New knowledge: too thick waist can lead erectile dysfunction

Researchers at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Medical Center, Cornell University, surveyed more than 400 male patients with urinary problems such as frequent urination. About 37.5% of them were waist circumference of less than 91 cm; 1/3 had a waist circumference about 91 to 100 cm; and a total of more than 29% people had a waist circumference of more than 100 cm. The results showed that obesity will not only increase the risk of heart disease and metabolic disorder, but also increases the frequency and risk of male sexual dysfunction.

New knowledge: too thick waist can lead erectile dysfunctionThe new study also found that about 75% of the patients with the largest waist circumference had problems with erectile dysfunction (ED), and about 65% of them had difficulty with ejaculation. However, with the reduction of obesity, sexual function will be improved. In the patients whose waist circumference is about 91 to 100 cm, the incidence of ED was only about 50%, and the incidence rate of ejaculation problem was only about 40%. The prevalence of ED and ejaculatory difficulties in men with the lowest waist circumference was only 32% and 21%, respectively.

The new study also found that patients with the largest waist circumference had more frequent urination problem, and about 40% of them had more than more than 8 times in 24 times. Among the two groups of patients with middle waist circumference and small waist circumference, the ratio of severe urinary frequency was only about 27% and 16%.

New knowledge: too thick waist can lead erectile dysfunctionThe head of this new study, Professor of Urology Dr. Stephen Kaplan analysis pointed out that although the specific principle of obesity and sexual function and frequent micturition relation is not completely understood, but the current research situation, there are at least two explanations: one is the obesity effect of pelvic blood flow; two is obesity can lead to changes of hormones in men. Dr. Kaplan says weight loss can help improve sexual and urinary health in men. The study found that waist circumference of decreased 6 cm, can significantly improve male sexual dysfunction and urinary problems.

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