One type person to eat durian will detonate the vessel

Durian is a fruit that many of us wanted to go away when smell, but you should know that although the durian smells terrible, but there is a very good nutritional value, and also has the edible value. Today pop healthy living network will bring you some knowledge of durian.

Durian most has the great reputation in Thailand, known as the “king of fruits”. It smells strong, the love of those who like incense, one who complain the stink. Durian has a golden pillow and green nylon, etc. varieties, with Golden Pillow quality the best and the most valuable, named after its fleshy, soft taste, lingering and like a pillow. People love to eat durian, who know the hints for this fruit?

One type person to eat durian will detonate the vessel

Durian food taboos:

1, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients should not eat durian, which will lead to vascular obstruction, and there will be a serious burst a blood vessel, stroke, unfit for human consumption.

2, kidney disease and heart disease patients should not eat durian, because durian containing high potassium.

3, the skin disease and laryngitis, asthma and bronchitis patients also should not eat durian, eating will lead to exacerbations.

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