Men’s genital enhancement exercise skills summary

Men's genital enhancement exercise skills summary A man needs sex as long as he is alive, therefore, there will be great hurt when the man has erection dysfunction problem. However, as men aging, both the physical strength and energy will gradually reduce. Compared with twice or even more sex one day in their young stage, some man cannot even keep the frequency of sexual intercourse as once a week.

If you put the blame on the aging, it seems unfair. Because there are some men whose age is over eighty years are still active on their daily sexual issue. When the man over forty years old, they will fully understand what is called full of energy. The young people who is still under twenty years old cannot understand this due to all of them are totally full of fantastic energy. There is a pre-condition that you have a health physical body, then the following methods that teach you how to increase the power of erection to maintain the state as your young stage. No matter, in any aspect of the mind or physical body occur some problem, the state of affairs can lead to a decline in sex energy.

The key is to strengthen the penis inner rotation muscle

When you urinate in the washroom, you still have a feeling of residual urine after you already finished. It is almost certain that your erection is beginning to decline. From the middle to the root of the penis, there is a muscle called the cavernous muscle, whose main function is to control urination, and to confirm that the urine has all been discharged after urination. But in addition to this function, it also served as an important assist in the erection of the penis. If this muscle ability begins to decline, not only will let you have the residual urine, penile erectile ability will also decline.

In order to prevent this problem, you can do some active exercise of the cavernosum muscle, it is equivalent to exercise erectile ability. However, how to do such exercises in a correct way? "A neural link between cavernosum muscle and thigh adductor muscle, so in order to exercise cavernosum muscle, it is better to start from adductor muscle exercise. By opening and closing your legs, it can enhance the purpose of cavernosum muscle enhancement.

Here are two specific exercises:

Exercise 1: lie on your back and bend your knees, lift your legs towards up, then hold your right leg with your left hand, and slowly open and close on both sides of your body. If you do five turns each time, you can do one to two times a day. Be careful not to be greedy, the excessive exertion can cause muscle fatigue and become re-direct effect.

Exercise 2: sit on the bed and spread your legs as wide as possible. Then put your hands stretched forward, bent the body forward until your forehead touching the bed surface. If every three to five times for a round, then two to three one day is a good choice. Although the legs open and then bend, the legs will feel a little pain, but still have to endure a little bit, because the leg movements are very important of this exercise. Of course, when I first started, it was hard for my forehead to hit the bed. As long as I had perseverance, I could do it in about a month. Do this exercise every day, a month later, erectile power can be significantly improved.

Use abdominal anal breathing to increase energy

Men's genital enhancement exercise skills summary In reality, many men suffer sexual ability decline due to the working pressure and interpersonal relationship; but there are also some men both winner in the office and bed. Where exactly is the difference between the two?

It is the main problem of sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve function alternately on problem. The sympathetic nervous system is especially active when people are working; while in sexual intercourse, parasympathetic nerves dominate everything. When the function is changing smoothly, work or sex can be mastered in your hands; on the other hand, it seems to be exhausted. The best solution at this time is to throw away your work for the time being and take a long vacation to relax your mind and body. However, there is no such many holidays for the normal employees. So you have to find an alternative solution.

Stimulating the acupuncture points when the parasympathetic nerves is lively, is the most recommended way. First of all, sit on a small stool in the bathroom, relax shoulder strength, and then use the shower to stimulate the top of head place; then soak in the bathtub filled with water for about ten minutes, the water temperature is about 38 ~ 39 degrees. In this way, the alternation of neural command can be effectively improved.

The above method is used in daily life exercise mode. In addition to exercise, there are many things to note. For example, smoking, drinking, salt, coffee and so on, if excessive intake, it will have a bad effect on energy.

It is said that Taka Kato who is very famous Japan’s AV male actor, although already thirty-seven years old, but six or seven times a day ejaculation for him is very commonplace. But it is highly recommended for the ordinary people, never over used your penis, and the best way is depending your feeling in the next day morning.

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