The male genitals washing should be into your routine task

The male genitals washing should be into your routine task We all know that the sweat glands, skin glands and subcutaneous fat around the penis is more abundant, and the adult males also have dense pubic hair, and many men love to wear tight underwear, thus make the penis is always in the dark and damp and airtight situation, which is easy to produce dirt.

When the man is in worse physical condition, the bacteria or virus around the penis will take the opportunity to reverse the urethra uplink infection, cause urethritis, epididymitis, seminal vesicle phlogistic diseases. If the occurrence of urinary tract obstruction, bacteria can further upstream infection of the kidney, cause pyelonephritis and other diseases. If the penis in a long period of bacterial contamination, penile glans after the formation of infection infection, can also highly possible lead to penile cancer. According to statistics, men’s penis wet clinics, dermatitis, ringworm and other diseases are also popular in current male related disease.

In addition, some married men have feculent sexual habits, which will also impact his partner sexual health, such as the female vagina will get a bad stimulation. During the sexual life, it will bring the bacteria or virus to your partner, causing the woman suffering from vaginitis, chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, or even causing cervical cancer.

Therefore, keeping the male genitals clean is vital to the health for himself and health of his partner as well. So Pop Healthy Living network highly recommend all the men to have a short time shower before the sexual intercourse. If there is no such shower condition, a piece of disinfecting wipes can also work.

Male penis hardness is always important than the length

Male penis hardness is always important than the length It is sure that all the men are very concerned about their penis size, including length and girth in male sexual physiology, so every man would like to have a longer penis. But in fact, the penis length is not the most impact factor of the sexual pleasure. In the daily life, sexual quality plays an important role in the relationship with your partner and even maintain your marriage. The penis erection hardness plays the top role in the daily sexual quality, and the penis size is always behind the hardness.

Basically, each male genitalia shape, size and length are not the same, but the size and the length of the penis has not direct relationship with men’s sexual desire, sexual function, and sexual attraction. If you really want to say the factors have a direct relationship with the sex, then it should be related to race, genetic, age, health, environment, emotion and pressure, and the influence of these innate and psychological aspects, determines the erection hardness.

Hardness is the most basic element of a man’s sex life. If the penis is not hard enough, there will be no chance to go next step. In sexual medicine, the importance of the male sex organs hardness after erection is more important than the length of the sex organs, and therefore it is often possible to hear the male problems such as impotence, but rarely hear the penis is too long or too short. The reason why the Viagra is so popular is that it solves the problem of hardness, but has nothing to do with the length.

To maintain the hardness of the penis, the main physiological factor is to keep the erection of the penis to maintain the state of congestion, that is, more blood flow into the sponge body but less blood flow out.

On the psychological side, worry, anxious, fear, distraction, etc. can all possible affect the rigidity of the penis during erection. Many men suffer from sexual disorders, mostly at the psychological level, but are mistaken to connect to other physiological factors. If it is a physiological problem, you should see a doctor; if it is a psychological factor, then you should have a psychiatrist.

Concealed penis should be pulled out as early as possible

Concealed penis should be pulled out as early as possible The penis of the child is smallish, which can be divided into true and false group. And the true penis smallish disease have also true, false and malformation three groups. The concealed penis is the most common case among the penis short group.

Concealed penis is one of the most common congenital abnormalities and malformations, which is different from long foreskin or phimosis in children. As you all know, when the baby boy is born, the foreskin of the penis is wrapped around the glans of the penis. By the age of 3-4, the foreskin of most children can be turned over and the glans of the penis is exposed. If this time, the foreskin cannot turn down or the foreskin port is very small, it is called redundant prepuce or phimosis. The body of the penis is concealed in the body and protrudes only with a pointed small foreskin outside. If the penis is squeezed inwards by hand, the penis will show up, but the penis is retracted as soon as the hand is released.

So some people call it buried penis. In spite of concealed penis and prepuce similar, but they are two completely different diseases, this is because the outer layer of skin concealed penis is not too long, but too short, the penis body is not small but normal. There are three causes shown as below. First, the penile skin develops poorly and is too short; secondly, the foreskin cavity is too small; third, the penile skin does not contain the corpus cavernosum, resulting in the absence of support and retraction of the corpus cavernosum.

