The penis length VS the hardness

The penis length VS the hardness In male physiological viewpoint, most of the men are very concerned about their penis size, and there are a lot of people even think that the penis size has directly close relationship with the partner. This concept is wrong.

Basically, the shape, size and length of each of the male genitalia are not the same, but the size and the length of the male penis are not directly connected with the men’s sexual desire, sexual function, and sexual attraction. If you really want to say the factors have a direct relationship with the sex, it should be related to race and genetic, age, health, environment, emotion and pressure, and the influence of these innate and psychological aspects, determines the erection hardness.

The hardness of men erection in the sexual life is the most basic factor. If the penis is not hard enough to get inside of vagina, it is no possible for the next step. In sexual medicine, the hardness of the male sex organs are more important than the length, so you can often hear the problem of the diseases such as impotence and rarely heard the penis is too long or too short problem.

To maintain the hardness of the penis, the physiological factors of the main key is to maintain a penile erection congestion state, namely penile cavernosum let blood in and little out. In the psychological aspect, worry, anxiety, fear, distraction… etc. will also affect the penis in erection rigidity.

Many men have intercourse problem mostly belongs to the psychological problems, but is misunderstood related to the length or other physiological factors. If is a physical problem, you should find a doctor; if it is psychological factors then it should be a psychiatrist.

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How to define the small penis size?

How to define the small penis size? Many men and women wrote to ask similar questions that how to define the real small penis size. In order to answer this question, we must first make clear that what is not normal penis size? Secondly to understand the small penis size is belong to abnormal development, or within the normal range of individual differences?

In order to further explain the reasons of the penis different size problem, let us review the occurrence and development process of the penis. For convenience, we divide it into four stages:

(1) The 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, the penis just well differentiated, only 3.5 mm long, then the role of hCG in effect generated by the placental secretion of testosterone.

(2) The middle duration of pregnancy, about 6 months later, the penis grow fast, was reached 2.5-3.5 cm, then the fetal pituitary gonadotropin secretion to LH and FSH.

(3) after birth to adolescence about 7 years old, the penis grows slowly, this is because the hypothalamus and pituitary development is slow, because of their low testosterone levels.

(4) after the enter the puberty, testosterone and pituitary secretion, the penis grows rapidly, only 5 years or so have reached adult levels, including the length and thickening growth. When the elderly sex hormone levels decreased significantly after castration or surgery, the penis can be secondary degeneration. If after the secondary impotence stop contact for many years, may also cause pathological degradation, this is not the general said the disuse, but smooth muscle fiber degeneration consequences.

The size of the penis is impacted by genetic factors

The size of the penis is impacted by genetic factors 1, from the development and nutrition status viewpoint, in general, adult male is athletic and tall, then his external genitalia include the penis, scrotal development is also good, the penis may be relatively thick, otherwise it may be small, but it is worth to highlight that the penis size is not in proportion to the height. And it is often can see some male height less than 1.60 meters, and the penis after erection can reach more than 18 cm.

2, from the genetic factors point, the penis is the same as other body organs, so the size and morphological characteristics is controlled and under genetic influences.

3, some small fat abdomen, pubic symphysis, plump perineal fat male, are always with poorly developed penis compared to the normal male penis. Indeed, compared with the fat body, this short penis may give sexual life difficult and bad sexual experience after marriage.

4, other aspects such as endocrine disorders, male hormone deficiency, the penis scrotum swelling can also short the penis.

If so the penis size is impacted by so many factors, then how to increase the penis size?

1, increase the "capacity" of the penis, this means the penis and urethra cavernosum volume increased, so that the penis length and diameter increased.

2, because the penis is not fully exposed outside the pubic bone, there are some part is inside in less than a long part of pubis without exposure. Therefore, if you can make this no exposed part of the penis exposed to outside, you can achieve the goal of penis growth.

3, to maximize penile suspensory ligament stretch, which can effectively increase the penis size. Some of the urologists often through resection of penile suspensory ligament so as to achieve the purpose of patients with penile lengthening.

But the removal of penile suspensory ligament has a big disadvantage is the lack of support. In addition, the erection of the penis also relates to testosterone, the hormone secretion and a series of complex biochemical processes. Plenty of sex hormone secretion helps maximize the penis development, erect and durable.

What happened during the several seconds man ejaculation time?

