Only half minute small action can keep you slim and healthy

I believe that all women want to have a slim and attractive figure, many male friends want their farewell to their big belly, and the old people also want to be lean. Thus, this whole society, there are too many people want to have a slim figure and this is also the indicator of a healthy living. The fat body not only affects the appearance of the individual, but also brings a variety of health risks. We all know that the losing weight is not an easy thing to do and I believe that most you have already tried more than ten time attempted activity but get the failure. Today, this article will teach you some small action only takes a few minutes can let you become thin and healthy when you are sticking to it.

1, stretch yourself

When you read stretch yourself, some people will feel incredible, stretch is also considered a slim sport? Please don’t look down upon the stretch action, it can bring many benefits to our health, especially for some office workers, work time stretched can reduce the harm to the body of a sedentary.

Only half minute small action can keep you slim and healthy

In fact, stretching is also known as the extension of the neck and arm lift movement, it is a movement of bones and muscles, exercise the waist and relax the spine movement. Although stretching lasts for more than a few seconds, it can restore blood flow back to the heart, which can highly improves systemic circulation.

In addition, regular stretching can also relieve the fatigue of the whole body, inspire our spirit. In fact, in the stretch of the process, our body muscles have been tempered, especially the waist muscles, so you can also prevent lumbar muscle strain. For sedentary people, often stretch can adjust their posture, maintain body.

2, yawning

Apart from stretching this simple exercise, yawning is also a good exercise. As we all know, when we feel sleepy or tired, we can’t help yawning. Yawning is a natural movement, it’s a sign of a nervous fatigue that reminds us of the time to rest.

A lot of people think that yawning is performance of lazy activity, even when they want to yawn, they will restrain their behavior, in fact, and this practice will harm your health. There are many benefits of yawning, which can relax our eye muscles, promote blood circulation of the eye, so that our eyes feel more comfortable.

Many office workers staring at the computer screen during the long time working hours, which is particularly harmful to our eyes. When we feel tired, we might as well make a yawn, which can not only alleviate the fatigue of the eye, but also to exercise the muscles of the mouth, so that our face looks thinner.

Only half minute small action can keep you slim and healthy

3, chest-expanding exercise

Many office workers sit for hours on a daily basis. There are many dangers of sitting for a long time, will make us more and more abdominal fat, will cause the disease of the lumbar spine. We might as well take half a minute to do a chest-expanding exercise. Apart from work, often do chest-expanding exercise is conducive to good health.

Chest-expanding exercise is very simple, which can be carried out anytime and anywhere, and the expansion of physical exercise on our body has many benefits. First of all, this small exercise can exercise our chest muscles, increase our vital capacity, so that we breathe more smoothly.

In addition, the expansion of the chest exercise allows us to exercise the muscles of the chest, stretch and stimulate the thymus, so that the body will secrete more immune substances, our resistance is also increased.

In fact, more than a few times to do chest-expanding exercise can improve our work efficiency, burning our body fat, help us lose weight.

Only half minute small action can keep you slim and healthy

4, squat

In many people’s understanding, squat is a simple and easy action, but for some obese people, they may not hold half a minute. We can usually take the time to do a few squat action, so that not only can exercise the muscles of the thigh, there are many benefits to our heart.

Squat action is very simple, but many people do not apply with standard. The correct way to squat is that we stand up straightly, feet apart as shoulder width, feet can also be separated into a certain angle. Then the direction of the knee and the direction of the toe keep the same in the squat, the body slowly squat down until the size of the legs of the angle of less than 90 degrees, to maintain this position for half a minute.

Don’t look down upon this action, insist on doing a few times squat every day with above standard procedure. For a long time, you will find that your legs have less fat, the body is becoming more and more healthy.

5, leg-raising

As we all know, when we are sedentary or maintain a posture for a long time, systemic blood circulation will be sluggish, our work efficiency will decline. This time we might do some leg movements, we can stand with several groups of high leg movements, or when sitting legs raised, it is best to pull their legs up to the position above the chest.

The heart is an important organ of our body, it is providing adequate blood to other organs and tissues of the body, the supply of oxygen and nutrients, but also take away the product of our body metabolism. When we sedentary, the limbs of the blood circulation will be sluggish, hands and feet will become cold, we are also prone to illness.

When we are raising the legs, feet and legs blood will have a return to your heart, so that we can exercise the leg muscles, eliminate leg fat, but also can prevent varicose veins, keeping a healthy heart.

Conclusion: many people yell every day to lose weight, but cannot stand down, or the effect is not very obvious. Today this contents recommend five small movements, stretching, yawning, chest-expanding exercise, squat and leg-raising, is very simple, only need half a minute to complete. We can insist on doing a few sets of this action every day, after a long time practice, you will find that you become more and more slim, more and more healthy body, and even improve the efficiency of work.

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