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Why you are here? For your own or your women?

Hello everyone, this is Jhon here. You are here looking for some qualified female enhancement product to improve daily sex drive for your own or for your women, assumed based on that you are reading this page contents. Both men and women are deserved with pleasure and satisfied sexual intercourse experience. With the society development and modern Rapid City life, they are plenty of women are suffering with low libido, vagina dryness or even intercourse pain problem.

Maybe you have already did some homework on the female sexual enhancement products in the marketplace out there. Some is in pills or capsules format, and some is in oil or spray concept, and of course there is also some made into gel package for topical effectiveness usage. All these kind product types are designed for different group people with special accepting favorites. Some people just dislike taking pills with no reason, and some people always hate the oil similar products.

In this contents, Pop Healthy Living network experts would like to show you all the things about HerSolution Gel, which is the 1# leading female topical enhancement supplement in the marketplace since 2001.

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Who need HerSolution Gel?

As we all know that sex plays an important role in the relationship maintains or even your marriage pleasure. Low libido, low sexual drive or dry vagina will upset your partner or spouse during the daily intercourse. After the man long time and wholehearted foreplays, the women have no any response, which will make the man with sense of failure. With this situation continues, the man may have complain in mind and even loss interesting in you and find some fun somewhere else.

A woman desire to have sex is depending on many factors that affect relationship of intimacy, such as physical situation, emotion, former experiences, beliefs, and current relationship. If one of these items are sick, it can highly reduce your sex drive.

Besides all the factors listed above, the body hormones change is another main factor leading your sex desire, which can occur during your menstruation, pregnancy, breast feeding period or menopause. Especially when entering the menopause period for women, the estrogen levels will significantly decrease. As a result, your vagina become dryer and lower drive in sex, which may cause sex uncomfortable or even pain, and furthermore leading fear to sex. Female hormone changes occur also changes a lot when during pregnancy and breast-feeding periods, and also it means you already have a little baby which will occupy over 90 percent attention. You may even have no much spare time for thinking about sex.

Furthermore, some psychological problem can also directly impact female sex drive, depression, anxiety, low self-confidence(Obesity, Poor body image, Ugly appearance), stress, negative sexual experiences in the past(maybe raped before), partner relationship problems.

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How to judge penile development normal?

How to judge penile development normal? 1, a child said, the family all praise him that white and fine skin, but he found the testicles skin is black and wrinkled, is this normal?

Expert: This is very normal, the skin of these places needs to have a few fold, when the penis erects, which can have the change on position, make it with good moving activity. For example, the elbow, knee joint skin, when you stretch this joint, it is more wrinkled, this is flexible, and this is its physiological function, which is a very normal phenomenon.

2, there are some children whose penis has not any development, what is this situation going on? Do need to go to the hospital for some treatment?

Expert: Yes, this is also a concern disease for many parents. The penis is developed or not should confirmed through the expert examination, and the parent’s judgment is sometimes not accurate. There are two types of penis agenesis: the first is the familiar concealed penis, which means the penis hides.

Why? The baby is too fat. The child is fat, the tissue around the penis, stomach, legs, and scrotum, surrounded by the perineum where is around the accumulation of fat, and then and all there fat will bury the penis blocked. In fact, the penis is not small, but the accumulation of fat, hide it inside.

If you hold the penis with your hand and push the surrounding skin and fat back, you can see the penis. Push the fat around and the penis, and then you will find that the penis is not short at all. The concealed penis is because of the surrounding skin, subcutaneous fat, so the penis skin is like a beak wrapped around the penis. The concealed penis is usually visible as the child grows and develops.

True poor penis development is hardly, and most does not need special treatment, most of them can grow up slowly. Indeed, if the penis is poorly developed confirmed by doctor examination, some medications will be available before the age of eight. After eight years old if the penis is still not obviously visible, that need surgical treatment. So do not worry too much, mostly the child is concealed penis.

There is also a small penis, only slightly larger as peanuts. Adults don’t judge their children by their own standards, due to the situation is very different for everyone. In fact most children have only the size of a peanut. Testicular development is actually very important, for example, some people are poor pituitary function, it will cause penile dysplasia, and by the age of ten, the penis is still not developed. In this case, the doctor can suggest that he use some gonadotropin therapy to see if the penis has developed. If the child’s penis size is really uncertain, and very concerned about it, may wish to take him to the specialist hospital, for doctor’s examination, and in fact that most of them are no problem.

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Penis length is important for sexual life?

Penis length is important for sexual life? The penis to sexual life actually just like ears, nose, which is an organ of the human body, but because of the growth of different location and different function, often easy to produce the illusion that the bigger the better of the penis, the longer the better, otherwise it is not sufficient to show that they have a strong sexual ability. But who thinks the longer the nose, the bigger the ear, the more attractive the man is? The penis length has little to do with the importance of sex pleasure when the length is in the normal condition.

Of course, you can choose some way to enhance your penis size. For this purpose, Pop Healthy Living network would like to propose below two guaranteed male enhancement products, which have already be proved by the market with hundreds and thousands of positive feedback from the end users:

  1. Bathmate Hydropump can get great result on the girth enlargement;
  2. ProExtender system can reach great result on the length enhancement.

