Often wear jeans, the penis is easy to bend

Often wear jeans, the penis is easy to bend According to the survey, many men have the penis bending phenomenon, in addition to sexual intercourse posture, wearing tight jeans is another most important factor that cause chronic penis bent problem. Now many young people because of fashion, beauty, cool, in pursuit of lower body beauty and love dress tights, some people even prefer tight style underwear, and long term such situation the penis is easily bending due to compressed.

According to statistics, in urologic diseases, there are about 7 ~ 8% of men have the penis bending phenomenon, and about 1%the penis bending problem is serious, requiring surgery. Among them, the acute penile curvature patients accounted for 2.5%.

The most common situation is that the bad sexual posture, too intense, excessive force caused by severe bending or fracture of the penis, especially to the women upwards posture. Congenital penile curvature can be divided into acute and chronic penile curvature penis. Acute penile curvature occurred usually have a clear event, such as fracture or sexual intercourse posture of the men and women, wrong sex force, excessive force caused by severe bending and fracture of penis.

Chronic penis bends patients usually cannot clear memories the situation. Chronic penis bends in appearance has no obvious broken, mostly formed in the days and months multiplying small bruise, such as sex, too intense, excessive force, even without a long time on the spot break down, the accumulation of small contusion also can make the penis bends.

Besides the problem of sexual behavior, masturbation improper way, often wear tight jeans to cause the penis oppressed are also likely to have chronic penis bent happens.

The penis bends age mostly from 20 to 40, followed by 50 to 60 years old. It can be found in the clinic, that 20 to 40 year old young patients are more frequent sex life stage, and also more concerned about their sexual organs changes.

Therefore, men try to wear loose clothes, not often wear tight jeans, give your penis with more space, and maintain their health.

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