How to effectively clean the penis in daily life?

How to effectively clean the penis in daily life? In order to prevent the male reproductive system disease, it is better to form the habit of regular penis cleaning. Why? It started from the male genital structure. The most significant part of male genital is the penis, and the penis skin is thin and can be moved.

The skin of the penis is folded as double at penis glans called penis foreskin. Before the age of 7, the penis foreskin is longer, which can completely encase glans and the mouth of urethral outside. With the development of puberty, the penis size is lengthened, the foreskin will turn back to expose the penis glans when be adult.

However, about 30% of the adult foreskin is completely cover the glans of the penis, and the head of the penis and urethra can show only when tune down the foreskin by hand or when the penis erects adequately, so this is termed as a prepuce. When the foreskin is too long, too tight, which cannot be turned down, or still cannot exposed glans and urethral mouth when erect, it is called phimosis, accounted for 8%.

The foreskin sebaceous glands will secrete a surprise smelly white secretion, and it will be not easy to discharge out when suffering the redundant prepuce or phimosis situation, and long-term stockpile can become smegma. Furthermore, plus the remaining urine or semen drops, it is easy susceptible to bacterial growth, cause glans and wrapping inflammation, resulting in itching.

If you do not pay attention to penis daily cleaning, it can cause sexual pain, wrapping and glans adhesion, and also interfere with the sexual life, and even lead cancer of the penis. According to statistics, more than 90% of penile cancer is caused by redundant prepuce or phimosis.

In addition, because the smegma long-term stimulation, if you do not pay attention to daily cleaning, then the skin defense function will related decline, are also vulnerable to infectious pathogens. Therefore, to develop the daily cleaning habits of the external genital organs for men, is very important. Then how to clean in a right way?

In the bath, tune down the glans foreskin with hand, to remove the accumulated dirt and sebum.

Because the foreskin inside is much thinner than the outside, it is very sensitive to chemical cleaning. Therefore, when cleaning wrapping glans, it is recommended to use running water only as daily washing.

If you use soap to wash during shower, and not rinse bubble totally, there are a lot of people will appear wrapping glans allergic reaction, and feel discomfort.

In case of inflammation caused by wrapping and glans due to dirt accumulation, it is available to sue special vulva disinfection liquid medicine for cleaning, and it is necessary to visit your doctor when the situation is serious.

If it is phimosis, are often unable to thoroughly clean the smegma, even over wrapping, but also prone to incarcerated foreskin, recommend to apply circumcision operation as early as possible.

The most scientific method measuring the length of the body

The most scientific method measuring the length of the body The penis is an important part of male reproductive organs, which is very important to a man. As early as in ancient times, the penis appears in stone totem, which fully embodies the people worship of the reproductive organs. The penis size differences by race and individual. The Chinese man (18-45 years old) penis length (non erectile) between 4.5-8.8 cm, with an average of 6.5 cm, the average diameter of 2.5 cm, the average diameter of the penis was 8 cm in the middle part.

So, how to measure the length of the penis? Here to teach you a doctor commonly used method. The measurement of non-erect penis length: room temperature of 18 DEG C, the upright posture, pull the penis with 90 degrees with the body, with the ruler to measure phallic pubic symphysis to the top of the head of the penis length.

Measuring erect penis length: the upright posture, glans pulled forward by hand until cannot be extended anymore, measure the length from the pubic symphysis to the head of the penis length, due to the totally pulled length is almost the same to the erection states. If the result is greater than or equal to 8 cm, which can be judged as normal. It is worth mentioning that some men due to obesity, more abdominal fat, so that part of the penis embedded in fat, make the penis looks smaller.

The normal formula for calculate the penis size:


International Male Health Organization (MTD) through nearly 30 years of:

The penis length M= (T -105) *0.618/3.14 (CM), T means your height;

Normal penile D=M/3.14 diameter (CM)

(Europe and Asia = /1.414/0.618) cm

How to maintenance the penis of man?

How to maintenance the penis of man? The insomnia will lead a person listlessness, inattention and memory loss. More seriously, it also deprived the opportunity of the male penis maintenance to improve the sexual ability. The penis erection during the night refers to people in the sleeping spontaneous penis erection, normal men have this situation.

The erection of the times will be different from age, physical and sexual function. In general, young men at seven or eight times the erection theory will be significantly higher than the day. With the increase of age, it will gradually reduce the number of erection. Healthy old men with erectile times about two or three times every night.

