Often drink 4 kinds of tea good for your liver

1 dates

Every day to give poor liver function people drink jujube water for 1 weeks can achieve the efficacy of liver detox. The water, with big red dates, especially fresh red dates, the taste is very sweet, it is best to tear into pieces.

Red dates of a brewing details determine the effectiveness of its high and low. Red dates with leathery skin is not easy to digest, if the whole Pearl brewing, it is difficult to complete dissolution of the active ingredient, it would be better to break apart to brew. Also note that the fresh red dates not infusion or decoction. This is because its vitamin C content is very high, with hot water to boil the bubble will seriously damage the Victoria C.

2 Chinese wolfberry

The polysaccharide contained in wolfberry can protect liver injury, which can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase, and promote the repair of liver injury. In addition, the experts in the study of the relationship between the effect and toxicity of the experimental high blood lipids in the liver of Chinese wolfberry can effectively inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver cells, and promote the role of liver cells.

Often drink 4 kinds of tea good for your liver

In view of the liver blood deficiency caused by dry eyes, depending on the material is unclear, dizziness, vision fatigue symptoms, Chinese wolfberry also has a role in mitigation. Eye fatigue and other symptoms caused by daily use computer for a long time, Chinese wolfberry soaked drinking can be good. In addition, in hot weather, can also be soaked in water to drink methods to clear the liver.

3 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum heat clearing and detoxifying, can let a person sober minded, eyes bright, especially for anger Wang, caused by overuse of dry eyes has a good effect. As the taste of chrysanthemum cool, and calm the liver is so commonly used drugs of dispelling wind, wind heat treatment head. A headache and eye pain and commonly used in the heat, liver Yang rising caused by dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms.

Every day at the computer, then the healthy eye for a long time will inevitably lead to fatigue and dryness. Take chrysanthemum 10, lotus flower 5, cassia 5 grams, medlar 3 grams, boiling water for 3~5 minutes. Even if you don’t myopia should also pay attention to often brew this drink, it caused by long-term use of computer eyes Suanne, fatigue, vision loss to have the help very much.

4 American ginseng

Daily drinking wolfberry fruit and American ginseng soaked in water, can enhance the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen, and play a role in whitening. While other American ginseng ginseng is different, the role of both qi and Yin, role, clothes will not get angry. If I got hot, add the chrysanthemum in the water, you can wind dispersing heat and cooling blood for improving eyesight.

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