One thing in the kitchen was the most easily induced headache

A new U.S. study found that eating too much salt can cause headache, while reducing salt intake can reduce the chance of 1/3 headache.

In the new study, Dr. Lawrence Appel of the Johns Hopkins University and colleagues of 400 participants were studied. The researchers tested were randomly divided into three groups: fruits and vegetables and low fat diet group, low-fat dairy group and the typical Western diet group (contrast group).

One thing in the kitchen was the most easily induced headache

The study period is divided into three stages, the participants in the first stage a daily intake of 9 grams of salt, second stage to reduce salt intake to 6 grams, the last stage of salt intake to 3 grams. The researchers also through the questionnaire survey participants in each stage of headache, flatulence, dry mouth, thirst, fatigue or fatigue, nausea, taste transform. The results showed that salt intake from 9 grams to 3 grams can be reduced, which reduces the chance of 31% headache. The study also found that even in people with normal blood pressure, reducing salt intake can also reduce the risk of headache.

Dr. Appel pointed out that eating less salt can reduce the chance of a headache, because eating less salt can reduce blood pressure. 3 grams of salt is equivalent to half a teaspoon, or a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger or a large amount of French fries. Dr. Appel also said that the new findings suggest that reducing dietary sodium intake is a new way to prevent headaches.

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