Natural sleeping pills for women

Insomnia is now female friend’s number one enemy, a busy day of work, so that the body cannot get a good rest, but in the evening should have a good rest, but unable to sleep tossing and turning. And this bad cycle is running all the time to make women every day in mental fatigue state. How to do with insomnia? Is there any way to help yourself to sleep well?

4 kinds of natural sleeping pills never kill:

Natural sleeping pills: warm milk

Drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed to help sleep. Because the milk contains a tryptophan, it can play as a sedative effect of amino acids. Drink milk before going to bed not only will not be fat, but also can be added to the body of calcium.

Natural sleeping pills for women

Natural sleeping pills two: Banana

Banana is actually a “sleeping pills” wrapped in peel, in addition to a smooth serotonin and melatonin, it also contains a muscle relaxation can have the effect of magnesium. In addition, before going to bed to eat bananas will not cause weight gain, because it is low in calories, and rich in dietary fiber, easy to digest, but also to promote defecation.

Natural sleeping pills three: Honey

Add a small amount of honey in warm milk or vanilla tea, some of which may cause your brain to stop producing a meal, drop a few drops of honey into warm milk or vanilla tea and help you relax before bedtime.

For insomnia suffering people, in addition to the appropriate diet, but also should have a good living habits:

1, try to develop the same time to go to bed every day.

2, to create a good sleep environment: Lavender smoked sesame oil lights, quiet, or a light helps to sleep, avoid cold or hot environment.

3, after the lunch time to avoid stimulating drinks such as wine, coffee, tea, cola, before going to bed to avoid eating dinner, etc..

4, before going to bed to avoid intense horror TV program or watch movies such as ghost, murder film, caused by psychological insecurity and affect sleep.

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