One night index based on your pajamas type

Everyone have different viewpoint on the one night love. Some people believe that it is normal behaviors when you see your liked style, but some people think that it is not responsible for their own feelings. No matter you are with what kind of viewpoint, today we are going to do the test to see your overnight index data.

One night index based on your pajamas type

Question: in your closet, there will be what kind of pajamas?

A, geometric patterns

B, plain no pattern

C, a lattice or straight fringe pattern

D, small floral pattern

One night index based on your pajamas type

Select A

Geometric patterns of pajamas show that you often have some beyond expectations ideas. Although it looks you are honest and well behaved on the surface, but in fact the one night index is very high. You hope the other side is a perfect man, so if there is one thing that is not up to your satisfaction, it will lead you to easily generate one night thoughts to satisfy your own desires.

Select B

Plain no pattern pajamas means that you are a very simple people. Whether in life or treat love, they are all same simple, as long as you meet your Mr. Right, you will fall all your love. Therefore, relative to the other three types, you have the minimum index of one night.

One night index based on your pajamas type

Select C

Pajamas with straight stripe or lattice mean that you are a traditional woman. You are prone to think about one night love, but you will not take practical action. Because you are very taking care about others opinion. So this kind women will have low one night index, so they usually only have one night fantasy.

Select D

Small floral pattern pajamas mean that you are a very romantic person. This shows that you should belong to the high index of one night love. If you are unhappy by your real life, it will be very easy to have one night love when some charming men appear.

One night index based on your pajamas type

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