What kind of penis shape do you belong to?

What kind of penis shape do you belong to? The penis shape, size, erection lasting time, are the factors attracted male most attention. When mention of this topic, some men immediately become very inferiority or neurotic. In reality, if your penis is not too smaller, you can absolutely get pleasure sexual orgasm. No man penis is the exactly the same with others, due to its development is impacted my many inner or outer factors. In general, the shape of the penis can be divided into six categories, as follows:

1, mushroom type. Glans like prominent mushroom, and the oriental male penis shape mostly belong to this type, which can quite win female favor.

2, tube type. Unlike the mushroom type with big glans, the tube type is overall slender, which is a little behind the mushroom type.

3, bat type. The shape is like bat type, which belongs of middle big size. The tube is thicker than the glans penis, so your partner will worry about the stuck risk.

4, cucumber type. Similar to the bat type, but overall it looks smaller.

5, ship type. The penis glans part is a little upwards, which is very limited model so this type can bring much stimulation to women to bring more orgasm.

6, triangle type. This type is the thinner the top part, so it should use more skills, or else the feminine will not be satisfied.

The penis curvature situation satiation that 57%proportion of the total of the left curve or right curve of the penis, more than in the middle condition. The bent penis is more likely to make a women reaching orgasm than a straight one.

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What is physiological phimosis?

What is physiological phimosis? Almost every boy is phimosis after born, but if it is not phimosis, it may be suffering from other diseases, such as may be hypospadias or urethral cracking. The vast majority of children who suffering with physiological phimosis, almost have no abnormal feeling, if there is abnormal feeling, it may be due to abnormal symptoms caused by physiological phimosis, and this situation need to see a doctor.

From the beginning of 3-4 years, the foreskin began to expand, and the foreskin hardcover can be exposed. After puberty (17 years old), phimosis children are less than 1%. In general, the 90% physiological phimosis can heal after 3-5 years old.

The most typical foreskin dirty causes foreskin glans inflammation

Although the physiological phimosis in the small boy is very common, and most can self-healing, but because the foreskin cannot turn over, the glans cannot be exposed, so it brings some problems. For example, the child foreskin cannot turn over, the glans and foreskin exfoliated epithelial cells and sebaceous glands secretions cannot be discharged, and stay between the foreskin and glans.

Some parents take the child to see a doctor mistakenly thinking that there is induration on the glans of the penis, and even think it is a tumor. In fact, this is the foreskin of the retention, this situation will bring some problems, such as secondary infection, redness and swelling, purulent secretions.

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Men need to know more about their bodies

Men need to know more about their bodies Two days ago, a friend of mine asked me: "there is a raised skin between the penis glans and the anus. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t swell, but it’s just like an extra one." He wondered if he was a special case on this issue.

This is not the first time I have heard this a problem. Take it easy, every man has such an excess skin. The skin line is called the perineum seam, but most people do not know what it is name. Some perineum seam have never been noticed, and some have been prominent. What’s more interesting is that men and their partners describe this area with "scars" or "ridges".

The origin of the perineum seam is very amazing. In the early stages of fetal development, men and women are basically the same, and the genitalia of men and women look almost the same. About 7 weeks in the womb, the genitals have typical characteristics of men or women. When a male fetus’s genital tissue becomes deformed into the scrotum and penis, the way they form together constitutes the perineum seam.

After the formation of male genital organs, perineum seam will extend in the bottom of the entire penis, down from the middle of the testis, along the perineum to the anus. Some men do not particularly feel the presence of this site, but some men find the seam very sensitive, and a little stimulation can arouse their libido.

No matter how you feel about this issue, it’s good to be able to look at your genitals and get familiar with them. Both men and women should observe their genitals, understand their shape, and be familiar with their feelings. This will also help to contact health care personnel promptly when abnormalities arise.

Factors controlling the development of male genitalia

Factors controlling the development of male genitalia Some normal men although with normal testicular development, but their penis is relatively short, although can erection and ejaculation, but often cause abnormal psychological, and even doubt their ability problem. Although there has been scientific statistics on this issue in the male proportion, but from the hospital record data, this kind of patient is not small group.

Many experts in the field of sexual medicine show that the short penis of a male is mainly related to the following factors:

1. Genetic factors

The penis is just similar to other organs of the body, the size and morphological characteristics of genetic factors to be controlled and affected by your inside genes.

2. Nutritional status

An adult athletic man and tall, it is highly possible that his genitalia include penis, scrotal well developed, so the penis may be more big, otherwise it may be smaller. Furthermore, male penis size will not in proportion to height. Because it can often see some male height less than 1.60 meters, the penis can reach more than 18 cm after erection.

3. Some relations with the fat

If the man have much fat in the small abdomen, the pubic symphysis area and the perineum fat plump prominent, often with bad penis development, compared to the normal male’s size, the penis can be relatively shorter. Indeed, combined with the large body, this kind of short penis may bring some difficulties and unsatisfactory sexual life.

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The man ejaculation is like launching missile into outer space

What is the ejaculation going on?

The man ejaculation is like launching missile into outer space The ejaculation process involves several complicated stage which can not a breadth between each other, so we are about to compare it with the launching missile into outer space. In fact, it was launching a missile into vagina inside space. When the erection, at this moment, an electric current starts running, and the surrounding skin senses are incorporated into the whole current system. These feelings items feeling the heat, the friction, the pressure on the wall, the amount of fluid in the lubricant, and so on. All these conditions are constantly relayed to the spinal cord, nerves, and the brain’s sexual centers, which respond to more blood delivery, increase susceptibility to receptors, and strengthen the nerve in the lower part of the spine.

As sexual behavior continues, the sexual organs and the central nervous system develop a round flow and become more and more nerve stimulating. Visual stimulation and physical contact with each other also help to strengthen the tension rapidly. In a sense, it’s like blowing a ball, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, until it finally explodes and then come down. Finally, it reached a climax. In the process, ejaculation is like the explosion of a balloon. It is a violent explosion of nerves that leads to a chain reaction. Then things began to pick up fast.

The urethra is closed so that the urine does not spill out carelessly. The secretions of the prostate, seminal vesicles, and testes are mixed together. The man pelvic muscles gets contraction, make it more deeply, and at the same time, the back is raised unconsciously, pushing the whole body forward. At this point, consciousness is completely lost, and the contact with the outside world is completely isolated, and the only contact is a few cubic inches surrounded. A powerful body pump takes effect in the moment, about six times continuously to inject 1/4 oz of semen into the vagina. After ten seconds, the whole process is over and wait for the next time to start over.

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