fact, from a medical point of view, masturbation is not as dangerous as some people call it. Foreign survey data show that more than 90% of the young men and women have had a masturbation history. There is no evidence that masturbation causes future sexual dysfunction. When the first sex on the wedding night, the failure of sexual intercourse at one time is a common occurrence, but some people associate this phenomenon with the history of masturbation, which adds to the mental burden and further interferes with the normal conduct of sexual life. Of course, excessive masturbation or excessive pursuit of sexual stimulation, so that long-term genital congestion, it is easy to induce prostatitis.

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Helping men understand their prostate

Helping men understand their prostate In order to answer this question, let us first introduce the anatomy and shape of the prostate gland. The shape and size of the prostate are very similar to the Chinese chestnut, which is the largest accessory glands in males. It is mainly composed of gland tissue, smooth muscle and connective tissue.

The man prostate was arranged like a guard in front of the bladder, so people called it the prostate gland. Its bottom horizontal diameter is about 4 centimeters, longitudinal diameter about 3 centimeters, about 2 centimeters in diameter, and the average weight is about 20 grams. The prostate surrounds the urethra, can be divided into anterior, middle, posterior lobe and side lobe, so there are a total of five sub parts. The anterior lobe is very small, so it has no important clinical significance. When in old age, both sides of the lobe and middle lobe are prone to hyperplasia, causing dysuria problem; the posterior lobe is the frequent site of the cancer syndrome. There are 30 to 50 acini in the prostate gland, which have secretory function and merge into 16 to 32 excretory ducts, and they are opened on both sides of the caruncle of the posterior urethra. Because of its special anatomic location, people are not so familiar with it.

When doctors do medical examination of the prostate, usually with his right index finger, wearing rubber fingers, from the anus to go in for palpation check.

According to many real clinical cases discovery, there is a high rate of patients with reverse ejaculation after transurethral resection of prostate.

Usually, prostate can secrete a kind of liquid called prostate fluid slightly partial acid or slightly alkaline liquid, adult man about 0.5 to 2 ml daily secretion, mostly with urine discharge. Nerve or chemical stimulation can increase the secretion of prostate fluid in normal adult men. Prostate fluid often contains sperm, intermittently discharged into the urine, so it is not uncommon for adult men to have sperm in their urine. It is normal to remove a small amount of prostate fluid from the urine every day, and there is no harm to the body. The prostate has an extensive network of nerves and a variety of nerve terminals that make it closely related to the parts of the body. Therefore, prostatitis can cause all kinds of complicated systemic symptoms. At the peak of sexual intercourse, within a few seconds of ejaculation, the prostate fluid is released from the gland, mixed with semen and excreted together. Prostate fluid accounted for 30% of semen.

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