The three stages of the man most likely to be impotence

005 (1)Impotence is a kind of sexual dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, which is refers to the male penis cannot erect or erect duration is not long enough, and cannot satisfied with the sexual life. Furthermore, both psychological and pathological factor can cause erectile dysfunction. In a man’s life, a lot of impotent reason, but there are three stages are most likely to suffer from impotence, so men must pay attention to these three stages, to ensure the prevention.

Lack of sexual knowledge: one or two years before and after the new wedding

Before and after marriage, both men and women are in the stage of relatively large fluctuations in the feelings. Before the marriage, both the family and work pressure caused the exponential growth of male pressure, which greatly improve the probability of causing impotence, so suffering from impotence opportunities also increased. At the same time in this stage, the newlyweds is mostly lack of sexual knowledge, sexual intercourse is easily in the tension and anxiety state, the initial experience of obstacles, such as insufficient erection, ejaculation too fast. In this way, the subconscious may lay hidden dangers, such as the activities of the fear of failure, fear cannot make a normal sexual performance. Some men on some physiological phenomenon of life’s lack of awareness, prone to unnecessary worries.

Reduce the sexual interesting period: ten years of marriage.

“After married ten years, and lie in the same bed, really a bit of attraction reduction. After marriage, women sometimes because of pregnancy, family burden and other reasons, the body is always out of shape, and the skin relaxation, no elegance, and with age female sexuality sometimes will be reduced because of illness and other reasons, so the male sexual desire cannot be met, and longtime such situation, it is easily leading to impotence. This adjustment method couples must learn how to use innovation to enrich the sexual life of husband and wife, to rediscover love feeling.

Decreased libido: male climacteric period

Men enter menopause will become violent temper anxiety. Part of the male hormone levels in menopause due to endocrine disorders caused some low sexual desire, erectile ability decrease, then women if not careful, will lead men to think himself without the ability to cause psychological pressure, resulting in impotence.

Sexual life disharmony misunderstood as impotence

women_0051_ebay_listingThe first sexual intercourse between husband and wife, if there are several failures, it will be misunderstood as the impotence. In fact, this violates the spouse sexual life must be run in period of 2 or 3 months principles, which is the mostly self-judge misunderstanding of impotent that sexual disharmony is impotent.

Some couples with excitement or fatigue, and lack of coordination between each other, caused a poor erectile function. Some people will considered this situation as sexual impotence. The sex activity is in the adjustment stage after the new married couples, the coupe should try their best under the tension, fear and other complex mood, slowly find the confidence, but this does not mean impotence. Due to lack of experience, some of the male sexual life is not harmonious, and his wife cannot also get sexual pleasure, that is caused by their own impotence problem.

In fact, as long as he can good penis erection, as long as he can go through sexual intercourse and ejaculation movement reached orgasm, that is not impotent, even if there is no sexual pleasure there.

The sexual life between husband and wife is very important to maintain the relationship. If the lack of communication between husband and wife; fear on the women; lack of trust or even with hostility to the partner; partner physical attraction reduced, all these can cause by the psychological Impotence.

Five major symptoms of impotence, do you have anyone?

tmp830003024280682498Impotence is a male most headaches problem, and there are a lot of reasons to cause impotence. Especially in recent years, due to the daily life pressure increased, the incidence rate of patients with impotence is increasing, seriously affecting men’s physical and mental health. Early to know the symptoms of impotence, especially early symptoms can be found and timely treatment, so as to better rehabilitation. So what are the common symptoms of impotence?

There are five typical symptoms of impotence:

1. The penis cannot completely erect or erect not firm, so cannot complete the normal sexual life.

2. Young people not fully emotion exchange with partners or sexual behavior is not unified, anxiety and impatience with impotence.

3. Occasionally occur impotence, sexual life is completely normal in next time, which may be caused by a nervous or overworked, take a rest is a good idea.

4. impotent although happen frequently, but in the early morning penis erection can maintain for a period of time, which is mostly caused by psychological factors.

