Nine great effects of carrots that you may not know

The carrot is a crisp, delicious and rich nutrient home cooked vegetables, known as “small ginseng”. Carrot is not only rich in nutrition, but also Fresh Carrot Juice has also whitening effects. In addition, carrot still has about 10 great effects what you don’t know.

Nine great effects of carrots that you may not know

1, Carrots is beneficial to health and longevity

Carrots have removing phlegm, digestion effects. Experiments show that, the alpha carotene is more than 10 times than beta carotene on the inhibition ability of tumor cells, which have very strong effect on the prevention of DNA abnormal changes. More than ten years ago, a study found that the higher alpha carotene in the blood concentration, the lower risk of heart disease. According to the results of a 14 year study USA CDC researchers found that the people have a longer life whose alpha carotene content is higher in the blood.

Carrots contain the richest alpha carotene. In addition, the Pumpkin, orange are also rich in alpha carotene. Alpha carotene is not afraid of high temperature cooking, so put carrots in the broth, as long as drink the soup together, and it will not cause significant loss of alpha carrot pigment. Furthermore, the cooked carrots are more conducive to absorption, as long as a small amount of grease will be able to fully absorption effect.

Nine great effects of carrots that you may not know

2, prevent arteries hardening, lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease

The carrot contains quercetin, kaempferol which can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood fat, and promote the synthesis of adrenaline, so it has antihypertensive cardiac function. Carrot contains succinic acid potassium salt, which helps to prevent hardening of the arteries to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. The folic acid in carrot can reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease. Eat more carrots people will reduce the heart disease by almost 50% than the eating less carrot populations.

3, strengthen the immune function

Carotene can change into vitamin A in the body, which helps to enhance immune function, and also plays an important role in prevention of epithelial cells carcinogenesis. Carrot lignin can also improve immunity, and indirect kill cancer cells.

Nine great effects of carrots that you may not know

4, benefit liver and eyesight

Carrots contain vitamin A and beta carotene, which have the ability to promote ocular photopigment generated, and can prevent nyctalopia, strengthen eye color discrimination ability, can also reduce eye fatigue and dryness.

5, good for laxative

Carrot contains rich plant fiber which has strong water absorption, so it will be easy volume expansion in the gut, so it can strengthen the intestinal peristalsis to promote purge and anti-cancer function.

6, reduce blood sugar and fat

Carrots also contain sugar reducing substance, so it is the good choice for the diabetes patients. The carrots contain some components, such as quercrtin and phenol can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood fat, promote the synthesis of adrenaline, so it is the best food for the high blood pressure and coronary heart disease patients.

Nine great effects of carrots that you may not know

7, anti allergy

The beta carotene in carrot can effectively prevent pollen allergy, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases, and furthermore the beta carotene can regulate the intracellular balance, so that the body is not easy to allergies.

8, beautiful face

A German study suggests that the carrots contain antioxidant carotenoids. The people who have high concentrations of antioxidants in the skin will significantly have fewer wrinkles than the normal people.

9, flu prevention

The carrots contain a very strong immune ability substance called lignin, which can improve the ability of human macrophages, reduce the cold risk. Vitamin A is essential substance for normal growth and development of bone, contribute to cell proliferation and growth, which is essential for body growth, and it has important significance to promote the growth and development of infants.Nine great effects of carrots that you may not know

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