Relationship between erectile angle and sexual intercourse

Relationship between erectile angle and sexual intercourse The penis erection is the penis hyperaemia process that happens under mental regulation actually. Under the effective sexual stimulation, such as direct sexual stimulation or sexual love surroundings, sexual description, sexual fantasies, sexual dreams, the first physiological response of adult males is the erection of the penis. In addition, more than 80% of normal men can have penile erections during sleep at night, a form of subconscious penis activity that has nothing to do with sexual fantasies or dreams. Therefore, the erection of the penis after sexual stimulation is perfectly normal.

When the penis erects, the angle that forms with the body is called erect angle, basically is affected by the pressure inside phallic sponge body. Generally, men have the biggest erection angle at 20 years of age. The older they are, the smaller the angle of erection will be. This may be related to the pressure of the erection of the body in the sponge, or the gradual relaxation of the penile ligament. However, due to individual differences, as well as changes in physique, emotions, etc., the same age group of men, the same male, in different circumstances, the size of the erection of the angle is also different, which cannot be generalized.

Pop Healthy Living network believe that as long as you can successfully complete the process of sexual intercourse, no one is unnecessary to pursue achieving certain penile erectile angle. In normal under the condition of standing position, most male erectile angle is greater than 90 degrees (range 120 degrees ~130 degrees); about 20% of the male erectile angle equal to 90 degrees, and 5% less than 90 degrees, they were all able to successfully complete the sexual intercourse, and achieve sexual gratification.

Some exercise methods to overcome premature ejaculation

Some exercise methods to overcome premature ejaculation The cause of the premature ejaculation is that the penis, especially the glans part, is not accustomed to strong stimulation and too sensitive. The treatment method is as long as the glans is used to stimulate, and the feeling becomes not that sensitive. The easiest way is to use a towel to massage the glans when bathing. Massage is too weak and has no effect, so it should be given a moderate intensity when massaging. After 3 months of this, the skin of the glans penis will be exercised, and the penis will become strong and persistent.

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Exercise control of ejaculation. Masturbation first, when almost reach the ejaculation, stop the stimulation, and then hard to hold back, until the climax fade, and stimulation again, which can be practice by your own at home. Repeat the action about 3 times this way. This method is called "squeeze technic press training". At the very beginning, you may lose a lot, but when you catch the key point, you can always suppress the urge to ejaculate.

In addition, the people who are suffering phimosis problem, whose penis glans cannot get any friction from the underwear or other stimulation, the premature ejaculation is inevitable. Therefore the first step is to deal with the problem of phimosis. If it is false phimosis, then usually should pay attention to let the glans exposed.

Also, there is another very common way that is distracting your attention when be about to ejaculate, and the using memorized mathematical formulas, historical reign method is very effective examples.

Putting condoms is also a very effective way to enhance penis ability. Furthermore, you can even wear two condoms to reduce the friction of the penis. The first condom must be thoroughly put to the end, and the second is to wear to the middle. So, it can maintain for a longer time.

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How do men wash genitalia to be healthier?

How do men wash genitalia to be healthier? Why Pop Healthy Living network will talk about this topic? This must begin with the structure of the male genitalia.

The most prominent part of the male genitalia is the penis, whose skin is thin and movable. The skin of the penis top place folds into a double, called the penis foreskin. Before the age of 7, the foreskin is long enough to wrap the glans of the penis and the outer orifice of the urethra. As puberty develops, the penis becomes larger and longer, and the foreskin is pulled back, exposing the glans of the penis to adulthood.

However, about 30% of the adult foreskin still completely covers the glans of the penis, and only when the penis is turned upside down by the hand or when the penis is fully erect can the glans and urethral orifice appear. This condition is referred to as the redundant prepuce. When the penis foreskin is too long, too tight, it cannot turn over, still cannot show glans when erect and urethral mouth, which is called phimosis, and this population is about 8%.

The long foreskin or phimosis patients, the foreskin sebaceous glands secrete a super smelly white secretion, which is not easy to discharge, there will be smegma after long-term stockpile. Under such condition, it is susceptible to bacterial growth plus the remaining urine or semen drops, which can cause glans and foreskin inflammation, resulting in itching.