5. Impotence persist and advances, which is mostly caused by organic disease.

In fact, in the common life, the impotence diseases can be divided into three major categories: organic impotence, impotence and mental functional impotence.

1. Organic impotence has many performance symptoms, and the most one is that the penile erection cannot happen at any time any place.

2. mental impotence showed more acute situation, and the penis has initiatively erect, the penis erection during the deep sleep at night or wake up early, masturbation or sexual reverie simulation is normal, but it cannot erect before the real sexual intercourse; or when the penis just contacted the female body can have hard erect, but when there are attempts to insert, penis will be soft immediately.

3. the difference between the functional impotence and organic impotence is that, from the erection situation viewpoint, the latter cannot erect in any state, but the former will appear similar to the normal erection occasionally; from the pathogeny point of view, functional impotence and psychological factors are closely related, such as fear, depression, anxiety, mental trauma.

Surprised! This man with dental will be impotence

tavyG4XvcTurkey Inonu University researchers have erectile dysfunction in a group of men and a group of normal male subjects were studied. The results showed that in the male patients with erectile dysfunction, 53% people had severe dental disease; contrast group of healthy men, severe dental disease incidence rate was only 23%.

The researchers pointed out that when dental disease occurs, the bacteria through the gingival bleeding into the blood system, take advantage of a weak point, damage blood vessels and arteries, leading to hardening of the arteries narrowed, thereby affecting the normal blood supply of all organs including male penis, male erectile function damage.

In this regard, the British Dental Health Foundation Dr. Nigel Carter pointed out that the oral health of men are closely related, we should pay special attention to oral health, pay attention to dental symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth, gum swelling or atrophy and tartar, dental calculus, if there are problems timely medical treatment, so as not to affect the life of husband and wife.

Two relationship between the kidney weak and impotence

sexy-hayden-panettiere-desktop-backgroundDoes the kidney weak problem has related with the impotence issue? There are two kinds of relationship between kidney deficiency and impotence problem. Male impotence is the most reluctant topic to talk about, and most people inevitably linked male impotence to premature ejaculation or kidney deficiency. However, what is not the inevitable connection between impotence and kidney deficiency, but many people often confuse impotence and kidney deficiency, some people will believe that the impotence is the same as the kidney deficiency.

The kidney deficiency is the viewpoint from the Chinese medicine, mean renal function weakness. Kidney deficiency refers not to kidney disease, but kidney patients will be unresponsive, inattention, inefficiency and other problems. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the human body is divided into “heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney” five systems, and the system of reproductive organs belongs to the “kidney” part, so impotent often understood as “Yang”, “kidney”, “Yang” became a synonym for improving male sexual function. But the youth is the kidney powerful stage, in this period the impotent patient, the kidney deficiency is rare. Some people have to carry on the statistical analysis of 400 cases of patients with impotence, kidney deficiency accounted for only 7.06%, which indicated that the kidney deficiency has no direction relationship with impotence.

Impotence refers to male erectile dysfunction, which is a male disease, can be divided into organic impotence, mental impotence and functional impotence, and are essentially different with kidney deficiency.

In fact, kidney deficiency and impotence is not completely out of touch, the relationship between kidney deficiency and impotence mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. Patients with kidney deficiency are highly possible with impotence and premature ejaculation. There are a variety of impotence and premature ejaculation from a TCM clinical type, kidney deficiency is one of them. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney essence and marrow into fine, impotence or premature ejaculation is due to kidney function, need nutrient substance cannot supply the human growth, development and reproduction, resulting in short time of life or cannot erect normally. At the same time as the birth of the kidney, is directly related to reproductive health. Impotence and premature ejaculation is disease is more common, have a direct relationship with kidney deficiency.

2. Kidney deficiency patients are easy to suffer with impotence premature ejaculation. The theory of Chinese medicine believe that the kidney is the innate, motive power of human life activities and physical exercise. If excessive tried for long time, it will perform as kidney deficiency. Kidney deficiency is not impotent, not necessarily is premature ejaculation, but kidney deficiency can lead to impotence premature ejaculation sexual dysfunction.