None fried potato chips is not equal to no oil and health food

Now a lot of snack foods are labeled “non-fried” label, and the young people most like to eat potato chips, also has a non-fried series, non-fried potato chips are really not contains nay oil? Are healthier than the normal chips? In fact, there are relevant experiments to prove that: the “non-fried” contains more oil than “deep fried” ones. We must correctly understand the health problems of non-fried foods.

What is non fried food?

Non frying mainly refers to the hot air drying after spraying edible oil. Spray edible oil and with hot air drying process is the professional designation of non-fried food. The difference from fried food is that the fried oil thermal drying process, fried food with a high fat content, moisture content is low. Chinese Center for disease control nutrition and food safety researcher Professor said that the principle of non-fried foods and baking similar, from the flavor of the taste, deep fried foods taste better. From the nutritional point of view, in the drying process of because temperature is fried in low, nutrient loss is small, the caloric content is relatively much lower, less oil, moisture content was significantly higher than that of fried, oil temperature decreases, the acrylamide content relatively much lower.

Non-fried potato chips is really healthy food? Some of the misconceptions about the health of non-fried potato chips.

None fried potato chips is not equal to no oil and health food

1: non fried potato chips = no oil

Nutrition expert tips, non-fried food does not mean that there is no oil, whenever get crispy taste, no oil is not possible. Non-fried potato chips are baking food, and you can find it with the food ingredients table, which is containing vegetable oil. More attention should be paid to the industrialized production of non-fried food in the use of oil is refined vegetable oil, vegetable butter, partially hydrogenated palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil. The name is different, but its essence is hydrogenated oils. It will generate trans fatty acids, a large number of intake will increase the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases.

2: non fried potato chips = low calories

The so-called non fried foods, it is from the process to avoid the high temperature frying all sorts of drawbacks, and even to maximize the production of carcinogens. Non fried foods are relatively a little better than the fried foods. But that does not mean that all non-fried foods are less oil than fried foods, people who need to limit the total energy, or should refer to the food ingredient list, and should not be fooled by the surface of the advertising campaign.

3: non fried potato chips = non carcinogenic acrylamide

Non fried potato chips and does not contain the carcinogen acrylamide. Acrylamide this substance will appear in the frying and grilling with carbohydrate food, regardless of what the production process of French fries, potato chips, fried and non-fried starchy foods contain carcinogen acrylamide, the average content of higher cereal fried food four times.

4: non fried potato chips = no harm to food

Non-fried potato chips and no harmful food. First of all, the various flavors of potato chips are relying on sweeteners, monosodium glutamate, salt and modulation. Only a salt, long-term excessive intake will cause cardiovascular disease.

Secondly, some puffed food will join containing aluminum potassium sulfate or aluminum ammonium sulfate leavening agent, long-term consumption may cause aluminum body exceeded, thereby causing eaters nerve system disease, osteomalacia.

In addition, there are two kinds of people cannot see the harm, one lead. Metal pipe processed food is usually lead tin alloy, high temperature lead will be vaporized, puffed food pollution. Children lead excretion function is weak, easy to accumulate in the body, causing chronic harm, affecting life health.

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