If you do not pay attention to the penis foreskin cleaning, in addition to causing sexual pain, foreskin and glans adhesions, but also interfere with sexual life of husband and wife, and may even have penile cancer. According to statistics, more than 90% of the penis cancer is caused by long penis foreskin or phimosis. In addition, due to long-term stimulation of the smegma, if not pay attention to cleaning, local skin tissue defense function will decline, but also vulnerable to infectious pathogens infection.

Therefore, it is very important for men to develop the habit of cleaning the genitals into routine shower.

In the bath, pull the foreskin back to the glans by hand, and clean the accumulation of dirt and sebum. Because the penis foreskin inner plate is thinner than the outer plate, it is sensitive to chemical detergent, so it is OK to wash with running water once every day when cleaning the foreskin glans.

If you use soap or bathing dew, but not clean them totally away, many people will appear foreskin glans allergic reaction and reverse discomfort.

The deeper penis pumping inside, the stronger orgasm woman will get?

The deeper penis pumping inside, the stronger orgasm woman will get? Penis: the main function is to urinate, discharge semen and sexual intercourse, which is the main organ of sexual behavior. The penis skin is extremely thin, without any fat under the skin, has the activity and the extension features, and the most important point is that the cavernous sinus of the corpus cavernosum can be attached to the blood.

Vagina: the vagina is a cylindrical closed muscle pipeline connecting genitalia and uterine, which is the women sexual organs, discharge menstrual blood and fetal delivery channel. The vagina is about 10 cm long and has a wide upper end and forms an annular groove around the cervix of the uterus called the vaginal fornix.

The sexual pleasure approaching for both men and women, except the sex duration, also have a great relationship with the male penis pumping frequency and pumping depth. The penis pumping frequency is higher, the penis and the vagina contact friction with more opportunities, which can make the central get more information in the certain time to stimulate more sexual reaction.

When the penis pumping depth, women will obviously feel the contact with glans and the mouth of the uterus with sexy impulse, allows women to produce completely different from the friction of the pleasure of the clitoris. On the contrary when the penis pumping frequency is lower, the penis pumping is shallow, arousal sex excitement level on both sides is corresponding weak and low degree of sex pleasure as well.

According to many reports, the penis pumping frequency is average 1 ~ 2 per second time. When the penis pumping frequency is more than 2 times per second, it can be seen as a high frequency of pumping. Generally, the high frequency pumping state can only maintain 2 minutes.

When the pumping frequency is one time for several seconds, which is low frequency pumping. Low frequency pumping is used to inhibit the male desire behavior motive value to diversity excited energy, prevent the occurrence of ejaculation, to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse. High frequency pumping is to improve their sexual concept, concentrated on both sides of the excited energy, promote orgasm at the same time, in order to obtain the highest quality of pleasure.

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The method deal with penis cannot be pulled out when sexual love

The method deal with penis cannot be pulled out when sexual love A friend in hospital said: "I am a doctor at the first aid center, at one night, the emergency center duty phone suddenly sounded, and saying that a new couple had an emergency issue. When we arrived the place, the patients of these couple block us in the living room. After communication, we can find out the whole story that the new groom’s penis was locked in the bride’s vagina. And the man feel penile pain and they have no idea to deal with this situation, then they call the 911 for help."

The main function of the penis is to urinate, sexual intercourse and discharge semen, which is the main organ of sexual behavior. The penis skin is extremely thin, no fat under the skin, has the activity and the extension features, and the cavernous sinus of the corpus cavernosum can be attached to the blood.

In fact, this is a rare vaginal spasm, but it happened that the man penis also have problems. After careful inspection, it is found that the penis foreskin is too long. Under thus situation, it is easily to cause the incarcerated phimosis issue when the first sexual intercourse. So, why are prone to happen this kinds of fuses in the first time?

As we know, the male penis need to breakthrough female hymen and tight vagina in the first sex. Virgin vagina was relatively tight, plus the first intercourse with men, women cannot help but some tension and fear, the vagina will be more tight, if not fully prepared before sexual intercourse, such as her husband forced entry, it is prone to vaginal spasm occurs after sexual intercourse phenomenon. When the occurrence of vaginal spasm, the foreskin is forcibly turned up as tightly around the end like a hoop, make the penis head blood circulation suffocate, cause glans swelling, sometimes pain.

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