Does the penis induration will affect sexual performance?

Does the penis induration will affect sexual performance? Mr. Wang has been particularly worried recently that his penis is apparently bent to the left after erection, which even lead to difficultly insert, and with a pain. Furthermore, he can feel this situation is becoming worse and worse. As a result, Mr. Wang sexual performance is much poorer than before, so it seems that the penis to be early retirement.

After a certain helpless time, Mr. Wang visit a doctor for seeking help. After careful examination, the doctor told him: "there is a large rope shaped hard knot in your left side corpus cavernosum, it should be the penis induration disease. However, further examinations are needed to identify and eliminate other diseases."

The penis induration disease means that there is hard knot inside the penis. Medical research has found that this is the penis fibrosis formation of induration between the corpus cavernosum and penis fascia, common in elderly men, located in the back side of the penis, the penis may be associated with injury, inflammation, diabetes, aging, lack of vitamin E and other factors. The penis dorsal patients with single or multiple sizes plaque or cord like nodules, hard texture such as cartilage, the pain and erection can occur when bending, but no obvious discomfort in the weak state. This is a benign lesion that won’t turn into a tumor.

The doctor’s explanation relieved Mr. Wang. But he still has produced a new anxiety: "as the disease aggravated, sooner or later one day this will bring the urethra blocked."

"This kind of induration does not interfere with the adjacent urethra, so it does not cause dysuria." The doctor’s words reassured him totally.

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Your sexual ability decline, who is the killer?

Your sexual ability decline, who is the killer? It is a very common feeling in the people daily life. On one hand, it shows that these young people play great attention on their bodies’ healthy condition. And on the other hand, it also reflects their lack of sex related knowledge, resulting in the not fully understood of their physical growth development phenomenon.

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As we all know that human eye is not a scale. The human eye is not a precise instrument, so it is impossible to make accurate judgments about the length and thickness of their penis size. The result will be directly affected by the view direction and the environment. Some men only talks about the size of decline in their coming letter, apparently they do not measured before, 20 centimeters or 10 centimeters, and if it really shrinks from 10 centimeters to 5.8 centimeters, it’s really a pathological change. Such changes occur after removal of bilateral testes.

It would make no sense to claim that the penis size reduced with several centimeters. Because if you can’t get the exact size of the past or more scientific evidence, such as photos, it is difficult to exclude the error caused by visual effects, environmental temperature, and measurement methods and so on. For example, his age is in the puberty stage, the body become tall and burly, and then his penis will naturally seems smaller by visual check. In fact, its size has not changed at all.

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How to determine male penile scalability?

How to determine male penile scalability? The first measurement is on the normal penis length, with one hand support your penis, with the other hand to measure the penis length from the root to the glans point with a ruler, which is normal state length. Then pull the penis to the utmost and measure the length of the penis again, which is the length after the pulling. The difference between the two reflects the scalability of the penis.

The better the scalability of the penis, the greater the difference between the two result, and the erectile ability is better. On the contrary, the penis scalability is worse, the difference between the two smaller, and the erectile ability is also worse. When the length of penis increases less than 2/3 of the original length is less than the original length after pulling, there may be organic problems, especially those with severe complications such as high fibrosis of the corpus cavernosum.

Of course, this measurement was just a very easy method. But the results has certain significance meaning for patients who want to do the penile prosthesis surgery, that is to say, if the difference between the two is too small, they must be treated with negative pressure suction treatment before surgery, which helps to restore the penis or elastic scalability, can ensure the operation in choosing the appropriate length of the prosthesis, so as to ensure the quality and effect of operation, otherwise, the scalability is very poor situation, may choose the shorter postoperative prosthesis, prosthesis may be caused by the short glans bending phenomenon, only re-operation can be corrected.

Penis complained please don’t torture me anymore!

Penis complained please don't torture me anymore! According to statistics, many men have penile curvature situation, in addition to the improper posture of sexual intercourse, and often wear tight jeans is also another important reason suffering from chronic penile curvature. Nowadays, many young people because of in pursuit of fashion, beauty and cool, they would like to dress tights, furthermore, some people even prefer tight style underwear. So long term under such pressed situation, the penis is easily bending.

According to hospital statistics, in the urological diseases, about 7 to 8% of men have the penile curvature phenomenon. There are 1% of them are in serious condition which need for surgical treatment. Among them, the patients with acute penile curvature accounted for 2.5%, who need immediately medical treatment.

The most common situation is that men and women makes love with improper posture and excessive force caused by severe bending or fracture of the penis, especially when the female is on the up posture. Acquired curvature of the penis can be divided into acute penile curvature and chronic penile curvature. Acute penile curvature occurred usually have a clear event, such as fracture or sexual intercourse posture of the men and women, not correct force used, excessive force caused by severe bending and fracture of penis.

Patients with chronic penile curvature are often unable to remember exactly what happened. There is no obvious broken in appearance for the chronic penis bends patients, mostly formed in the days and months multiplying small bruise, such as sex excessive force, after a long time on the spot break down, the accumulation of small contusion also can make the penis bends.

In addition to sexual intercourse problems, improper masturbation and wearing tight jeans can also cause compression of the penis and are prone to chronic penile curvature.

The age of penile curvature is mostly in the 20~40 years, followed by 50~60 years rage. It can be found in the clinic, 20 to 40 year old young patients are more frequent group, who are also more concerned about their sexual organs little change.

The 50~60 year old is the time when the male menopause, sexual function gradually decline, if combined with penile curvature to go with sexual intercourse, it is easy to have a penis injury or broken case.

Therefore, men should try to wear loose clothes, not often wear tight jeans, give your balls with more moderate space, and maintain their health. Fully communicate with your partner about your current situation, seek medical assistance if necessary, so that you can keep your penis in a good condition and have a please sexual intercourse.

Judge male penis size from their appearance

Judge male penis size from their appearance Of course the most effective way to judge a man penis size is with your visual checking by remove their underwear. But it is not possible for you to check everyone’s penis size. The following methods of judging the size of a man’s penis can depend on their appearance:

(1) nose: under normal situation, the bigger size of a man’s nose, and their penis will be relatively larger; the longer bridge of the nose, and their penis will be relatively longer; bigger nose wing indicate bigger testicles.

(2) neck: when the man has a thick neck, generally their penis will be relatively thicker; with the same principle, the longer neck indicate a longer penis.

(3): hand: your thumb to the wrist line plus or minus ten to fifteen percent, is the length of East man penis size. And once you are very excited, then you should check your middle finger. When in excited, your penis will arrive at the end of middle finger. This is normal summary, so it is still can add and subtract ten percent as the deviation range, because of physical and genetic aspects.

In addition, men’s penis can be divided into six types from the shape viewpoint under normal circumstances:

  • 1. Mushrooms type. The male penis glans is prominent just like the mushrooms, and the Oriental male penis shape mostly belong to this type, which is more favorite for the partner.
  • 2. Tube type. This type does not have big penis glans like the mushroom type, which is slender.
  • 3. The bat type: just like a bat, which is larger in the middle part. The middle part of the penis is thicker than the penis glans, which can cause a partner to worry about being stuck.
  • 4. The cucumber type. This type is similar to bat type, but overall is relatively slim.
  • 5. The ship type. The glans part upturned, few people of this type, which is the best one for bring more pleasure for your partner.
  • 6. The triangle type. When comes close to the penis glans part, the penis is more slim. The man who with such penis shape, when sexual activity must use a little skill, otherwise it is very difficult to satisfy the partner.

According to scientific research, the penis shape, size, hardness are totally different from one to other. There is no two exactly same penis throughout the world.