Nice fantastic function of drinking coffee

1, Coffee can accelerate skin metabolism

Coffee has the oxidation resistance function, so it can make the skin cells to keep energetic, prevent oxidation of cells, thus against aging.

2, anti cancer

Caffeine is also able to inhibit tumor growth. If the women drinks 4-6 cup Coffee every day, then the incidence of breast cancer will be reduced by 25%-70%.

Nice fantastic function of drinking coffee

3, help digest

If you like eating meat, it is highly recommended to drink a cup of coffee as it is a very good solution of removing more greasy and help digestion.

4, protection of liver

The coffee is rich in polyphenols which have protective effects on the liver. It is recommended to drink some coffee for hepatitis patients, and it can help to repair the liver cell. Drinking coffee also can reduce the risk of liver disease for overweight, diabetes or iron overload people. But there is no evidence shows that the coffee can reduce the risk of people with fatty liver or viral hepatitis and chronic liver disease.

5, anti radiation damage

Research clearly shows that coffee can help to prevent radiation injury.

Nice fantastic function of drinking coffee

6, ease of pain caused by movement

A research report pointed out that coffee can help people to relieve muscle pain caused by excessive movement, but only for the non daily coffee drinkers.

7, take care of hangover

You can drink a cup of coffee after drinking a moderate amount of wine, so it can increase the oxidation of acetaldehyde which is coming from alcohol into water and carbon dioxide.

8, prevention of gallstones

Caffeinated in coffee can stimulate cholecystokinin, then to reduce the contents of cholesterol which is easy to form gallstones.

9, anti depression

Regular coffee drinkers will feel happy, less agitated feeling after drinking, so the mood will get improvement.

Nice fantastic function of drinking coffee

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