Men with big belly are easy to get impotence

f677f93d97128e27d943b124d34e87f8Now the big belly men are everywhere, and the potbellied beer belly brings much inconvenience to the male daily life, and also attracted impotence problem.

According to a survey of 1981 overweight men, 88% of the testers have different degrees of erectile dysfunction. Usually, the larger waist circumference of male, the higher erectile dysfunction chance will be. In addition, several research institutions found through scientific investigation, the lack of movement of the probability of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, far greater than the exercise at least thirty minutes a day.

Men want to reduce the beer belly, more exercise is the key point, and the busy men often complain that they have no time to go to the gym every day. In fact, only a short five minutes, you can let the beer belly disappear! Weekdays can use of leisure time to do squat exercise and bicycle exercise.

Squat exercise

Squat exercise can exercise the buttocks and thighs back. First, to spread your feet, knees slightly bent, then the abdomen and buttocks muscles tighten, squat body down, had been squatting to the lowest point, then hold the position for about two seconds, then get up. Repeat several times as one cycle.

Pedal movement

Pedal movement can exercise the leg position, while flat belly. First of all, lying down, and then use both hands to support the body to the elbow, bend your right knee up, close to the chest, then the leg stretched out, let the ground 15 cm apart at the same time, the left leg bent up back to his chest, and then retracted his right leg, left leg stretched out, like this pedal like sports, insist on doing for a long time point.

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