A study found that when the penis erects, intracavernous oxygen tension is about 3 to 4 times than the normal states. This high oxygen tension contributes to penile endothelial cells and promote the recovery of the metabolism to normal or better function. Therefore, the doctors called this as "the penis to charge".

If a man with good sleep every night, he have several "charging" opportunity, will ensure his sexual function in a good condition. When a person is lack of sleep or sleep quality is not good, then the night penis erection will be less or even disappear. It is not difficult to imagine, these men will be erectile function reduced day by day.

In fact, in real life, not only the man who are suffering from insomnia, and the man who works during the night time also cannot get a satisfied sex life. It is easy to find that the root cause is the same. It is highly recommended that try to have a nice and high quality sleep during the night time.

The secret to make your penis thickening

The secret to make your penis thickening It is believed that the mature man, the penis is absolutely impossible to re-development by themselves again, that means it is impossible to let the intracavernous sinus blood vessels increased. But, as long as you are willing to pay hard work, you can make each vascular sinus congestion increased, and the elastic fiber vascular sinus is to allow a certain degree of extension. When your each vascular sinus congestion increases fully, so that the whole of your penis growth, thickening. Of course, this growth is a physiological limit.

Of course, you can choose some way to enhance your penis size. For this purpose, Pop Healthy Living network would like to propose below two guaranteed male enhancement products, which have already be proved by the market with hundreds and thousands of positive feedback from the end users:

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How to increase the amount of congestion of vascular sinus? The key point to determine the penile erection size and hardness is how much blood flow to the penis. So, the top task is increasing blood flow to the penis during the penis erection.

First of all, you have to have a normal sex system and organ function. The most important factor in the regulation of human body system, organ function is normal hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis balance. When the hypothalamus pituitary gonadal axis function disorder, loss of balance, they invariably appear sexual dysfunction. At this time, there is meaningless to talk about how to enlarge the penis erection. If your sex ability is not very good, please first treatment on regulatory organ system to return to normal situation.

Secondly, so some special exercise to enhance physical ability to phallic disgorge blood flow. There are many of these methods which is very popular in the internet, the overall systemic factors and local factors:

1, systemic factors:

Exercise to improve physical fitness, improve the blood circulation of the whole body. Exercise can improve the physical quality that no one doubts, but what kind of sport is most ideal? The practice of methods suggested to refer to "aerobic exercise" introduction which is recommended to all over the world. The maximum good aerobic exercise is able to fully stimulate the blood circulatory system and respiratory system function, which is conducive to the normal function of the body. When your circulatory system in the best condition, blood flow to the penis will certainly increase.

2, local factors: local factors is through for genital and local tissue surrounding the stimulation, increases blood flow stream to the penis.

The bigger is better of men penis?

The bigger is better of men penis? If a man’s penis size is a little shorter than most people, they will usually have some concerns in the heart.

What is the penis erection size for the China Taiwan male? Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital urologist found that the situation is not like as people normally thinking for about 10 years. Even thought, there was a man operated a penis surgery due to its too large, and his penis length is about 18cm, and reduced to 11cm length after this surgery. Obviously, the penis is too long will also bring untold difficulties, otherwise, why this man will get this surgery?

Of course, some people will worried that his penis size is too large that the female cannot afford after marriage. In fact, it does not have to be. Because a woman’s vagina has great flexibility, it can the full-term fetus expulsion from the vagina, penis even if large, nor may be greater than the fetus. So, the woman is able to withstand and adapt on all the penis size.

In the age is around 20 years, the man has the highest sexual impulse and sexual desire, this is the best time of life. He mentioned that his penis will gradually erection after lie on the bed and continued for ten minutes. I think this is not a bad thing, but a good thing. Why a penis erection can be ten minutes?

The penis is male major external genital organs for sexual behavior and discharge urine and semen. Contains erectile tissue and common pathway of urination and ejaculation.

However, the man who has a large penis should pay attention to sexual intercourse in the wedding night for the first time, the action cannot be rude, so as not to tear the hymen. In addition, insertion of the penis into the vagina is not too deep, because the vaginal length is about 12cm, if brutal action, can also cause vaginal laceration.

However, the man who has a large penis cannot be so easy, because the penis is too large may some signal of a disease. For example, the hypothalamus or pituitary tumor, or brain injury, viral encephalitis and other reasons, the excessive secretion of gonadotropin; again, testicular lesions, the excessive secretion of testosterone, these factors will make the penis growth too much. Therefore, the man whose penis is too large, should be alert to the disease.