Men should know blew TEN knowledge of the penis

Most men all believe that they know much deep about their penis. In fact, it is true or not. So the question is that do you really know about your penis? Is it true that your balls will pain? Can the penis fracture? These are all you should know to have a better sex.

1, the penis will be "fracture"

The penis although without bones, but it is possible to have the risk of a "fracture". In fact, this fracture is a more vivid description of thetunica albuginea penis tear. When this happens (usually during sexual intercourse activity), you will hear a loud burst of sound, and the erection will lose very fast. If this happens, never use hot compress measure to avoid internal bleeding accelerated, and please go to the emergency room as soon as possible, because research shows that if you get treatment within 24 hours, then there will be no influence of the future sex life.

2, difficult to erect after drink

Dr. Harry Fisher, Professor of Urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Connell Medical College in New York, points out that excessive alcohol intake can cause erectile dysfunction and ejaculation impossible in men. Because alcohol is a sedative, which can slow down your senses. So drinking too much is not good for sex.

3, balls pain

It is always complained that “Oh shit, it is a balls pain stuff”, and in fact it is true that your balls may suffer pain. The balls pain refers to a prolonged period of sexual stimulation without ejaculation caused by testicular pain. When you are in a state of excitement, the flow of blood to the testicles leads to increased blood pressure, blood vessels, and painful testicles. After ejaculation or sexual excitement to calm down, this pain will disappear.

Men should know blew TEN knowledge of the penis

4, penis will itch

This symptom is called tinea cruris, which is a skin fungal disease, and it is very common in the vicinity of the groin and genitals. The patients will surfer with erythema and pruritus around hip and thigh area, some cases may spread to the scrotum and penis. Local overheating, sweating and skin friction may cause you suffering from tinea cruris, so wearing breathable fabric and loose underwear will help for such bad situation. If your testicular area sweat a lot, you can use talcum powder to prevent tinea, and also bath wash and dry properly can help prevent genital. If you have been infected with tinea cruris, it is necessary to use some anti-fungal ointment in the affected area.

5, there is an inflammation on the glans penis

This inflammation called glans penis inflammation when occurs in the glans part, if extend to foreskin, then it is called glans penis and foreskin inflammation. This inflammation may cause by fungal infections, sexually transmitted infections, poor health conditions, skin irritation or scaling. As long as the penis appears more serious inflammation, it is highly recommend to visit your doctor for some proper treatment as soon as possible.

6, foreskin cannot be restored to normal stateMen should know blew TEN knowledge of the penis

You may more familiar with the phimosis that is caused by the too tight foreskin which cannot wrap down to produce glans. Infection, inflammation, or scarring of the penis may all possible to result in a posterior phimosis. Please go to the hospital for examination and treatment, the doctor may prescribe ointment for you, or you may also do circumcision surgery if necessary.

Incarcerated phimosis refers to the foreskin turned to the coronary sulcus, fixed position and cannot return to normal state. Once this situation happen, you should quickly go to the surgical emergency, if not timely treatment, the foreskin will suffer with severe edema in a few hours, and even can cause distal prepuce or glans necrosis.


7, your penis will also possible get cancer

When you find tumor in your penis, it could mean penile cancer, or nothing. In most cases, penile cancer patients will be visible genital changes, such as thickening of the penis, appearing nodules and masses, and gradually increased, and even with ulceration. If you notice any signs or such symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Before 1950s, penile cancer was one of the most common malignant tumors in China male urogenital system, with the people’s health condition has been improved, the penis cancer incidence decreased rapidly, now the penile cancer has become a rare tumor.

But it is also possible to suffer such cancer. Keep a healthy living style.

Smoking, chronic infection of human papilloma virus, phimosis, AIDS may increase the risk of penile cancer. Men over 55 years old and without taken circumcision should be especially careful. The American Cancer Society research shows that circumcision at an early age can reduce the risk of penile cancer, adult men have no effect on cancer surgery. In addition, whether the removal of the foreskin is a personal decision, and furthermore, the operation itself also cantina a little risk.

8, semen with blood mostly caused by inflammationMen should know blew TEN knowledge of the penis

This phenomenon is called blood or bloody semen. Don’t be nervous, generally it should not be cancer, this phenomenon may occur only once, or may continue to exist for long time. Usually it will disappear on its own. If this situation keeps for long time, I am afraid you have to check the hospital for this measurements.

Men’s health center in Boston and director of the Harvard University School of Medicine Department of urology clinical associate professor Abraham Morgan, doctor told reporters: "the causes of bloody semen are usually benign." A series of reasons such as inflammation of the prostate, seminal vesicle or the vas deferens stones may cause bloody semen.

9, delayed ejaculation is also a disease

Men always want to stretch the ejaculation time to have a longer erection, but it is a disease of too long time before the ejaculation. The delayed ejaculation is often caused by excessive masturbation, taking antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants or narcotics and other drugs. If this occurs, we must first reduce the number of masturbation. If it cannot be resolved, it is recommended to visit a doctor.

10, penis bent is Peyronie’s disease

Fibrous cavernositis is called Peyronie’s disease, which relates to the growth of the penis of fibrous connective tissue disease, manifested as scar formation with elastic fiber albuginea of cavernous body of penis, which can cause penis pain and bending.

When your penis curvature changed, and the erection with pain, you may have fibrous inflammation. The reason is probably some kind of trauma scar formed inside the penis (such as the above mentioned albuginea tear) without normal healing. Only 20% of patients with fibrous inflammation can identify the cause, so if your penis becomes bent and feels pain when erection, you should see a doctor even if you can’t remember what you hit.

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