If does not have an operation of the concealed penis, the penis cannot extend out normally, then the phallic body development can be restricted. Therefore, the concealed penis must be corrected treated at a certain age (3-5 years).

It is totally different treatment methods between the concealed penis and prepuce. For the prepuce patients, the circumcision should be applied to excised the long wrapping foreskin, and treatment methods of concealed penis foreskin must be expanded and prolonged penile skin surgery, and also need to pull out the penis body from the belly and be good fixed, to make the penis to restore normal physiological anatomy, so as to achieve the purpose of penis development.

However, if the concealed penis prepuce misdiagnosed as prepuce to perform circumcision, the results will lead to a shortage of penile skin already become scarcer, and after the penis once lost the skin adhesion and protection, penis growth will be more restrained.

Therefore, with short penis in children, parents must take him to a pediatric surgery hospital visits, physician diagnosed pediatric surgery, to check, in order to select the correct method of operation, to avoid misdiagnosis.

Under what condition you need penis lengthening operation?

Under what condition you need penis lengthening operation? The average length of penis in normal adults is 6.55 cm (3.7 to 10.6 cm). The size of the penis has nothing to do with height or weight, and the length of the penis increases to twice as much during erection.

Some normal male penis is much shorter, which may be caused by many reasons, such as genetic, due to the penis is also an organ of the body, the size and shape is obvious impacted by genetic factors. It is also directly related to the body development and nutritional status, general adult male with good height and be athletic, the genitalia including penis, scrotal development is also good conversely, and the penis is relatively larger. Furthermore, the obesity is another impact factor, causing penis relatively short. There are a number of other factors, such as endocrine disorders will also lead penis short.

Who needs penis lengthening surgery?

Most of the normal adult males with short penises do not need to be treated because their length is approximately normal and does not affect a harmonious sex life. But if the length after erection is less than 10 cm, there are strong demands for penis enlargement, you can consider such correction operation. Furthermore, there is not a specific centimeter limitation, because each person’s subjective consciousness and life experience is different, there is a fundamental difference.

Penis lengthening operation introduction

The common treatment methods include silicone prosthesis implantation, autogenous rib implantation, superficial and deep suspensory ligament resection, and lengthening of corpus cavernosum, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the scope of operation extension is limited, usually can be extended 3 ~ 6 cm, the length influenced by the patient psychology, posture, room temperature and other external environment. After the application of antibiotics, the anti-infection medicine should be taken, and use estrogen for 5~7 days, staying in bed for rest as well. It is best to reduce erection, and 2 months prohibit sexual life.

Furthermore, there are some well-designed and highly developed penis enlargement products. For this purpose, Pop Healthy Living network would like to propose below two guaranteed male enhancement products, which have already be proved by the market with hundreds and thousands of positive feedback from the end users:

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Reconstruction of penis helps men to restore virility

Reconstruction of penis helps men to restore virility Some children may be bite off their penis in the childhood, such as dogs, rats and other animal biting. Adult men may cause partial or complete loss of the penis due to trauma such as gunshot wounds, cutting injuries, explosion injuries and avulsion injuries. The penis plays an important role in male’s daily life which is the root of the male, but also it is an important link to maintain marriage and family. Therefore, penile defects can cause severe physical and psychological pain, and should be reconstructed to restore normal urination and reproductive function.

The penis consists of three parts, including the penis corpus, the urethra, and the supporting tissue. Penile reconstruction is a complex plastic surgery. There are many ways to rebuild the penis, and the skin tube method is the most popular method, usually in the abdomen or thigh to form a foot long skin tube, requires four operations to transfer.

After the formation of skin tube, the second stage operation was transplanted the larger skin tube to the root of the penis above the urethra, and the small skin tube was transplanted to the below urethra. The third stage operation is do a two longitudinal incision on the two skin tubes respectively, suture of skin between incisions to form urethra. Cartilage transplantation is best performed as a supporting tissue.

On this basis, recent years the method of microsurgical anastomosis of blood vessel was used to reconstruct the penis, and the reconstruction of the penis was performed with the lower limb flap and the umbilical flap in one operation. After the penis is reconstructed, often still need to do glans plastic surgery. Generally, the penis that is reconstructed is thicker than normal. If the operation is successful, it can restore good urination function. Furthermore, it can, complete the function that inserts vagina with the collaboration of the female.