More easier to get diabetes when not eat main food

A lot of people think that only eat vegetables, and do not eat main food can lose weight, and diabetes experts indicated the evidence to the contrary, the oil and protein in the dishes could more than the meal, leading to excessive heat and excess nutrients.

We calculated the heating power: one gram of oil, about nine calories of heat; in one gram of protein, about 4 calories of heat; in contrast, a gram of rice only four calories of heat. Therefore, only eat dishes, and do not eat main food can lead to eating more protein, oil, heat surge, prone to diabetes.

More easier to get diabetes when not eat main food

In clinical, there is no lack of more than 20 years old patients with type 2 diabetes, the root cause of the disease is from the daily diets.

Reporters found that many engaged in sales, marketing young white-collar social group, a day of excess nutrients, resulting in excessive insulin daily work. Over time, the islet burden is too large, resulting in blood sugar cannot be controlled, the results patients with diabetes increased significantly. According to statistics, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in this city is 8.6%, higher than the national average level. At present, the World Health Organization has been listed diabetes as one of the three major diseases.

More easier to get diabetes when not eat main food

Attention to nutritional ratio can prevent diabetes

Diabetes experts suggest that the healthy population can be in accordance with the nutritional proportion of the diet of diabetic patients to adjust the diet. Such as three meals a day in the proportion of the daily carbohydrate is 65%, the proportion of protein is 15%, the proportion of fat is 25%. According to the height and weight of the individual, according to this ratio to prepare, but also to prevent the health of people suffering from diabetes.

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