Talking about the clinical importance of penis length of sex life, the Peking University andrology center director Professor Mr. Xin said: "in the clinic, the doctor the most be asked question is that my penis is not long enough, even his wife despise me, and what should I do? Should I do the penis extension surgery?"

Why the importance of penis length to sexual life so get people’s attention? But in general, more than 7 cm after the erection of the penis, can meet the minimum requirements, so the importance of penis length to sexual life is just like this. We must remember that we can’t talk about heroes by penis size. From the point of view of the importance and satisfaction of sexual life, the size and length of penis are not as important as its hardness. Professor Mr. Xin says, the vagina wall of female is wrinkled rich, have very strong ductility and flexibility, no matter what the length of penis of male, what is thick, can suit well.

Moreover, the importance of sexual life to be easy to cause the female orgasm G-spot located in the vagina front, which is in the basal part of the urethra and bladder, vagina is about 5 cm. According to a scientific survey, after an erection, the average length of the Chinese male’s penis is 13.4 cm, far more than meets the needs of women’s sexual needs. Therefore, in sexual life, the penis length is not the most critical point of the sexual life.

Research shows that in the importance of sexual life, the hardness of the male penis is a basic element, and if the penis is not stiff, you cannot even go to the next step. In sexual medicine, the requirement for the hardness of male sex organs is much higher than that of length, so we can often hear the symptoms of "no erection" and rarely hear the penis is too long or too short.

In addition, the quality and pleasure of sex life can directly reflect the physical strength of men, relaxed mood, sexual intercourse moderate health information, for both sides to achieve orgasm is also helpful.

However, the peak of erection hardness overlaps with the peak period of sexual desire, which may be the highest at 30 years of age, and then gradually decline. Men should be aware of this point of view, not one-sided pursuit of hardness, ignoring the physiological basis.

Incline the bicycle seat to protect man penis

Incline the bicycle seat to protect man penis China is known as "Kingdom of bicycles" in the form time. Cycling is not only a daily way of transportation, but also a good way to exercise. But it is also accompanied by some health damage factors, such as may cause damage to the neck, back, hands and knees. Excessive exercise intensity will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and erectile function causing ED (erectile dysfunction).

When riding a bicycle, the weight of each unit area on the bicycle seat is 7 times as much as that of a normal chair. At this point, the seat will be over oppression of the perineum, so that it is under the pressure of more than the arterial systolic blood pressure, so the penis blood supply will appear temporarily blocked. In this case, the arterial endothelium is subject to varying degrees of injury, which in turn leads to vascular ED.

So, how to avoid this situation? The simplest method is inclined down some humpback of the bicycle seat. Studies have shown that a downward sloping front with 10 degrees, the front pressure will be reduced by 44%, then the male perineum pressure will be greatly reduced. On the contrary, when the seat upward of 10 degrees, the front pressure will increase 62%.

In addition, when riding, the upper body is best upright with the seat, do not tilt forward, so that it can also increase the blood oxygen supply of the penis. When buying a bicycle, it is better to choose a gel filled substance rather than a foam sponge, which is good for reducing pressure on the genitals. In addition, as much as possible to control cycling time, riding 1 hours, then walking of 10 minutes.

Currently, the Italians have developed a "U" type bicycle seat. The utility model is characterized in that the front end is inclined downward to 60 degrees, just like the olecranon angle is common, and the oppression of the penis can be reduced. The middle of the seat is a long and narrow gap, which ensures that the perineum and coccyx do not touch with the saddle and avoid being oppressed.

Overview introduction of the glans diseases

Overview introduction of the glans diseases 1. Pearly penile papule

During the clinic work, often young males visit hospital for treatment because of glans grow on a row or several small papules, and they worry that is a tumor, and some fear of a venereal disease. In the medical advisory letter, this kind of cases is also a lot and they described very specific as below that the rash of small grain size, similar with the surrounding skin color, although there is no impact on neither painful nor itching, no impact on urinary and sexual life, but this situation is caused high psychological pressure.

In fact, the disease is neither a tumor nor a venereal disease. Medical experts have done pathological sections have confirmed that the structure is normal connective tissue hyperplasia. In medicine, it was named as "pearly penile papules."

The etiology of pearly penile papules is not clear, and it mainly depend on the distribution of the location and shape of the rash. There is no specific treatment for this disease and there is no need for treatment. The most important thing for a person suffering from this disease is to recognize the disease and free it from fear and anxiety. The disease has no effect on the health and physiological functions of the penis.

2. Leukoplakia

The glans area may appear some white area with different shapes, some is totally white color, and some is not pure white, smooth surface without neither painful nor itching, furthermore often the around skin will be more color deepened than normal.

This disease has no special treatment, but it often will cure itself.

Because the glans leukoplakia is related to the foreskin chronic irritation, and the leukoplakia has the possibility to become worse, so the people suffering with phimosis or foreskin long penis, should be circumcised as soon as possible when appear glans leukoplakia.

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