What happened during the several seconds man ejaculation time? Penile erectile angle is about 20 –40 degree with the horizontal level, which is almost the same cleverly coincides with the vagina direction.

It is a series of instantaneous short body reaction during the process of ejaculation. The penis can detect the vagina inside temperature, penis and vagina wall friction, vagina wrapping pressure, and vaginal lubrication liquid amount etc.. So the penis can deliver more blood to strengthen the degree of stimulation of sensory nerves. When during the sexual intercourse, the nerve stimulation between the sex organs and the central nervous system are reflected around, and also continue to strengthen, all stimuli are included in this system.

At the crucial moment when stimulated nerves suddenly pass quickly into both sides of sexual intercourse ejaculation orgasm. When ejaculation, urethral automatically closed, which can prevent the urine flow out. At this time, the prostate, seminal vesicle, testicular secretions, mix with together.

Pelvic muscle man sharp contraction, the male is more deeply in the vagina. And also unconsciously be lazy, causes the body to move forward. At this time, a man almost unconscious. An inner thrust to about 1/4 ounces (Imperial unit of weight is 1 pounds of 1/16) of the semen into the vagina, about 6 of the array, 10 seconds will be accomplished all the tasks.

In the 1/4 ounces of semen, about hundreds of millions of sperm. In theory, the population of one person can do 500 times the total population of the earth’s father. In fact, in the 288 sex, pregnancy can only be once.

The relationship between size of the penis and perfect sexual life?

The relationship between size of the penis and perfect sexual life? Most people think that the men only pay attention to obtain their own satisfaction in sexual life. But in fact, there are more profound hidden psychological factors behind this phenomenon. When doing the real sexual life activity, most men is worried that the performance of the penis in their heart, so they cannot really enjoy the sexual fun.

A man should learn to accept the reality. If the penis size problem is always the lingering pain in their minds, so they can improve the effect of sex through a variety of skills. Sexual intercourse itself is simple, unfortunately, sometimes the effect is not satisfactory. If you want to eliminate the anxiety and share the most wonderful feeling with your partner, you must learn to make full use of its own conditions. In fact, different shapes of penis size are the advantages and disadvantages together, as long as in the correct way, you can bring your woman ecstasy of happiness.

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* The perimeter is greater than 5.18 inches (about 13.2 cm). The too thick penis size problem can lead the bad experienced sexual life, due to it is hard to get inside the female vagina. This situation may lead to female sexual intercourse pain. Therefore, before the beginning of sexual intercourse, should spend more time for foreplay. So, your partner can arouse sexual excitement, make vaginal expansion. After that, she slowly guide you to enter, furthermore, you can use saliva or lubricant to reduce friction.

* The circumference of less than 5.18 inches (about 13.2 cm): if you feel your partner’s vagina is not tight enough, the following methods may help you out. Let your partner with the knees together posture, the vagina stretched as far as possible instead of expansion. And also can let her lying in bed, legs curled her labia together in the chest position, this can increasing the friction and the degree of pleasure.

* The length is equal or less than 4.4 inches (about 11.2 cm): in the first stage of sexual arousal, the dilation of vagina is very large, in order to accept the size of unknown objects. After that it will re tighten, gently wrapped inside objects. You can use this feature to make up for lack of length. Before entering her body, first rubbing her pubis. Next, a finger slowly inserted into her vagina.

Within one or two minutes, the vagina will be adjusted to suit your finger size level. Then begin sexual intercourse. Due to the tightness of the vagina with your fingers, you will feel be tighter, and she will feel your penis much bigger than the real size. Suprapubic department to maintain the cleanliness of penis and carefully trim the hair root, which can make the penis appears to grow than the actual 2 – 3 cm. You should pay high attention on this clearness task, and do not hurt your penis or any other place.

* The length is between 4.4 inches (about 11.2 cm) to 6.5 inches (about 16.5 cm), and the nerve were more located on the outside part of the vaginal, so the medium length penis can better stimulate this highly sensitive region. Let your partner lying on the bed stretched her legs, so that it can improve the degree of pleasure for both of you.

* The length is more than 6.6 inches (about 16.8 cm): maybe you were quite proud of having this size, but in fact most women think it is great painful to touch the vagina back part when sexual intercourse. Sometimes, the pain feeling is roughly the same as the man hit the testicular. In other words: don’t get too deep.