Nocturnal erections can help determine erectile dysfunction

Nocturnal erections can help determine erectile dysfunction Many men will feel their manhood when they found their hard erection when woke up in the morning, because they think this is the strong capability of sex performance. If no morning erection found, some of them may start to worry about their sexual ability decline problem.

Some male doctor in the diagnosis and treatment, will also ask early morning erectile status. But in fact, this is only one side of the erection at night, and what really reflects male sexual function should be erection in deep sleep or even dreaming.

Nocturnal erection is the activity of the penis accompanied by deep sleep. When people in the deep sleep, there will be irregular rapid eye movement, muscle more relaxation, body temperature and blood pressure increase, respiration and heart rate increase, body metabolic function increased significantly.

At this stage, people tend to dream. At this time there is erection, your body can give the penis with high blood flow to ensure oxygen and nutrients supplement, which is defined as the self-maintenance of erectile function. This kind of erection is not disturbed by psychological factors and can show real sexual function. In general, men have 3 to 5 erections each night, with an average of 15 minutes each, but there are some case can lasting for 1 hours or so.

It is important to identify physiological or psychogenic erectile dysfunction through the erectile hardness during the deep sleep phase. Some men find themselves having a good night’s erection, and the problem of sexual dysfunction has been healed automatically. But it’s not reliable for men to look at their erections in the early morning. This is because the quality of sleep is bad, easy to wake up, mood, anxiety, tension and so on, will all affect early morning erection quality. At the same time, some people wake up in a phase of no deep sleep, and naturally there is no erection.

Here, we recommend a reliable method for the determination of nocturnal erections, which is called stamp test. Before going to bed, put four or five stamps around the base of the penis and wrap it into a circle. If there is a normal erection at night, the connecting part of the stamp will be broken in the early morning of the second day. This is an interesting and low cost testing, and any men can do it at home by themselves.

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