Men should not always wear tight jeans and underwear

Men should not always wear tight jeans and underwear Now many young people like pursuing fashion, beauty and cool, so the tight jeans are very popular, some men even prefer with tight underwear. After long term, the penis is easily compressed to be bending.

According to statistics, in the urological diseases, about 7 to 8% of men have the phenomenon of penile curvature. When are suffering with serious curvature of the penis, about 1% need the surgical treatment. Among them, the patients with acute penile curvature accounted for 2.5%.

Acquired curvature of the penis can be divided into acute penile curvature and chronic penile curvature. Acute penile curvature occurred usually have a clear event, such as fracture caused by severe bending and breaking of penis during sex.

Patients with chronic penile curvature are often unable to remember exactly when this situation happened. Chronic penile curvature does not break off in appearance. Most of them are caused by a series of small contusion formed over time, which can also cause the penis bending.

Men should not always wear tight jeans and underwear The age of penile curvature is mostly around 20~40 years, followed by 50~60 years. It can be found in the clinic, 20 to 40 year old is the stage of more frequent sex life for young patients, who also concerned about their sexual organs changes, and thus actively for some treatment.

The 50~60 year old is the time when the male menopause, sexual function gradually decline. If suffer with penile curvature problem, forced with sexual intercourse, it is easy to have a penis injury or broken case. When the penis bends is serious, it is recommend to check the possibility of PEYRONIE. SDISEASE.

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