Normal ultrasound result of the penis

Normal ultrasound result of the penisOne. The longitudinal section of the urethra is a thin line with a lower level of echo, located in the urethra sponge. Urethral contrast radiography (inject saline or lidocaine solution) can make the whole urethral wall shows smooth and clear, resulting the line tall echo.

Two. the longitudinal section of the corpus cavernosum is a banded structure with an orderly border, and the inside is a medium level, uniform, dotted echo. The long axis of the deep artery of the penis is parallel, thin and high echo. It shows the clearest when erect.

Three. Measure the normal value of the deep penile artery

(1) Diameter: under relaxation condition, the diameter of deep penile artery was 0.3 – 0.8mm, with an average of about 0.5 + 0.1 mm. After injection of vasodilator 5 min, the diameter of vessel was >0.7 ~ 0.8 mm;

(2) Doppler spectrum parameter

2.1, under relaxation condition, the peak systolic velocity was VSP 10-15 cm/sc, and VSP >35 cm/s after injection, and it can up to 60 cm/s for Max.

2.2, resistance index (RI): under relaxation condition, the RI value was about 1.0. After injection, the RI<1.0 began to increase due to the presence of diastolic blood flow, and the resistance index gradually increased. When the penis expands, as VSP increases, RI gradually approaches 1.0.

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