One kind of food is the natural vitamin

Chinese traditional medical believe the red dates attributed to very good food, which is suitable for the people who has low function of the efficacy of treating deficiency, gastric bowel, and it is suitable to often eats the red jujube to improve poor gastrointestinal function and gain strength.

Red dates and black dates have the similar ingredients and efficacy, but the black dates has enhance the healing blood effect.

One kind of food is the natural vitamin

According to modern pharmacological research, jujube has the efficacy of enhanced physical fitness, strengthening the muscles and jujube high sugar content can produce great heat, also containing and rich in protein, fat and a variety of vitamins, especially contains vitamin C content. Therefore, jujube can be said is a natural vitamin pills.

The most special is the red dates contain cyclic adenosine phosphate (cAMP), which can expand coronary artery. Enhanced myocardial contractility.

Jujube components in vitamin C content is very high, and contains cyclic adenosine, hawthorn acid and other ingredients. After a study confirmed that the above three contains have the effect of inhibition of cancer, that dates have good cancer preventive effect, suitable for the modern environment, healthy food.

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